Diet and Nutrition


Implementing Chaos Training for Performance and Muscle Gains


Would you agree that most sports are chaotic in nature? Would you go so far as to say many events in life are chaotic and unpredictable? On another note, would you like to look like you can cause chaos because of your muscular build? The answer to all of the above is probably “yes”, except if you want to stay ... Read More »

Cardio 101 – Exploring Steady State, Complexes & High-Intensity Interval Training


Everyone hates cardio. Well some people have embraced it - first as a necessary evil to reach a specific fat loss goal, then eventually as an OCD-driven compulsion, afraid that they are going to reach “lifted out of the side of the bedroom by a crane” levels of obesity if they miss two cardio sessions in a row. Okay, perhaps I ... Read More »

A Gym Rat’s Guide to the One-Rep Max


Show me a person who doesn’t want to be strong and I’ll show you someone who doesn’t get off the couch very often.  The ability to move heavy objects and perform physically demanding tasks is just plain cool. When you’re strong, you don’t have to walk around thumping your chest like an idiot, people will stand up and take notice. ... Read More »

An Intelligent Approach to Building a Big, Strong Chest


If you’re a lifter, I guarantee you’ve been asked The Question. It’s almost like a prerequisite to even joining a gym: “Here’s your towel, your member key, and, by the way, how much do you bench?” Although it’s often asked nonchalantly, the true intent of The Question is to find the answer to an even deeper question: How much of ... Read More »

Getting Big Without the Big Three


A commonly held belief, especially among those on the internet, is that you must squat, deadlift, and bench press if you want to get as big and jacked as possible. It stands to reason. Take a look at successful bodybuilders’ training routines and you’ll find these movements over and over again.  It’s not surprising – they’re very effective. If you ... Read More »