author Chip Conrad is the creator of Bodytribe Fitness, Northern California’s hub for the Physical Subculture. He spent many years as a CEC provider for the standard industry certifications, like ACE and AFAA, and was a presenter for Exercise Science Alliance and Resist-a-Ball.

A bit let down by the industry’s concept of fitness, he has since sought out REAL training ideas and challenges, working with strength competitors, trainers such as Dr. Mel Siff, and several coaches and lifters who were part of the modern (growing) Physical Culture movement.

He has written for many online and published magazines and newspapers, and has been featured in articles and news shows, including the Sacramento Bee, The Sacramento News and Review, Elite Fitness Systems, Sacramento Magazine,, and Good Day Sacramento.

His book, Lift With Your Head, is available through this website, and he has begun work on his second book, Lift With the Tribe, discovering the relation between personal fitness/strength and society, as well as a dvd featuring the techniques and program designs of Bodytribe.