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03-03-2002, 08:39 PM
Im going to be going off to college in about five months and I would like to look good once I get there. Here is some background: When I started lifting (last july) I weighed 140lbs, I was very skinny. I haven't always been skinny, when I was a sophmore I weighed 180, but then I got into sports and exercise, one thing lead to another, and I found myself at a pretty lean 140. Once I learned about bodybuilding (from various boards like this one) I began to bulk, and now I just weighed myself and I was 190lbs. That was after a huge meal, on average I am 185ish.

The thing is I have put on way to much fat during my bulk. At first I was really worried about losing my abs, then when I lost them I was just like "**** it" and I decided to gain some muscle. As it stands now I feel like a fatass, I look lean as far as my face goes, but it is obvious when I take my shirt off that I have somewhat of a gut. It looks even worse because my chest is my worst part by far. Anyway.....

GoalsTo add some muscle and lean up big time before August (when I go to college).

ExecutionI plan on bulking through march and maybe April, maybe even half of may. Then I plan on using a ckd and go from there in terms of cutting (I have never cut whatsover, so I dont know how I will do).

flat db press 3sets
flyes 3
millitary press 3
lat raises 2
skulls 3

squats 3
sldl 3
st calf raises 3

Bentover BB rows 3
chins 3
bentover db rows 2(per arm)
shrugs 3
incline db curls 3

270g protien day, 330g carbs, 90g fat (on average)

multivitamin (gnc meagaman) 2x day
vitamin c
creatine 10g day

Always get 8hrs a night. I usually get up twice a night and get some peanuts, cottage cheese, protien shake etc.

Tommorow will be a rest day.

03-03-2002, 08:50 PM
Well that 8 hours of sleep is going to turn into about 4-5 when in college. And then getting up twice a night will be because of chicks, beer and your roomates ******* around and being loud...hahaha...Have fun dude, I am out of College in 1 month. By the way, Where are you going to school?

03-03-2002, 09:01 PM
I have gotten a $10,000 scholarship to seton hall ($30,000yr), and I have also got a partial scholarship to Niagara. I was accepted to Marshall and Winthrop as well. I would be happpy to go to any of those four, but I just live with my mom and my younger brother and sister, so it will be difficult for us to afford any of them. I filed the FAFSA, if worst comes to worst I might go to Essex Community College which is right by where I live.

03-03-2002, 11:48 PM
Good schools to choose from. I am currently at F.I.U. Good Luck

03-04-2002, 09:03 PM
last nights restWent to sleep at 10:20, didnt fall asleep until about midnight. Got up at 1 and had a shake. My alarm didn't wake me up at 4. Got up at 6:15. Total sleep = 6.25hrs.

rest day

supplementsCreatine w/ grape juice @ 7am, and 8:30pm.
2 mega man multi's, and 1500mg of vitamin C (my multi also has 500).

6:30 3 whole eggs, brown rice, apple, chicken
9:14 2 pieces of chicken
11:15 1 can tuna on 4 pc of whole wheat bread, apple, chocolate milk.
1:45 50 peanuts
2:30 Metrx bar
3:00 oatmeal w/ 1% milk
3:30 1/2 can tuna (then I took a 1 hr nap)
6:00 other half of the tuna can
6:15 (dinner) mixed fruit, fish, green beans
7:15 glass of 1% milk
7:40 prolab shake (22g pro)
7:40 brown rice
*I forget what I ate during the next couple hours
9:30 peanuts
9:40 fish
9:50 half can of tuna, cottage cheese

total 270g protien, 443g carbs, 92 grams of fat

tuesday will be chest day, my chest workouts are usually my worst workouts. I found out I wont have a spotter, I will get my mom to spot me on skulls b/c I dont use much weight on them.

03-05-2002, 06:52 PM
I couldn't post on the boards all day because my mom cleaned my desk off, and she threw away the paper I had my password written down on. I hate it when that happens.


flat db press warmup, warmup, 11, 6.5, 8
flyes 6x
dips 10,7,8
millitary press warmup, 8.2, 7.5
lat raises 6.5, 13.5
skulls 11, 8, 6

DB presses increased from last week, however I still felt like my shoulders were a weak link. My chest never really felt stimulated during these.

I did a set of flyes, and my BI's gave out. I know my form must be wrong on them, but I follow the demos exactly. I decided to skip flies and do dips. Dips felt great for my chest, I assisted my self somewhat on the way up with my legs, so it was as if I was doing negatives. I have never really done dips, maybe they will add some mass on my chest (my chest has always been my worst part, everything grows but my chest it seems).

Since I did dips rather than flyes, my tri's were somewhat tired for my oh presses, hence the reason my reps declined from last week. Skulls felt great at the end, my reps went up eventhough I added 2.5lbs on the barbell.

03-07-2002, 02:18 PM
Wednesday is an off day, I got up at 6 then went to school, and straight from there I went to work and didnt get home until 10 at night. My diet was fine though, I got about 3500 cals. I only got 6.5 hrs sleep though.

I have decided to start cutting in april, I am just too fat. I am planning on doing a ckd in april, and going from there. THen I might bulk again, then cut up again before august.

03-07-2002, 02:21 PM
Today (thursday) is supposed to be leg day, but I dont have time because I have to help my parents move furnature. Im just going to skip leg day rather than doing them tommorow, then back and bi's the very next day. I will just rest until saturday when I do back and bi's. I might do some ab work later in the day because i usually do legs and abs togeather.