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08-18-2007, 01:15 AM
Hey I know you guys don't know me.. but I'm here to say.. I'm Ali.

here is my story.. Last year in April I injured my back.. Stopped working out completely all the way till December of 06.. Over that time span.. At the height of 5 6.. I went from a lean 140 all the way to 190lb.. pure fat.. Then I started taking control of my diet, started with bodyweight exercises, moved resistance bands, light weights, and eventually I've passed all my lifts.. Of course I don't barbell deadlift and squat anymore (atleast for the time being) but I'm doing great.

Here are my current stats:

Age: Turning 17 in a few days
Height: 5 7
Weight: 150lb

Bench Press: 185lb-5-6 reps
Chinups: 20 reps
Lat Pulldown: 160 -8-10 reps

Ok well because I'm not squatting or deadlifting it's hard to outline my exact lifts with the machines and exercises I'm doing.. like the horizontal squatting machine, db lunges, incline bench db rows etc... but I'm assuming you get the general idea.. Over the last few months I've been alternating between 2-3day splits.. but now I'm switching things up.. and going all out for a month.. here is what I'm attempting:

Day 1:
AM shoulders+cardio
PM Arms

Day 2:
AM Legs
PM Back+cardio

Day 3:
AM Chest+cardio
PM Shoulders

then a rest day then repeat

I know it may seem like overtraining.. but i'm taxing the body to adapt to it, and it's only a month long process.. My diet is going to be clean, low carbs, low-mid fat, high protein.. 5-6 meals a day.. with a carb up meal everyweek
(2-3 hours eat whatever I want).. Might do the anabolic solution... not for now though.. I'm carb sensitive but I might bump up carbs because of the heavy work load.. and for supplementation.. Whey Protein, multi vit, fish oils, omega 3 6 9, creatine mono..

I'll post pics when my batteries recharge..


08-18-2007, 01:19 AM
My goal is to get down to 8 percent bf, and fill out the muscles.. still waiting on those batteries