View Full Version : Eating for Performance / Cutting Weight Effectively

08-21-2007, 12:44 AM
It's like I just make a new thread every hour! And most of them are pretty stupid!

This was mostly inspired by Dr. Berardi coming out with a book last year, and although he has a fair amount of press for it, very little seems to have leaked out about what's in the book that differs from his basic principles.

A few questions:

(1) What dietary principles stand out for athletes when aiming for bulking/eating maintenance? How does this differ from bodybuilders? Are there any very effective bodybuilder style diets that athletes should not use?

(2) Same question, but for cutting. What is the difference between how a bodybuilder should cut, and how an athlete should cut?

(3) Berardi said, "[T]he material I outline in the book to drop 10-15 lbs, if necessary, safely and effectively leading up to an event is based on my work with both bodybuilders and grapplers. There are certain supplements, foods, and water manipulation strategies that really maximize the body’s ability to drop weight quickly ..."

Ok, so what are the ways he is referring to in attempt to drop 10-15 lbs quickly? He has been very against just dropping water weight (and rightly so), and only seems interested in losing body fat. I'm guessing there's some trick to drop glycogen stores quickly? What else?

And yeah, I guess I could just go pick up the book, but everything he has released so far is the same advice I've heard 100x and already understand. And I'm poor.