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big ol' boy
08-21-2007, 05:46 PM
Hey everybody. My name is Scott. Most people call me Poot. I'm 22, 6'2" and some change. About 300lbs. I'm fat but it ain't all fat. Not sure on body fat % but I plan on buying some calipers soon to get an idea. I have several different routines. I don't like going for all out strength, or all about mass, or all about being lean. I like being big because that's all I've ever been. I'm more af an all around kind of guy. I'd rather have a little bit of everything than a lot of one thing.

Equipment I have:

Squat rack
bench (I don't use this much)
olympic barbell converted to a fat bar. It's a little over 2 inches thick.
Adjustable dumbell bars
4 45's
4 25's
8 10's
4 5's
large tractor tire
70 lb punching bag

Currently, my routine I'm playing with a little. I workout 3 days a week. One heavy lift each day, one complex a day, and then do tire work or bag work. I'm also kind of random. Some times I will walk outside and do somthing completely off base from what I've been doing. I like being creative with stuff like that. I may not do a heavy set one day, or I might decide to do a lot of tire or bag work and skip the complexes. Just depends on how I feel that day. I don't like sticking to routines cause it gets boring very quickly to me. I think I have routine A.D.D. or something.

The heavy lifts are a variation of squat(back, front, i'm going to start trying zerker and overhead), an arm press( bench, or shoulder), and deads.

The complex's are:

Complex #1

Upright row x6
Snatch from the thigh x6
Snatch from the thigh x6
Squat & Press x6
Bent Over row x6
Snatch from the floor x6

Complex #2

Upright row x3
Snatch from the thigh x3
Squat & Press x3
Bent over row x3
Snatch from the floor x3


Upright row x3
Barbell snatch x3
Behind neck press x3
Bent over row x3
Squat and press x3
Seated press x3

I'm not the most healthy eater, but I'm not a pig either. I usually eat pretty clean or I try too. I'm not sure how often I can update this journal until I get my own comp. I gotta use my parents right now.

I do construction, and am rural mail carrier. I own a small house and 44 acres of land. My workouts don't take very long because I have to come in from work, workout, and then work on my place and keep it up. I usually try and make workin on my place and what I do in construction kind of like working out. It's a little funner that way. My workout notebook is at my house so I don't have any numbers for lifts right now to write down. But, I'll get some up soon.

big ol' boy
08-22-2007, 03:50 PM

Squats: 4x5; 155, 195, 235, 275
Complex #1 with 95lbs. Working my way up with these since they're new to me.
Plyo tire flips: 6 (this is where you squat down, deadlift the tire up, explode press the tire out, then hop into and out of the tire on the other side, then turn around and repeat)

After reading Viking Warlord's journal I might try and throw some farmer's walks in also on one or two days. I like the strongman lifts so I might see what else I can do. Right now, since I just changed to lifting this way, I'm just doing 3 days a week. I'm seeing how my body is going to react to this, and then see if I can add another day or possibly two. I'll see how it goes.

big ol' boy
08-22-2007, 07:30 PM

Dumbbell Bench: 4x5; 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's
Complex #3 with 95lbs.
Farmer's walk: 80's. Walked around my house one time, which is roughly 35 to 40 yds.
Tried to do some bag work. Held the bag overhead and walked up stairs and then walked down backwards. Did a few. Held it longways to my chest, squated down, exploded forward, and threw it as far as I can. I picked up from ground to thigh, to chest, then pressed up. My forearms were killing me from the farmer's walks, so I could barely hold onto the bag for anything. I kept dropping it.

The complex kicked my ass. I think I might could have done a second round, but I wouldn't have been able to do anything else if I would have. I loved the farmer's walk. I will be doing them pretty regularly from now on. After doing all this, I had to load up cattle panels and move them. About 14 wire panels, and 10 pipe panels. This doesn't really have anything to do with lifting but it is physical work and this is my journal so I'm gonna point it out. Also, about 40 T-posts.

I ordered fat calipers last night so I should get an idea on that pretty quick. A measuring tape came with so I can get some good measurements up soon too.

big ol' boy
08-23-2007, 05:53 PM
I got an old canvas duffle bag from my dad today. The punching bag really wasn't heavy enough for workouts, plus it's hard so it isn't really good for sandbag work. I just gotta get some zip lock bags. I can either drive down the road or dig a hole outside for the sand. That ain't a problem. I've been researching sandbag workouts and there is a lot more lifts/exercises than I thought. Looks like a lot of fun. The same with tire work.

big ol' boy
09-03-2007, 06:24 PM
Well the past week or so has been pretty messed up. My Mema's been in the hospital gettin surgery done in Waco. I've been lifting but the other day while I was outside lifting it started to rain. When I went inside I forgot to grab my notebook, and left it outside. Got soaked beyond all recognition. So I don't even know my numbers to write down since my last post on here. Oh well, Mema is home now, I got another notebook today, so everything should be back to normal for me.

big ol' boy
09-04-2007, 08:26 PM
Didn't lift today. Last night after I posted on here, I went home to finish up some work at my house. I dropped a screw and when I bent down to pick it up, my back wouldn't let me stand back up. I iced it down, and it's loosened up a lot. Didn't really want to push it since tomorrow morning I fly out to North Carolina to visit my bro for a few days. Couldn't have come at a better time. This will give me a few days of nothing to do so that I can let my back heal good.

big ol' boy
09-12-2007, 06:18 PM
My back finally loosened up enough for me to lift yesterday. Had an awesome time in North Carolina. Me, my brother, his gf, and her little boy just sat around and did nothing for 5 days. I had a blast. Felt good to sit around and bs with my bro like old times. My flights sucked though. A delay because of the weather made me miss my connection on the way out there. That caused a 4 hour extra layover at Charlotte. I called my bro to ask what I need to do and he told me to go to the bar. Sound good so I did. From now on I'll ask what the prices are before drinking at an airport bar instead of saying start me a tab. When I got up to go get on the plane I tallied up and it was $98. Then coming back, there were mechanical problems, so I sat in Fayetteville for an extra 5 hours. I flew out and made it to Atlanta and booked it across the airport(finally saw the little train after I got to the end, I have never flown before) and barely made it on the very last flight going out that night to DFW. If I would have missed it I wouldn't have been able to leave out till the next morning. The good part was, the only available seat they could put me in was in 1st class. I was sittin high on the hogg. Soon as I sat down she asked me if I would like a mixed drink. Then after I asked and she told me they were free(she looked at me funny when I asked too) I told her to bring a Jack and Coke and keep em comin. All in all it was an interesting few days for me.

Anyways, here's my workout for yesterday:

Deads 3x4

Complex #2, did it twice

Sandbag work.
Bear hug: 30 yd walk, 5 squats, twist from side to side. Did in that order one right after the other without sitting the bag down. Did it twice.

Shoulder: 30 yd walk on each shoulder.

Back was startin to feel a little sore so I called it after that.

big ol' boy
10-03-2007, 06:03 PM
I'm finally back. There has been a lot of **** goin on around here lately. I'm dealing with a lot of personal issues dealing with my religion, my friends, my family, and just about everything. There's also been this Wannabe mexican gang from the next town over that keeps coming here and finding somebody by themselves and jumping them. Like 5 guys kicking the **** out of 1 dude. About 3-4 weeks ago they brought down about 35 guys all looking for 1 dude and they were all gonna jump him. Some of us found out and we met up with them. There was 11 of us and when they saw us coming they jumped in cars and ran off.
Then this past weekend there was a mexican friend of ours' little sister's 15th birthday. Don't know how to spell the big word they call it but that is a real big deal to them. A bunch of them showed up and we started arguing with them. We were still outnumbered pretty bad but we won the fight. We had a few bumps and bruises but we sent 3 of them to the hospital with serious injuries and they treated 3-4 of them at the scene and let them go. They are talkin about comin back to finish this. I'm actually a little scared because I think they are gonna end up bringin knives and guns. Pretty big deal but our cops won't do anything about it.

Have been lifting here and there but I wasn't really into it so the numbers weren't great so I didn't write them down. I been messing around trying zercher squats, front squats, and other stuff. I really like those 2. Yesterday I finally put in a good day and wrote everything down.

Front squat:

Not real high numbers for my size but I'm not wanting to move up real fast and use bad form.

Complex #3 with 115lbs.
Not bad and this kicked my butt.

Tire flips: 15
This put me down for the count. I rested for a while and then ran a little bit. I passed out early last night because of this.

big ol' boy
10-07-2007, 02:04 PM

Zercher Squats:

I love these. I saw a video of these once and thought it looked stupid but when I finally tried them I was hooked.

Complex 2 with 115lbs.

Sandbag work:
I was hunching down and picking it up like how WSM do the big concrete balls. Pick it up, then sit down kinda with it in my lap, bear hug it and stand up. Then while I was standing up straight I was spinning from side to side. I did 5 of these.

Ran about 1/4 of a mile. Trying to work that up a lot.

I was supposed to lift yesterday but a friend called me at work and told me they heard these guys were coming by Saturday night to shoot up their house. So the minute I got off work I was over there. Sounds bad enough but they have a 5 month old little girl that lives there. They didn't show up though. I would lift today but I have a family reunion and a birthday party today. I'll hit it tomorrow.

big ol' boy
10-09-2007, 05:09 PM

Front squats:

Last one with 205 was a little sloppy. It was starting to hurt my shoulders from the pressure of the bar sitting on them. I figure it will take a while before they get to where they don't hurt when I do these.


Haven't done these heavy for a long time and I jumped up too much too quick, so I had to drop back down.

Sandbag work

Floor pick ups(same thing I did on 10-7-07)
2 sets of 5

I was gonna do a few Bear hug walks but a buddy of mine I haven't seen in a while stopped by. I talked to him for about 30 minutes and by the time he left the soreness had kicked in and I couldn't do anything else.

big ol' boy
10-10-2007, 08:03 PM


Complex #3 with 115lbs

Farmer's Walk 40yds

Tire Flips

Pretty good day I think. It's been a while since I've done deads and I did more than the last time I did them.

big ol' boy
11-08-2007, 07:20 PM
Finally got my fat bar in yesterday. It's a 3". Lifted with it today. I've decided to convert over to strongman type lifting. I've been researching a lot about it here lately. I've found a lot of pages on making my own atlas stones, the steel logs, sleds......and this is something I've always wanted to do. I don't know that I'll ever compete but if I get up there far enough I might consider it. I haven't lifted in the past couple of weeks because two weeks ago I was spending every minute I wasn't at work working on the haunted house that our Volunteer Fire Dept. was doing for the community. This past week, 12 members of my family were out of town in Vegas and I was in charge of feeding all the animals and keeping places checked and there was just no time. Anyways, my fat bar is in. Once I get my money together I'm gonna buy a 10" log. Next week I'm gonna get the stuff together for making my atlas stones. I think I'll stick with this longer than I have other things.

Here's my lifts from today:

Deads w/fat bar double overhand
bar+50 x 3
bar+50 x 3
bar+50 x 3

Didn't realize how weak my grip was until I tried doing these. I couldn't hold onto any more than this. I'm hoping it gets a lot better.

Bent over rows w/fat bar
bar x 8
bar+20 x 8
bar+30 x 8

Clean and press w/smaller bar
135 x 4
155 x 4
165 x 4

Tire Flips
6 real quick

sand bag pickups

I actually almost threw up doing this. Haven't felt that way in a looooonnggg time. Felt good.

big ol' boy
11-11-2007, 05:33 PM
Haven't lifted since Thursday and it sucks. Woke up Friday morning at 4am and spent the rest of the day on the toilet or nealing in front of it. I was so dehydrated that I was having muscle spasms in my back and legs. Still recovering from it. Hopefully within a day or 2 I can get back to it.

big ol' boy
11-14-2007, 05:53 PM
Finally had the energy to lift today. I can barely eat anything. I have no appetite and when I'm hungry, I get a few bites in and feel full. I've been having to forcefeed myself for a couple of days. Anyways, here's today's lifts.

Fat Bar Deads
bar+50 x 3
bar+60 x 3
bar+70 x 3

Clean and Press(small bar)
135 x 5
155 x 4
175 x 3.......X only got 2. Couldn't get the 3rd to my chest.

Tire Flips

Side raises(Abs)
90 x 10
90 x 10

Shrugs (small bar)
175 x 5
175 x 5

90 x 5 each
90 x 5 each

Good day I thought. I didn't have much time to lift today so I fit that all in pretty quick.