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Situps Are Dead


“Isometrically training the rectus is consistent with its architecture and stabilizing function to enhance performance and power development in the hips and extremities.” – Dr. Stuart McGill As a member of SWCC, a Naval Special Operations Force specializing in maritime warfare on small boats, I spent a substantial amount of time on a craft known as an 11-meter RIB. The ... Read More »

One Quick Fix for a Stronger Back and Shoulders


Think about all the pullups, bench presses, dips and rows you’ve done in the gym. Now what if I told you that you have been doing them wrong? This oversight is limiting your progress in all of these movements, leaving you with less strength and less muscle, and it’s eventually going to leave you with a shoulder injury that will ... Read More »

Weighted Carries for Size and Strength


As a member of Naval Special Warfare, I was frequently deployed to austere locations around the globe, and it was imperative that the guys and I maintained high levels of strength, resilience, and stamina. We often had very limited equipment but needed to come up with good workouts regardless. One of our favorite staples was and still is the weighted ... Read More »

Leave Lat Pull-Down Land and Build A Bigger Back


Here’s something fun to look for the next time you head to the gym: count how many people you see doing lat pull-downs compared to how many you see doing pull-ups. I’ll bet you a pitcher of Guinness that the lat pull-down station has more groupies than a Justin Timberlake concert. And if there happens to be anyone at the ... Read More »

A Barbell is Just a Tool – Get Creative With Your Workouts


A lot of people in the fitness industry love to make the declaration that “a kettlebell is just a tool.” Well, no shit. This is largely a straw-man argument. It’s an attempt to appear insightful by countering a position that nobody, with the possible exception of a few fringe eccentrics, has ever made. Kettlebells are versatile and great for conditioning ... Read More »