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Be The Best You’ve Ever Been


It was four years ago, and it was my first time trying to bench 100 lb dumbbells at the gym.  On rep three, I decided that my head was too far off the bench, so I tried sliding down while holding the dumbbells at lockout.  My shoulder popped out of the socket and the dumbbell bounced off my chest like ... Read More »

Shelby Starnes – Recreational Bodybuilder to Competitive Bodybuilder


There inevitably comes a time in every lifter’s life when he decides to buy posing trunks, start tanning, shave all his body hair, and get shredded. Ok, maybe most lifters won’t enter the world of competitive bodybuilding, but everyone reading this site still wants the best information on how to get leaner and more muscular. I’m here to provide you with ... Read More »