Diet and Nutrition


The Triceps Cable Pressdown


How many times have you heard the phrase, “If you’re after big arms train the triceps hard?” More times than you can probably remember. How many times have you heard someone say, “Train the triceps using the proper form/technique and you’ll see great results?” Not often. That’s because form and technique usually take a back seat to intensity and load ... Read More »

Muscle Specialization


Building big muscles requires a progressive and systematic application of physical stress. The increase of muscle size over a period of time also increases the capacity to exercise. In other words, if you’re not externally overloading the body in some way, you aren’t gonna grow! Worse yet, if physical loading is not tolerable, then injury or over-training will result. So ... Read More »

Top Ten and-a-Half Training Tips for Martial Arts Conditioning


Applying the principles of scientific training– I have come up with ten (and a half) training guidelines for the combat athlete that must be present to ensure competitive success. 1. Body weight before external resistance Many athletes make the mistake of beginning a strength routine and going straight for the heavy weights. This usually ends up causing an injury. An ... Read More »



I have a story to tell. I was a fat little kid. Two fat parents will tend to do that to you. In high school, I had mandatory athletics. Between swimming and martial arts, I dropped a ton of fat very fast. That was pretty cool. I got more into it and that is when my passion for this shit ... Read More »

Time Under Tension Training


Walk into any commercial gym or weight-room and you will see people performing many different activities and exercises. Some individuals use free weights, while others use machines. Some individuals use high repetition sets, some use low rep sets, while others may even train one set to failure. These methods are all accepted by those in the strength and conditioning realm, ... Read More »