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Bench Kings – Learn from the Pros


In high school weight rooms around the world, the bench press reigns supreme.  While the squat and deadlift have great athletic carry-over, the bench press has earned a spot as the definitive gauge of upper body strength. Even though the bench seems like a deceptively simple “push a bar off your chest” exercise, BP specialists could spend weekends palavering about ... Read More »

BodyBuilding Principles with Shelby Starnes Vol. 4 – Nitty-Gritty Cardio


Sure, you can always pick up unsolicited advice from your local locker room guru, but what are the chances of it actually being good advice? Unfortunately, the odds aren’t in your favor. That’s why we gave renowned nutritionist and successful bodybuilder Shelby Starnes his own column to answer your training and dieting questions. You see, unlike the big guy at ... Read More »

The No-Gym Warrior Workout Program


I remember it like it was yesterday. Mr. Johnson was my carpentry class teacher in high school. He stood a little above six feet and weighed around 210 pounds. He wasn’t bodybuilder big, but he was definitely jacked: lean, muscular, and strong as an ox. He would perform random feats of strength during class such as balancing on his hands ... Read More »

Unilateral Hypertrophy – Killing it One Leg at a Time – Part 1


Note: You can read part 2 of this article here. If you’re trying to build a set of massive, indestructible legs, then there’s no doubt that you’ve heard the old mantra that “squats are king”.  Moreover, you’ve probably been told that squats don’t even count unless you squat deep enough to leave a little brown star on the floor when ... Read More »

The Best Exercises are the ones You’re not Doing


The premise of many scientific studies is often to compare two training programs or two exercises in order to find out which one is “best”. However, scientific studies are of short-term duration, with rare exceptions. These short duration studies are in contrast to “real life”, where our involvement in training is (hopefully) long-term and measured in years. In order to ... Read More »