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Critical Shoulders


Training, Impingements & Injury Prevention What do you and weight training have in common? Well, other then cold iron and yourself; how about constant irritating achy shoulders. Yes, achy shoulders. The shoulder joint is the main fulcrum in all upper body movements. So, if you want to accomplish your goals in the gym you cannot afford to have shoulder problems. ... Read More »

Periodization as a Training Technique


Periodization, simply stated, is the organization of training into blocks or units of time that focus on specific skills. The concept has only recently made inroads in Western training, though it is a very old one in the programs of the Soviets and Eastern bloc nations. The most commonly known form of periodization in the United States is the linear ... Read More »

Powerlifting Westside Style


Before I get started here is a little information about the Westside Barbell Club. In their 20′ x 40′ gym they have 53 Elite level lifters with 24 members squatting over 800 pounds, 40 members benching over 500 pounds and 6 members deadlifting over 800 pounds! Now to get started the Westside methods are unusual to most. They put Strength, ... Read More »

Five of the Top Bodybuilding Myths Exploded


This article will debunk five of the top myths in bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is a sport/leisure activity that is riddled with misinformation. This is due, in part, to a lack of scientific participation. The vast majority of the information about bodybuilding is from presumed experts who know nothing about physiology and often take steroids. Steroid use changes the whole training equation ... Read More »