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03-04-2002, 03:08 PM
I am maintaining this journal primarily for strength training purposes and as such, body fat % and measurements are immaterial at this point. Diet will also be of somewhat secondary importance but I will be sure to get enough protein for my bodyweight. Goals include breaking the current powerlifting records in the squat, bench, deadlift by the summer of 2003. I will break these records by July 4th, 2003 or I will humiliate myself on this forum. I will not reveal the absolute horrors that I will commit against myself yet, suffice to say the self imposed psychological damage involved will be the likes of which I shall'nt ever recover. For my sanity, nay for the well-being (both physical & psychological) of all those around me, I MUST reach my goals!

For now, I will use a personalized modification of the old Rader Isometronic Training System. For superstitious reasons I ain't going to go into what I adapted from it (if you knew the majority'd think I was a quack anyway) but I will be detailing the basics as far as sets, reps, and weight here.

-Workout A: *strong range partial reps*

Overhead Press


Close Range Bench Press

Barbell Curl

Rack Crunch

Neck work

-Workout B: *strong range partial reps*


Dead lift

Bench Press

Bent Over Row

Grip Work

Calf Raise

March 4th, 2002

Workout A: *all sets were strong range partial movements*

Overhead Press:
135 lbs x 1, 135 x 1, 135 x 1, 135 x 1, 135 x 1

180 lbs x 1, 180 x 1, 180 x 1, 180 x 1, 180 x 1

Close Grip Bench Press:
135 lbs x 1, 135 x 1, 135 x 1, 135 x 1, 135 x 1

Barbell Curl:
90 lbs x 1, 90 x 1, 90 x 1, 90 x 1, 90 x 1

Rack Crunch:
65 lbs x 1, 65 x 1, 65 x 1, 65 x 1,65 x 1

Neck extension:
45 lbs x 1, 45 x 1, 45 x 1, 45 x 1, 45 x 1

Supplement: Protein shake

03-05-2002, 02:59 PM
March 5th 2002,

Cardio & Stretching... VERY boring.