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WEAK: Five Lifting Problems Solved!


All too often, I get a new sob story from fellow gym rats complaining about the pain that they’re in. They claim they’re doing everything right: pressing before flies, static stretching between sets, jogging for five minutes on the treadmill before they hit the weights, drinking a liter of water during their workout…all the good stuff, right? So what the ... Read More »

Switch Things Up With Suspension Training


Every now and then, I think every hardcore weightlifter hits somewhat of a mental blah.  You know the one…you roll into the weight room, look at all the steel, run through your planned routine and why you’re doing it in your head, then suddenly think, “I’m getting a little bored!”  There are a handful of experts that would say, “you ... Read More »

Four Laws of Training and Growing: The Perfect Hypertrophy Plan


The Pursuit of Hugeness There’s a lot of talk online these days about all the ways to get thick: HIT training, body-part splits, full-body training, push/pull programs, compound movements only, biceps curls every hour for 12 hours… Doesn’t it get a bit overwhelming? If you’ve spent any time in a commercial gym, then I’m sure you’ll have seen and tried ... Read More »

Kettlebells for the Uninitiated


If you’ve been busting your ass with barbells and dumbbells for the past few years and are looking for something new to help add slabs of muscle to your body and improve your overall conditioning, it may be time to add something new to your training tool box. Enter the kettlebell… Sure, it’s a little funny-looking, but training with the ... Read More »