author Daniel Clough is the founder of Wannabebig. He created Wannabebig in 2000 with the aim of sharing solid, no nonsense advice on all topics, from bodybuilding, strength, health and fitness to general athleticism. To date Wannabebig contains over 250 articles.

He also wanted to bring fitness minded people together so that experiences and advice can be shared and those that needed it could find motivation and inspiration. To date the Wannabebig community forums have over 100,000 discussion topics and 2,000,000 individual posts.

In 2002, frustrated by the state of the supplement industry (lots of bogus claims and subpar products), Daniel and Co-Founder Christopher Mason saw an opportunity to create an sports supplement company (AtLarge Nutrition) that would only put out products that contained the highest quality, scientifically proven (with true, unbiased studies) ingredients – offering people real, effective, proven products that will truly help them achieve their fitness goals more quickly.

AtLarge Nutrition today still wholly funds the upkeep and continued development of Wannabebig.