Diet and Nutrition

Diet & Nutrition

Is there a limit to how much protein the body can use in a single meal?


Introduction A longstanding belief in fitness circles is that the body can only use a certain amount of protein per meal, and the excess is either oxidized or excreted. The ballpark range thrown around is 20-30 grams, with 30 grams being perhaps the most common figure. This guideline has led many trainees to go through the pains of consuming multiple ... Read More »

Bodybuilding Principles with Shelby Starnes – Vol 1


Sure, you can always pick up unsolicited advice from your local locker room guru, but what are the chances of it actually being good advice? Unfortunately, the odds aren’t in your favor. That’s why we gave renowned nutritionist and successful bodybuilder Shelby Starnes his own column to answer your training and dieting questions. You see, unlike the big guy at ... Read More »

Carb Rotation – An In-depth Guide to Personalizing Your Diet


Carb rotation for bodybuilding nutrition is not a new theory. I first came upon the concept in the late-eighties via the Ultimate Dieting Handbook (although it had been practiced by diet theorists and human lab rats before then). This seminal manuscript by Michael Zumpano and Dan Duchaine introduced the basic science of ketogenic dieting to the bodybuilding world. It was ... Read More »

To Bulk or to Cut, That is the Question – or is it?


If you spend any time on the Wannabebig Forums, you’ll run into that perennial plea for help – ‘Should I bulk or cut?’ Chances are that when someone throws himself at the mercy of other members, they do not have a frame of reference from which to make an objective call. Thus, the replies are rarely encouraging and supportive! Let’s ... Read More »

Eating Optimally for Massive Size and Strength


If one were to poll strength trainees nearly all of them would tell you that testosterone is the most important hormone for size and strength.  Testosterone’s importance cannot be argued, but insulin rivals it in terms of results in the gym and plays an even more crucial role in overall health.  Insulin’s association with blood sugar is generally well known, ... Read More »