Diet and Nutrition


Dysmorphia Training


In today’s era of hyperspecialization, most iron-game enthusiasts consider powerlifting and bodybuilding to be two very disparate training modalities. I constantly hear the cry of bodybuilders that they don’t care what they lift (‘Lifting heavy is dangerous!’, and ‘Why risk it?’) because all that matters is how they look. Alternatively, I hear powerlifters disparage the idea of hypertrophy-specific work as ... Read More »

Five Keys to Getting and Staying Big and Strong


I was there once – a skinny teenager with dreams of being the next Arnold. Actually, all I wanted was twenty pounds of muscle so I could stand up to high school bullies and gain confidence to talk to girls. If I got better at sports in the process, then that would be icing on the cake. Now, as a ... Read More »

Situps Are Dead


“Isometrically training the rectus is consistent with its architecture and stabilizing function to enhance performance and power development in the hips and extremities.” – Dr. Stuart McGill As a member of SWCC, a Naval Special Operations Force specializing in maritime warfare on small boats, I spent a substantial amount of time on a craft known as an 11-meter RIB. The ... Read More »

The Ultimate Guide to Tire Training


There’s nothing better than getting a great strength and conditioning workout while outside on a beautiful day (or on a brisk December morning!).  The only problem with training outdoors is that you’re limited on equipment, which makes it tough to use the heavy loads needed to put on serious muscle, unless you’re at the legendary Venice Beach gym where all ... Read More »

The Best Bits & Review of the Metroflex Bodybuilding Seminar


Unless you have been living under a rock, you have no doubt heard of Metroflex Gym. Shortly before Ronnie Coleman won his first Olympia, I visited the Arlington, Texas gym to spend four days alongside the Big Nasty as he prepped to become the greatest bodybuilder of the current age. While there, I interviewed Metroflex Gym owner Brian Dobson because ... Read More »