author Nathan Mosher holds a BS degree in Health Science and Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) from The Sage Graduate School and holds several certifications as a strength and conditioning coach.

Nathan has been interested in the strength and performance enhancement field since the age of twelve and has read numerous books and studies on strength training, learning from such notables as Charles Poliquin, Scott Abel, Paul Chek, Dr. Fred Hatfield, Louie Simmons and many of the other great minds in strength and conditioning.

His primary sports background is in basketball, and at one time he was a state-ranked high-school player in New York. Nathan has also worked with athletes involved in golf, football, baseball, running, mixed martial arts, bicycling, rowing, track and field, and other sports. Currently, his clientele is primarily the "baby boomer" generation and he enjoys helping his clients achieve success in fitness.