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Kettlebells for the Uninitiated


If you’ve been busting your ass with barbells and dumbbells for the past few years and are looking for something new to help add slabs of muscle to your body and improve your overall conditioning, it may be time to add something new to your training tool box. Enter the kettlebell… Sure, it’s a little funny-looking, but training with the ... Read More »

Get Big Legs with Bad Knees


Let’s face it…injuries are sometimes an unavoidable part of life and athletics. Talk to just about any athlete or exercise enthusiast over the age of 25 and he or she is almost guaranteed to have some sort of pain, injury, or limitation. One of the more common areas of trouble for athletes and exercisers alike are the knees. The Problem ... Read More »

Taking it to the next level – a guide to Intermediate Bodybuilding


Note: ‘Taking it to the next level’ is the second article in a two part series. The first article can be found here – So You Wannabe a Bodybuilder? A breed apart If you have made it this far, give yourself a nice pat on the back. Many people that set out to become bodybuilders never make it past the ... Read More »

Hardcore High Intensity Training – The Only Way to Grow


I believe that one of the main misconceptions about weight training in the pursuit of bodybuilding concerns training intensity (defined as relative intensity of effort).  I can’t tell you how many times I have been approached for advice with guys telling me that they just can’t get bigger or stronger no matter what they do.  These same inquiries usually end ... Read More »

So You Wannabe a Bodybuilder?


Congratulations on your fine choice! You have decided to become a bodybuilder and live the unique lifestyle it entails. Congratulations! You will look back at it as one of the best and most significant decisions you ever made. From this day forward, many aspects of your life will improve. You will look better, have improved health and energy, and your ... Read More »