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08-19-2007, 04:30 PM
This is my second attempt at a journal - I found the first ine useful but stopped training (and posting) suddenly due to injury. I was having some niggles with my left knee but then took a heavy hit playing football - did the man thing of not going to the doctors but rested it for a few weeks... had a rugby trainnig session and halfway through it "popped" again. Have now been to a (useless) doctor, had the anti-inflammatory pills and will see him this week or next to get referred to a specialist. Nothing major torn or anything according to the doc, but while I can now walk fine and even jog, changing direction suddenly or any weights is a no-no for now.

I was doing the New Rules of Lifting program but the emphasis on full body movements in all workouts means its out of the question for now (which is a shame, I really enjoyed those workouts). I have spent the weeked searching websites and my old books to decide what to do and have opted for "Optimised Volume Training" - (http://www.t-nation.com/readArticle.do?id=459276). I chose it because it uses supersets (which I discovered I liked in New Rules..) and it looks like a workout I would enjoy.

I have had to change the split slightly - my knee means the legs workout is out for now, and as such I will have a bit more left in the "recovery reserve" as leg day usually accounts for a large percentage of the weekly training stress. My split will be:

Day 1
Chest and Back

Day 2
CV + Abs

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

This is the template I'll work from until my leg is better.

My last training drive lost me 10lbs of blubber but reckon I've put most, if not all, of it back on. My primary goal is to drop fat, and secondary is to gain muscle mass/strength. I know the common wisdom is that you either cut or bulk because you can't gain muscle while losing fat but I've had a fair bit of muscle size and strength in the past so think I can count on some gains over the next 3 months.

Diet will be around 2000kcals a day (struggle to eat more than that), supplements is just Muscle Milk after weight sessions and sometimes with breakfast too (I know there are whey drinks out there with less fat/carbs but its the only one I like the taste of and post-workout the carbs will help).

I'll re-weigh and measure tomorrow - I've taken some pics but will only post them after I have some ok "after" ones. They were that gross it spurred me to go to the gym today when I was only going to start tomorrow!

08-19-2007, 04:48 PM
All supersets have 90 seconds rest between, and around 3 mins between couples.


warmed up chest with some 60kg and 80kg bench presses.

A1 - Bbell Bench Press: 3x5@90kg/2x5@85kg
A2 - Dbell Flyes: 5x5 @ 28kg dbells

B1 - Incline Dbell Bench:1x5@34kg/1x5@36kg/1x4@34kg/1x4@32kg/1x4@30kg
B2 - Incline Dbell Flyes: 3x5@22kg/1x3@22kg/1x5@20kg

C1 - T-Bar Row: 5x5@60kg
C2 - 1-Arm Dbell Row: 5x5@32kg

D1 - Hammerstrength Pulldown: 5x5@90kg
D2 - Hammerstrength Row: 5x5@70kg

A - Keep at 90kg, should hit all 5 sets soon (frustrating! 4 ears ago I followed a 5x5 routine and was using 120kg!)
B - Start at 34kf dbells next time. Keep using the 22kg dbells for flyes, might take a few weeks but that will come.
C - Never really done unsupported T-Bar before (new bit of kit, the other one has a chest support). Happy enough with 60kg, upto 65kg next week. Keep 1-arm rows as is for now.
D - Happy with the form and the weights (looove the hammerstrength machines), up Pulldown to 92.5kg next week.

Overall, felt great to be back and as I'm typing this my back feels pleasantly tight and my chest is still a bit pumped so I'm a happy bunny:p

In terms of progression on this program, the key is to progress the mjor mvmt in the superset (the first mvmt). I think I guessed the weights ok, except for the incline work.

Diet was ok, but not amazing as wasn't going to start til tomorrow (til I saw those disgusting pictures). Didn't do a breakdown, but had spaghetti bolognaise (lean mince), MuscleMilk and 400g steak medallions (lean and bloody mmm mmm!!) and a sweet potato, with couple glasses milk inbetween. Tomorrow will be a lot more structured - shooting for 1700-2000kcals, with around 170-200gp.


08-20-2007, 02:13 PM
Had to miss the gym today - had fire at my house last week and ringing round for quotes for the repairs took more time this evening than I thought it would.

Chest and back both good and sore from yesterday, and my diet today has been ok. By the time I have my MusclemIlk before bed, will total approx:

2155 kcals
106gc (424kcals) (20%)
229gp (916) (43%)
90.5gf (815) (37%)

This is pretty much the macronutrient breakdown I;m aiming for (anybody got any feedback on this, would be great). Main carb sources were a wholemeal tortilla and a sweet potato. Protein came from chicken, beef, eggs, egg whites and MilkMuscle, with fat coming from same, plus 25g of cashews.


08-20-2007, 03:13 PM
Payday is coming up, so I'm giving some thought to supplements for the coming month... as I said before, Musclemilk is often thought of as having too much sugar for cutting but I struggle with the taste of most similar drinks - does anybody else have any experience cutting while using MuscleMilk?
I'm never much good at getting much fruit and veg in so vitamins/mineral supp is prob in order and everyone is always going on about EFA... I am on a bit of a budget so what, bearing in mind my primary goal is to drop the blubber, are peoples recommendations?

Any feedback would be great.


08-21-2007, 03:30 PM
Back and (especially) chest still sore today - even arms not feeling 100% but it's been such a long time since I trained arms directly I was pretty excited so did it anyway!


A1 - Barbell Curl: 2x5@45kg/3x5@42.5kg
A2 - Alt. Dbell Curl: 2x5@18kgdbells/1x3@18kg/1x5@16kg/1x5@14kg

B1 - Preacher Curl (E-Z Bar): 1x5@32.5kg/4x5@30kg
B2 - Hammer Curl: 5x5@14kgdbells

C1 - Dips: 18/12/8/6/6
C2 - Overhead Extension: 5x5@25kgs

D1 - Skullcrushers: 1x5@25kg/4x5@30kg
D2 - Rope Pressdowns: 5x5@35kg

A - leave barbell as it is, shouldn't be long before 5x5@45kg+, I remember using 45kgs for sets of 10-12. As a side note, I use an Olympic bar for the curls because I find them better (harder) than the fixed barbells. For the dbell curls, start with 16kgs.
B - This was strange, 32.5kg felt extremely difficult so I dropped iot for the second set but the subsequent sets felt a little easy at 30kg... start at 32.5kg again and do it til can't do full set of 5, then drop. 14kgs doesn;t feel heavy as such for the hammers but my arms, by this point, weren't really listening to what I was telling them to do so leave at 14kg for now.

C - Pretty much got the triceps part sof the workout all wrong! Forgot my dipping belt so just went for sets to failure but reps were low due to tits still hurting! Also, with dips, I've always used them for a chest exerise by leaning forward into it, and really struggle to keep strict for triceps. The gym does have a brilliant dips machine though, and it keeps me fixed in a position where triceps are used almost on their own so will do that next time - also the overhead extensions were with a hammer-barbell and they're so narrow they clip your elbows... next week will do the dip machine supersetted with the overhead cable machine right next to it.

D - Skullcrushers were wrong weight - too light to really push me but couldn't go much heavier without someone to pass the weight or to spot... will do close-grip bench press, supersetted with decline tricep extensions next week.

Overall, the biceps workout was good, andwhile my triceps know they have worked, I cocked it up a bit.


8am - MuscleMilk

10.30am - 25g cashews

1pm - 6 chicken drumsticks (ate skin on 3, not on other 3)

6pm - wholemeal tortilla with 2 eggs and 2 egg whites.

9pm - 250g lean steak, 250g sweet potato.

106gc (22%)
214gp (44%)


08-22-2007, 02:02 PM
The only things that don't hurt on my upper body are my shoulders... and they get it tomorrow! I always get mad DOMS first week or so back, I am enjoying them but also looking forward to them going...


8am - MuscleMilk

1pm - 3 chicken drumsticks (with skin), 4 chicken drumsticks (without skin)

6pm - Wholemeal tortilla with 3 eggs

8.30pm - 250g steak, 250g sweet potato

217gp (44%)
101gc (20%)
80gf (36%)

Was ok, but dog had broken into my workbag and eaten my cashews so made up with extra chicken drumstick!

Have decided, with the level of DOMs and to give my knee an extra week, to not do CV this week, but factor it in next week. The plan is to stay strict on diet til Sat and have a couple beers and some cheat food to watch the rugby with.

Stumbled onto the anabolic diet too, will be interested to hear of anyones opinions/experiences?

08-23-2007, 01:51 PM
Going to leave shoulders til tomorrow for 2 reasons - firstly my triceps are still sore, but secondly (and mainly) I get paid tomorrow and I've got enough petrol to get me to work tomorrow and no money until midnight tonight so unable to get there!

Have been reading a bit about that anabolic diet so thought I'd have a crack at a real low carb day today (i know I wasn't following AD rules, but will be buying it tomrrow so can do it properly then), prob went a bit too low cos I was loving the meat!


8am - 4 eggs
12.30pm - 4 chicken drumsticks (skin eaten), 4 chicken drumsticks (skin not eaten), 1/2 rack ribs
8pm - 400g steak, serving of smash.

241gp (52%)
22gc (5%)
87gf (43%)

Like I said, went a bit low on carbs but felt good all day, only complaint is only in 3 feeds but last day of the financial month for me and no money for extras!

Maybe the protein boost will help these bloody DOMs!


08-24-2007, 03:46 PM
vehicle problems so not able to get to the gym today - was a bit hectic at work so diet wasn;t great- nothing majorly bad just not as much protein as usual, and a good few more carbs. Not sure if I can get to the gym this weekend either, but I'll try - going to treat myself to a pizza tonight!

I've ordered the Anabolic Diet, should be hitting my email any minute, and will read that for supp recommendations - I know a part of it is the dude trying to sell his own supps but hopefully it'll give me some ideas of what to get from H&B.


08-25-2007, 04:27 AM
weighed myself today (forgot to post weight at start of the journal) and am down from 198 to 196.5lbs which is ok, considering no cv work and only 2 gym sessions so far.

I'm going to take some measurements tomorrow and post those, and also have ordered accu-measure callipers off mysupplementstore.co.uk, but have had an email saying there is a delay at the moment of around a week.

Today I will treat myself to some cheesecake and a bottle or 2 of Amstel to watch the Boks play Scotland this afternoon, and prob a beer or 2 with the Wales game tomorrow (its a biggy - France are shaping up to be the best Northern Hemisphere prospect for the world cup:alcoholic )

08-25-2007, 01:49 PM
GO on easy on the cheesecake lad! ;) . Was just looking around and im the first the postzors here sooo hello and good luck. keep up the good work, dont get lazy.

08-26-2007, 05:11 AM
Thanks for the welcome, Ramstein - the cheesecake was gooooood but my mate called me up to go watch the game at his - he's a real Afrikaaner, so the beer and the brai was out - I ate more chicken and steak than any man should, so had "puppy syndrome" (tummy full, eyes shut). Sweets are good but meat is better!

I wasn't going to start this anabolic diet til tomorrow but am craving more meat, not sweets and chocolate so may jus get on it today.

The plan is to start off on the break-in, so 12 days straight with only 30g carbs per day, power through the uncomfortableness, another 2 weeks on the 5 on 2 off schedule to make sure that's the one that will work for me, then all things being ok, I'm bypassing the bulking and strength phase and getting straight on the cutting. For break-in I'm going to shoot for 2500-300kcals a day although you're not meant to count kcals in this phase, the cutting phase required you reduce your kcals so need to use this as a reference point.

Loaded up at Makro yesterday with kilos and kilos of steak meat (yet to be cut!), bacon, chicken thighs and drumsticks. I'm going to get some cashews and olive oil in for my healthy fats and some sugar free jelly and whipping cream for when my sweet tooth rears its ugly head.

Will post diet breakdown tonight. Also, keep saying I;ll measure so will do that also.


08-26-2007, 01:52 PM
well Wales go beaten pretty soundly, but it was an entertaining game and I thought there were some good individual performances. Looking forward to the UFC tonight now!

Decided I couldn't be arsed with sweets today so got sraight on with the AD.

202.5gp (30%)
26gc (4%)
205gf (66%)

Meant to be shooting for 30g carbs and the rest of kcals split 40/60 protein/fat - got nearer 30/70 when you take the carbs out so need to adjust that. The extra fat came from a 1/4 cup of olive oil I used in my chicken sauce.

I'm going to buy some flaxseed oil, fish oil and a muli-viamin to increase my ratio of "good" fats to "bad" fats and ensure I'm getting the nutrients I need from this low carb stuff.

Stoked about training tomorrow.


08-27-2007, 10:00 AM
Was looking forward to this workout and it went pretty well.

A1 - Barbell Bench Press: 5x5@90kg
A2 - Dbell Flyes: 5x5 @ 28kg

B1 - Incline Dbell Press: 2x5@34kg/1x3@34kg/1x4@32kg/1x5@30kg
B2 - Incline Flyes: 3x5@22kg/1x2@22kg/1x2@20kg

C1 - T-Bar Row: 5x5@65kg
C2 - 1-Arm Dbell Row: 5x5@32kg

D1 - Hammerstrength Pulldown: 5x5@92.5kg
D2 - Hammerstrength Row: 5x5@70kg

A - got the 5x5 @90kg so will up to 92.5kg next week. Bench felt strong but struggled badly last set or 2 of the flyes. Keep the weight the same for now.

B - bit disappointing really, was expecting to get through atleast 3 sets with 34kg dbells. Will carry on sticking with 34kg to start though- maybe the extra work in the bench hurt it a bit?

C - An extra 5kg on the T-Bar was no real problem, but will only jump by 2.5kg next week... first set felt really easy but by the 3rd it was more of a strain. Will leave the 32kg dbells for rowing the same.

D - Took a little longer between station C and D because another guy in the gym took forever to do 3 sets with the pulldown... I have no problem with waiting for people, and often feel guilty because I'm doing supersets and basically "hogging" 2 stations at once, but this guy had gloves (the handles are neoprene and nice and soft), took his weight belt off and put it back on for sets (its a seated exercise) and was clearly not lifting close to strenuous weights for him, yet took 2 or 3 minutes between sets... aargh! So basically, instead of around 3-4 mins between C and D it was more like 10. Anyway, thepulldown felt solid, happy to nudge up to 95kg next week, but will leave the rowing at 70kg - it doesn;t feel particulrly heavy, but fatigued by this point so will lose form if go much heavier.

Overall a good workout, only hiccup being the incline work, the rest of it all progressed nicely.

Will post diet breakdown this evening before bed.


08-27-2007, 12:53 PM
Diet - 27/8/07
170gp (32%)
26gc (5%)
148gf (63%)

slightly better protein/fat but still needs tweakin. The only protein shake I have is MuscleMilk so if I take that with water and have it as my post workout shake and drop carbs elsewhere, should sway the balance a little more favourably.

Only 2 days in to the 12 day break-in phase so energy levels feel normal, none of that grogginess that should hit me so far. I am going to leave the cardio til after th break-in because from what I gather, you want to make it as easy on yourself as you can until your body has made the "transition" from favouring carbs as energy source to fat. Should be interesting anyway...


08-28-2007, 12:49 PM
Chest again feeling like its been in a fight, and back pleasantly tight and achey... Was toying with the idea of replacing leg day with "deadlift day" and doing something like 10x3 because my deadlift is pants but will stick to the schedule for this week atleast.

Had an email saying my callipers had been despatched today so fingers crossed I'll have those by the end of the week!

Again, only day 3 but feeling fine, energy nice and even all day, no crashes or feeling sof wanting to nap ni the early afternoon which I am prone to - not sure if thats anything at all to do with my diet or just been so busy at work! Bacon and eggs this morning tasted great but was an effort to eat - never been real good at breakfast so think I;ll get used to it before too long.

218p (37%)
25gc (4%)

This breakdown is pretty good, protein/fat nearly 40/60 and carbs just under the magical 30g.

The only mistake today was that my dinner was too big - I was totting upwhat kcals and macronutrients I would finish on today and realised I needed to bulk it up so threw another portion of lean mince with a bit of cheese onto my steak dinner... the kcals and breakdowns are great so will eat the same thing tomorrow but will have the extra mince and cheese as a mid-afternoon snack.

Cheers guys

08-29-2007, 03:40 PM
As planned ate the same thing today, but spread out a bit and worked well. Training was ok too...


A1 - Barbell Curl: 3x5@45kg/1x5@42.5kg/1x3@42.5kg
A2 - Dbell Curl: 4x5@16kg/1x3@16kg

B1 - Preacher Curl: 2x5@35kg/1x3@35kg/1x5@32.5kg/1x3@32.5kg
B2 - Hammer Curl: 5x5@14kg

C1 - Dip Machine: 5x5@80kg
C2 - Ohead Cable Ext: 5x5@60kg


A - Got 3 sets out at 45kg which is one better than last week, will keep plugging away to get 5x5... dbells are the correct weight for now.

B - Major improvement on the preacher curl, racked 32.5kg as planned but felt too light so sapped for 35kg for first few sets... keep going with 35kg - the hammer curls again felt too easy the first set and nearly impossible by the last. Need to keep an eye on hammer form in last set or 2, but keep at this weight.

C - Up to 85kg for the dip machine and leave overhead where it is. Felt solid on the dip machine but certainly could get atleast 2 sets in with 85kg.

D - Why no D? They are refurbing the gym and loads of machines are out of order, some are hidden in obscure corners now and by the time I found what I needed I had run out of time.

Overall, depsite the missed tricep ex's, a solid workout.

Diet Breakdown
218p (37%)
25gc (4%)

Energy felt good all day, strength in the gym so far unaffected by lack of carbs... still, only day 4 of the 12 day break-in phase so plenty of time for me to crash yet!


08-30-2007, 03:09 PM
Not a training day today, chest and back feel pretty much fresh now (soreness gone much earlier than last week!) and biceps/triceps know they worked yesterday but no problem straightening my arms (as per last week!).

Diet was ok again today - didn't do an exact breakdown for the protein and fat but carbs kept to 30g on the nose today and added couple slices bacon with dinner - based on the rest of the day being the same as yesterday, I put the kcals at around 2500 which is pretty much where I want to be (circa 2k-2.5k for this break in phase).

The plan is, once the break-in is completed, to go straight to the cutting schedule, first week go for 2000kcals, and then reduce kcals by 100-200 a day after that til I get to a minimum of 1500-1600kcals. Because I'm starting off relatively low (a lot of guys seem to be starting with 3500kcals maintenance) I'm not going to just drop kcals each week irrespective of fat loss... the plan is to aim for 1.5 - 2lbs per week, when it slows to 0.5lbs a week, then I'll drop another 100 or so. This way I'm milking each stage of the cut and will take longer to get to the minimum kcals.

If anyone reading isn't too familiar with the AD, the (very) basic outline is to spend a couple weeks taking in 25-30g carbs a day, while eating your normal amount of calories by increasing protein and fat - the idea being to force your body to favour burning fatty acids for energy. After 12 days, have a 2 day carb up (some go nuts and eat whatever, others eat clean but carby).

Following this, for a cut, maintain a high level of protein but start to reduce the fat (still keeping carbs to a max of around 30g) to create the kcal defecit, which - so the theory goes - makes the body seek stored fat as the primary energy source. Typically, after the break-in phase people tend to go 5 days high protein/fat, 2 days low fat/high carb but you are encouraged to find whether 12-24-36-48 hours carb-ups suits you best.

For a bulk, you increase total calories again, using fat to create the surplus.

Here endeth the lesson...

As for energy levels just now, fine and dandy - the dreaded "crash", judging from posts on other boards, tends to hit people around day 8 and can last for 24-48hours... if you can break through this trial of fire - this test of will, wise men say, bodybuilding immortality awaits.

Whatever... I just like to eat meat.

08-31-2007, 02:31 PM
Callipers arrived today as I was leaving for work so will start taking % measurements. Wasn't going to bother weighing or measuring this week because most of the weight lost, I would imagine, would be water and the actual "cut" part doesn't start for another week. I am feeling tighter (its all relative though!) though so will take % tomorrow and weight but on the understanding that for the % i'm not expecting any change at all for a good few weeks, and that I will not get pissed off if the weight is the same or gone up and will not congratulate myself if some has come off because its most likely fluid fluctuations.

Today was delts but felt like throwing in some deadlifts with this workout - my deadlift is shocking, I've benched (in the past) more than i can deadlift and its a definate weak area. It seems to be the grip more than the back though. Also, while my knee is knackered and I can't do squats, it'll be my big compound mvmt that does all that funky growth hormone stuff.

Delt Day

Deadlift: 1x5@60kg/1x5@80kg/3x5@110kg

A1 - Standing military press - 5x5@60kg
A2 - Lat Raises - 5x5@14kg(x2)

B1 - Alt Dbell Shoulder Press - 5x5@22kg(x2)
B2 - Barbell Front Raise - 5x5@20kg

C1 - Upright Row - 2x5@50kg/3x5@40kg
C2 - Incline Rev Flyes - 5x5@12kg(x2)

Deadlift - went ok, will up next week but only to 112.5kg - my back could handle more but my fingers are gay.

A - Up press to 62.5kg (should still be fairly comfortable). Keep the lat raises as they are but if form doesn't improve next week drop to 12kgs.

B - Up dbells to 24kgs, leave front raises as they are- not very heavy weight but kept form heavy and man did I feel it!

C - Upright rows always feel like they are pulling my shoulders out of their sockets! Sta at 50kg again and just drop by 5kg this time, last 3 sets were too easy. I wussed out. Rev flyes are fine as they are- again not very heavy but feel it.

Again, no exact breakdown but as I write this I'm about to have my last feed of the day and I need to find 20g of carbs from somewhere... probably smash to the rescue again!

I've not had any cravings at all for sweet things so far - I did see a Belgian Bun at the lunch van today and I like them but I certainly didn't struggle to resist it. I;m expecting it will hit soon though. Like I said, I've only had around 5g of carbs so far today and not bothered. I bet in a few days I'll be looking back at this post and trying to remember what this no-craving feeling was like!!

Having said that I am looking forward to the end of the break-in though because a) it means I can get cutting, and b) my best mate from university is coming to visit for the UFC paperview and it'll be just in time for my pizza and beer load (I mean carb-load).

As always, comments, suggestions and pointing and laughing are welcome.


09-01-2007, 04:44 AM
Weighed and callipered this morning. Pretty crappy.

Weight -191.5lbs (down 5lbs this week and 7lbs since the start)
Bodyfat % - a repulsive 27%

As I said yesterday, weight loss nothing to write home about as most of that will be water loss (although I feel firmer round the belly). Body fat % terrible but no more than I deserve after the past 5 years of abuse!

Based on this I've got a Metabolic Index of 12.92 which is the bottom end of the scale for ideal for women!! Ideal men is 22-32 with 32+ being the aim. Clearly I have a long way to go.

Based on these bodyfat percentages, and working out my lean mass etc, without gaining any muscle, I would need to drop approx 37lbs of the wobbly stuff to reach the holy grail of 10% bodyfat. As the actual cut itself starts properly after next week, and aiming for 1.5lb average per week weight loss I'm looking at 25 weeks of cutting. I hope to be putting on a bit of muscle over the next few months despite the cut due to muscle memory and the nature of the diet/training so hope to cut that down to nearer 20 weeks.

Either way its a big ask and a helluva challenge!

so - 1/9/07
27% bodyfat
approx - 51.5lbs fat
approx - 140lbs lean

CANNOT wait for the end of my carb-up next weekend to hit the cut and fix this mess.

09-01-2007, 01:34 PM
some good stuff in here man, keep it up

09-01-2007, 02:52 PM
Cheers TJ, good luck with yours also - will check in on your journal and see how your squats are coming on!

09-02-2007, 09:28 AM
Not due to train til Monday but itchy feet today and have been reading through Fuzzys journal so faniced some training in an Oly stylee... sort of. I'll still be doing my normal stuff tomorrow but fancied a go.

I've never been able to find an oly coach at various times when its caught my attention over the years so I've never been taught proper form - I've only ever done power cleans. I've picked as much up as I can from the internet, the weightlifting encyclopaedia, and lecture tidbits off youtube... Also, with my knee still being shot, I decided to give it a go but v v light - so no s******ing.

I found a very basic 3-day a week program off of www.owresource.com so did day 1 of that.

Oly Style Workout


Behind Neck Push Press

Front Squats

Hang Cleans

Told you not to laugh!
Snatch - was extremely tentative as I was concerned how my knee would hold up to a relatively explosive mvmt. Weight was very light but tried to concentrate on pulling myself under it. I enjoyed it, but only about 1 in 3 were closer to snatches than just power snatches.

Behind neck - this was meant to be a behind the neck jerk but as I don't know how to jerk, I thought I'd just do behind the neck push presses, and try to push myself under the weight with arms straight once I've pushed it airbourne (trying to look like an oly lifter... actually looking like a fat lad in shorts).

Front Squats - Was pleased with these... not because of the weights used but because I can do some sort of squat without my knees going bad. I loooove front squats. Weight wasn't a real struggle but my issue is wrist flexibility - I simply can't put rest the bar on my clavicles, with even 2 fingers under the bar - my wrists won't bend enough. As such I have to cross my arms infront of me (like one of those Russian dancers that squat, shoot their legs out and go "Hey!") and balance the bar that way.
Hang cleans - again, more like hang power cleans because I never dipped more than maybe a 1/4 or a 1/3 of the way under the bar.

Overall, I really enjoyed this session but it was bittersweet. I think if I had the chance I would just train and try and compete in weightlifting but after another search, can't find a club in the immediate area... I have, however made contact with a club in Holyhead (about 1.5 hours from me) and there is a meet there next Sat so me and mate are going to watch and see if we can bump into anyone who is based nearer to me.

no probs, as usual will have less than 30g carbs today and protein and fat are pretty high. Still no crash and not feeling it in my workouts yet I'm on day 8 and this is when mosty people tend to struggle - maybe I'll be lucky and not have that problem!

Cheers guys

09-03-2007, 11:19 AM
Bro keep up the good workout. And btw i tried front squats today and i love them !!!! like you i find i can keep better form with them and they hit my quads more. I think i will do Back squats/front squats/back squats for my three day split since i squat in every workout with 5x5 :D. But i dont like the way when you sweat the bar can slip and ****. dunno maybe my shoulders were greasy today....:scratch:

09-03-2007, 12:30 PM
Thanks Ramsteion - and you're right: front squats are the future...

I didn't have a problem with the bar slipping because I had to cross my arms in front of me which supports it really well, but if my wrists were flexible enough I can see how sweating could be a problem. About to head off to the gym - trying to decide whether to stick with the OVT scheduled workout or do a similar one to yesterday - really enjoyed it...

09-03-2007, 04:41 PM
Decided to do another oly style workout cos I enjoyed yesterdays so much.
Again, weights were pants.

Power Cleans

Clean Pulls

Overhead Squat

Press Behind Neck (Snatch Grip)

After the realtive triumph yesterday of doing some snatches and front squats without the slightest issue from my knee, I was gutted that on the 65kg set of power cleans, my knee jarred on the last rep. It was a shame and cast a bit of a shadow over the rest of my workout because I was nervous off hurting it more and pissed off. 65kg didn't feel heavy (due, in part, to the fact that it isn't!) and would have been comfortable enough going for 70kg and 75kg on the next 2 sets.

Clean pulls - never done these before so kept the weight lowish so I could make sure I was doing the move correctly. Still, got a nice squeeze in my traps.

Overhead squats - was mindful of my knee jarring earlier so kept it simple here. Need to work on flexibility in my calves.

Press - I've always avoided behind the neck presses because I thought they were bad for your erotators so I was very cautious with the weight. I liked the feel of it but my shoulders were a little sore afterwards - just a case of getting the joint used to the movement and the muscles to working in that way. Another area of inflexibility.

Like I said before, I'm hoping to go to a lift meet some hour and a half away on Saturday to watch and hopefully meet the guy who runs the club... the best I can hope for is that I can attend once a week for technique instruction and practise what I learn on my own during the week. Its not ideal and I know it is best to have supervision all the time but its a step up from trying to teach myself from video clips of the net and books.

nothing to report - same old, same old - lots of protein and fat, and 30g of carbs. Not been bothering with breakdowns because I know its roughly 2k-2.5k kcals and will only need to be aware of the exact breakdowns etc next week when the cut starts from my carb up. Still no probs with energy and while I do fancy a little more variety, I have no cravings to speak of... not even bothering with the sugar free jelly at the minute. I hope this diet is as effective as people say because it seems to easy to be true.

09-04-2007, 01:57 PM
No workout today - had some bits and pieces to do after work and body wasn't sore but was a little stiff after the last 2 days.

With the weightlifting, I've decided to drop the full mvmts at this stage (ie; the actual cleans and snatches) because I'll only be teaching myself wrong and aside from the injury potential, it is hard to unlearn bad habits. I'll wait until I have had the opportunity to train under supervision and learnt the mvmts properly. In the meantime, I'll try to make my workouts work the specific muscles in the right sort of way for the lifts - ie front and overhead squats primarily for the legs, power cleans, pulls and deadlifts from the various hand positions. I know it won't be ideal but it should provide me with more relevant conditioning than BB type training.

Diet still ok - day 10 now, only a couple more to go... I'll officially stop my break-in Friday evening and stop the carb-up Sunday midday so should get roughly 48 hours free time. I am feeling a little rough today - but to be honest this is likely to be more the result of stress for things that have been going on for the past 8 months but are finally about to be resolved - I guess the adrenaline is finally giving way!

Cheers guys

09-04-2007, 01:59 PM
woohoo! page 2

09-04-2007, 06:59 PM
I was looking at your workout for yesterday, keep going strong. Btw, I get a mental workout translating kg's to pounds lol....

09-04-2007, 07:00 PM
1 kg=2.2 pounds :)

09-05-2007, 11:48 AM
No workout again today, had a doctors appt for my knee - just given me stronger ant-inflammatorys and told me I'll be better in a fortnight.

One more day on the break-in diet then I can break loose for a couple weeks. Its not been too bad, just struggling with variety a bit but still no mad cravings

09-10-2007, 04:18 AM
Well, I held out for the full 12 days before "carbing up" (pigging out) but I did it for 3 days, not 2... I'm having my doubts aboutt he diet- not its effectiveness, but the whole health factor. There's a lot of saturatedf fat in there, and my Dad ahs just been diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol and has gone on medication... these things aer supposed to be partially genetic so I'm not sure I want to risk it.

Lower carb is definately the way to go for me but not quite so low carb and definately not so high fat. A good approach with carbs is timing - having the higher GI carbs earlier in the day and sticking with fibrous low GI carbs later in the day. Will have a tinker with that - I enjoyed the AD but looking back, while I wasn't craving chocolate or pastries - I was craving fruit and veg - when I went in the shop on Friday I couldn't keep away from it. That suggests a lack of nutrients.

Anyway, stuck a workout in on Saturday, leavnig legs alone til I finish these tablets, a week Wednesday, then will see how I am. Leg does feel better - but maybe thats just because the Rugby World Cup is on and its making me desparate to get playing again!

1x5 @ 60kg
1x5 @ 80kg
3x5 @ 95kg (209lbs)

T-Bar Row
5x5 @ 65kg (143lbs)

Hammerstrength Pull Down
3x5 @ 95kg
1x25 @ 70kg*
1x18 @ 65kg*
1x10 @ 60kg*
1x8 @ 50kg*

* - drop set

Nice and brief, weights were ok, and my arms still pumped from the drop sets.

Will head to the gym later today.