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03-05-2002, 07:13 PM
I'm very light weight around 120 lbs now. I only need more then 2600 - 3000 kcal to bulk up. The problem is that i just cant' seem to get to that mark. I'm not used to eating that much. My goal for the next 2 months is consume 3000 a day.

I need your help guys. Are there any meals that have like 1000 calories per serving? I'm not talking about weight gainers and stuff like that. I really want to concentrate on getting real food into me :)

This is pretty much my diet

Originally posted by torched02
Ok, as I have said in the past, this diet is sick it is the best one out there...I have worked with this diet and teach it to everyone who needs a great diet to build muscle and cut the fat....I carry around a piece of paper with me, noting the fat,carbs and protein I eat thoughout the day....

Why this diet is the best?

1. No cravings
2. Decrease body fat while building strength.
3. High Energy levels
4. Variety of foods
5. Everyday is like a cheat day!

How it works?

Find your maitenance calories or multiply body weight x 12....

so a 200lb person would need 2,400 calories per day...to lose a little weight, but to lose more drop 200 calories or to gain lean muscle increase by 200 calories....

NExt didvide your calories by 33.3%

So, that is 800 calories of Fat, Carbs and Prot...a day.....

this turns out to be roughly....

200 grams Protein
200 grams Carbs
85 grams Fat

Now, just know what you eat and mark it down throughout the day...**** worrying about brown rice...eat the white and mark it down...eat mayo or non fat mayo either way mark it down....have real bacon or pizza or candy, just know what you eat and mark it down.....Obviously i take in high quality protein and fats, but If I want Mayo I have it or if I want pizza I eat it....My staples are peanut butter and graham crackers...If i want carbs at night I dont eat them all day until night time.....However you do it, you will see this is the BEST way to to eat and bodybuild.....

03-06-2002, 06:35 AM
If your gonna do that diet I don't care where you got your info, you still need to eat clean.

So, if you really needs calories I would eat nuts and pb. Steak, rice. And I'll get back to you on others.