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Shelly’s Cooking Corner – Grilling the Beef


Succulent pieces of juicy, lean beef dripping with muscle-fortifying flavor are a quintessential part of summer grilling and an integral component to a bodybuilder’s diet. With a mouthwatering marinade or a rub of herbs and spices, red meat effortlessly surpasses the bland taste of white-flesh fish, chicken, or cuts of lean pork. The following recipes transform beef tenderloin, flank steak, ... Read More »

Sow Your Oats


Does that “eye-opening” bowl of hot cereal actually lull you back to sleep? Does the prospect of eating one more bowl of oatmeal smack of morning torment? Are you trapped in an insipid cycle of breakfast ennui? Drop the doughnuts and unhand that barely palatable energy bar! Rethink your oats. Not only are whole grains – oats included – one ... Read More »

Boring Lunches No More!


Just think of the exhilarating jolt that rocks your world when bust out a new workout or the rush you get when you hike or bike unfamiliar trails and vistas. You already know that doing the same exercise routine stales your fitness enthusiasm, so why do you eat the same boring – although healthy – lunch foods day in and ... Read More »