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Welcome to the brand new Wannabebig.

As promised – a brand new design with loads of new features and  articles for you to get stuck into.

Hopefully you can tell from the new site that we’re not messing around and we’re very serious about taking Wannabebig to the next level. We’ve put a huge amount of time and money into transforming the site and this will continue throughout 2009. Our key focus will be content so you can expect lots of exciting new articles along with contributions from  some popular names.

You can check out details of the changes in the design, features and content below, but before I get to that I just wanted to say a few quick words on the Wannabebig blog section..

The Wannabebig Blog

Essentially the Wannabebig blog will be used for us to have a quick, direct route of communication with you, our reader base. We’ll keep you up-to-date with the latest developments on Wannabebig, highlight cool stuff going on in the Wannabebig community and also use it as an opportunity to make you aware of interesting developments in sports and fitness. And, occasionally we may throw in the odd rant or bit of humour :)

As you can tell this is pretty much just a normal page now, but, the blog section will shortly receive a new look with full blog functionality (chronological updates with archives, categories, tags, comments etc). We’ll be aiming to get this up and running in March, so watch this space.

That’s it for now, and as promised here are full details of the design changes, new features and articles.



New Articles

For a start you’ll find we have added four new articles:

•    Supplement Staples for 2009 – Protein is Prime – by Jeff Volek
•    So You Wannabe a Bodybuilder? – by Ron Harris
•    Strongman Technique Series – by Tom Mutaffis
•    Up Your Bench Press 30lbs in 30 days! – by Christopher Mason

There are over 250 articles in our entire archive and we have so far managed to port across just over 50 into the new site. (it takes a long time to copy the articles over and we thought it was more important to bring you the new site sooner, rather than later). Don’t worry  though, you can expect our entire archive of articles to be ported across over the next couple of weeks and when we do, we will of course let you know via the blog/email.

We also have several articles in development, so expect plenty more soon!

Design Changes

As you’ll see the design is very different to the old site. We have a brand new logo, much more colour and, most importantly, the content is laid out in a much more user friendly way. We’ve pulled the 10 most recently updated articles onto the front page (with the newest one s emphasized more), switched to a horizontal-only navigation bar and everything is now nicely organized into appropriate main and sub categories. All these changes mean that you’ll find things much more pleasant to look at and you’ll also be able to find what you want much more quickly.

New Features

Now we get to show off. ;)

The old site was…. let’s say…. ‘sub par’ from a feature perspective.

We’ve now added the following features:

  • Comment on an article (you can add comments in section below the article).
  • Share articles with friends/social networking sites (email an article to a friend or easily share it with your favourite social networking site such as Facebook or MySpace)
  • Print friendly versions (strips out all of the site design so you can easily print the article)
  • Author bio page (bio about each author and a full list of their articles)
  • Blog (coming soon)
  • Related articles (next to each article is a list of related articles from the same category)
  • Latest forum replies (on the home page it shows the latest 8 replies from the Wannabebig forums and for each main category it shows specific replies depending on the section you are viewing (i.e. if you are reading a supplement article it will show you the latest replies from the supplement forum)
  • Receive updates via email (automatically receive a short email notification the same day a new article goes live)
  • Wannabebig Classics (highlighting four of our favourite classic articles on the home page)
  • Store (a collection of all the items we like and recommend)
  • Search (search our entire article archive)
  • Subscribe via newsreaders (read and keep up to date on our articles via your favourite newsreader)
  • RSS feed (read and keep up to date on our articles via our RSS feed)
  • Categories and sub categories (we’ve completely re-organized our articles under new categories and sub categories so you can quickly find the types of articles you want to read)

And more… We have a ton of extra features that we couldn’t squeeze in on time for the re-launch. We’ll be bringing these to you over the next couple of months so watch this space.


Daniel Clough

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