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Wilkins Power – An Interview with Isaac Wilkins


Isaac has been a member on the Wannabebig forums for almost 5 years now and also ran a column on Wannabebig called Got Strength. During this time he has grown in leaps and bounds and has displayed true leadership skills as a coach, trainer and lifter. Isaac is the real deal and it shows in his work and how he ... Read More »

Peak Submission – An interview with MMA fighter Jody Poff


Jody stands 6’ tall and weighs in at 230 lbs. He has a professional record of 11 wins and 7 losses against some big-time opponents such as Shonie Carter, James Irvin, Atte Baughman, and Sergei Kaznovski. Jody has a black belt in Dragon Kenpo and submissions. He is also accomplished in Muay Thai and kickboxing (trained by Scott Sheeley). He ... Read More »

The ART of Healing – An interview with Dr Wan


If I told you there was a type of therapy that could in some cases heal you in one session, relieve your muscle pain, eliminate muscle tightness and restore your body back to its proper balance, would you believe me? Probably not. But that’s because you haven’t heard of a soft tissue treatment called ART. Nor have you had it ... Read More »

The Man With A Mission – An interview with Alan Aragon


I first encountered the writings of Alan Aragon during a bodybuilding- nutrition roundtable. While reading through the roundtable discussion, Alan’s answers really stood out for me. They were logical, and they spoke rationally against some of the misconceptions being circulated in many Internet forums. Alan struck me immediately as someone who knew what he was talking about and actually took ... Read More »

The Art of Training – A Q&A Session on the Business of Fitness Training – Part II


Important Note: For Part I of this article, click here Personal training and the coaching of athletes is a tough business. The media, however, portrays it as a glamorous job catering to the rich and famous. Professional athletes, teams, movie stars, and musicians all pay big bucks to look good and dominate their sport. But it’s not all champagne and ... Read More »