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08-02-2007, 01:33 PM
Alright, it's due time that i start a journal. As of today I am
Basically began this life in a speedo and goggles. I was born to swim, and being a swimmer I have big shoulders and pretty good endurance. I was about.... 3 hundedths of a second away from swimming on an oylmpic level and before I raced again blew my shoulder out. I turned to weight lifting and have been in and out of it for about the past 2 years and now back in it, permanently since about Janurary.
Bench- repping 185-195
Squat- repping 235
Dead- 365
I have transistioined from the 5x5 strength program to something more hypertrophy oriented (with chest in mind)

I am doing somethine along the lines of this- 4x8
Incline DB Bench


Incline BB Bench
OH Press
Bent over 1 arm row

In a few movements I have downsized the weight to up the full range of muscle contraction and concentration. Squats and Deads remain balls to the wall heavy. I do cardio from time to time, because I enjoy it (blame it on the swimming) which varies from boxing to HIIT to ultimate frizbee. My diet is one of bulking sorts and.... I will track more diet at a later date...lazy. It goes something like this on an average day at home

Breakfast- Oatmeal w/ whey, PB, raisin, flax seed, pecans,bananna (maybe 650 cals)

Preworkout- 2x 210 cal protien bar

Post workout- depending if I feel frisky either a protein shake-~450 cals or...my bulk shake-whey, muscle milk, milk, oats, cottage cheese, yogurt, PB

Lunch- grilled chicken sandwich with all the fixxings(on some big pieces of 7grain goodness)(maybe 400 cals)

Snack- PB&J, Carrots, broccoli, 400cal

Dinner- Spaghetti, meatball (3) tomatoe sauce - 300-400cal

Prebed- protein shake 450

About 2800 -3100 calories
+ gallon of water + creatine mono + cheapo multivitamin + fish oil (buy tomorrow)

My short and long term goals include
get bigger(to 235) then get leaner (end at 220 10% bf), run faster than a speeding bullet, be more powerful than a locomotive, leap over tall buildings in a single bound, move quicker, have more and agility,and who can forget lazer vision?

I am already over half way through my new routine this week and will post the numbers later, but won't be able to exxagerate on the situation very well. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you in advance.

08-02-2007, 01:36 PM
Awesome signature.

08-02-2007, 01:40 PM
thanks bro, gotta love it

08-02-2007, 05:41 PM
Monday 30th
Flat BB Bench
1x8 @ 135
1x8 @ 155
1x8 @ 165
1x8 @ 185

Incline DB
1x8 @ 55(each hand)
1x8 @ 60
1x8 @ 60
1x8 @ 65


Today was the first day that I am focusing on hypertrophy and each of these sets were very slow going down and fast up with a pause and hard muscle contraction at the top of the pullup and the top and bottom of the benchin. The pump was amazing and got hella sore.


Tuesday- No real work except the lawn including -mowing, weedeating, and general upkeep of our large amounts of landscaping.


1x8 @ 135
1x8 @ 225
1x8 @ 275
1x8 @ 275
1x4, 1x4 @ 315

Standing Curls - lots of contraction during the entire move, very slow down
1x8 @ 60
2x8 @ 70
1x8 @ 80

Pullovers (shoulders on bench and a rest of body hanging off of bench, works upper abs too)
1x8 @ 90
3x8 @ 95

Overall good day, DLs were tall and felt great, you cant beat that feeling standing upright with shoulders back, it is such a powerful feeling. My biceps haven't felt this pumped in a while either.

Thursday- nothing yet..... relaxxxxxxing. Except it is the first day of tracking calories.

08-03-2007, 09:41 AM
preliminary pictures up tonight!

08-03-2007, 07:27 PM
well ****, long day at work then the gym at like 530pm. I usually work out in the morning and it is always a great workout, but anytime I have to do in at night it sucks. I did focus most of my energy on better mind to muscle connection and hard contractions to help with my full body development though. Before my workout I had a powerbar, GU gel, and an energy drink. (but still wound up with this session from hell) So i decided to work out in the morning from now on, no matter what, I can't have another session like this, its been happening for too long. I dont think it is my diet, I eat big, i eat clean, I eat frequent. Today I have eaten like a f-ing beast. These numbers down here........they suck...not me, I was taken over by a tired, depressed piece of **** that sucked my enthusiasm and power right out of my lifts, ***** that piece of junk.

Incline Bench- strict form, much muscle contraction, very slow
4x8 @ 135

1 Arm Bent over Row -again, strict, contraction, slow
4x8 @ 85 (each arm)

Sitting OH Press (worst lifting I have ever done, no energy at all)
3x8 @ 95
1x5+3 @ 115