author Curtis Schultz is a contributing consultant, columnist, and writer for various bodybuilding, powerlifting and collegiate sports publications. He has a in Sports Administration and is a strength coach who has worked with many high-level athletes ranging from professional football players, powerlifters, bodybuilders, track athletes, and fitness competitors.

Some of the places he has had the privilege to coach at are The University of Colorado - Boulder, University of the Pacific, and St. Peter's College. Curtis is a consultant to a major supplement company and a powerlifting judge for the USPF, USAPL, and AAU. He holds memberships in several organizations; USWF member and USWF "Club" Coach, National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA), and various other professional organizations.

On occasion's he often speaks on the benefits of weight training, sports strength training, nutrition and supplementation at conventions and gyms with once co-promoter of The NSCA California State Football Strength Clinic. Curtis is also the author of Power Athlete Strength Systems; an in-depth football strength manual.