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08-22-2007, 02:26 PM
Edit: changed protein/fat/carb ratio to 1.25g/lb, 0.5g/lb, and {250g, 150g, 75g} to balance things out a bit better

This will be a LONG post, so I'll summarize at the top:

If someone could be kind enough to read over my plan & comment on what may/may not work, I'd appreciate it very much :)

From a recent appointment & metabolism test:

Weight: 270lbs
Height: 70"
Body fat: unknown, scale says 40%, probably higher (caliper test this weekend)
BMI: 39
RMR: 1919 cals/day
AMR (jogging): unknown, testing this weekend
Lifestyle: very light
Total daily calories: 2495
Fuel Mixture: 85% fat / 15% carbohydrate
Body composition: ...I haven't been active in like 8 years?

My goal: 10-15% body fat
Time-frame: 1 year

Diet Plan: modified "Carb Cycling Codex" by Christian Thibaudeau for diet plan
Exercise Plan: modified "wannabebig 1.1" plan to focus more on machines than free weights (no spotter) and shrunk to 12 weeks
Length of both: 12 + 1 weeks, followed by 1 week rest then re-calibrate & start another cut (+1 week is 7 "freebie" maintenance calorie no-exercise rest days for when I overdo things)

Overall summary of weekly activity:

Monday - High carb + upper body
Tuesday - medium carb + lower body
Wednesday - low carb + active recovery
Thursday - High carb + upper body
Friday - medium carb + lower body
Saturday - low carb + active recovery
Sunday - low carb (off)


Detailed dietary info:

Average caloric requirement per day: ~3100 calories (RMR + lifestyle + daily workout estimate*)
Average caloric intake per day: 2100 calories (average out 1000 cals/day deficit = 2lbs/week fat loss)

Assume lean body mass = 150lbs (at 1.25g/lb lbm protein. 0.5g/lb lbm fat, and the below carbs)

Food intake: 7 times per day (5 meals + a recovery drink split between pre-workout and post-workout) except Sundays
Food intake breakdown:
protein: 187.5g/750kcal per day (1.25g/lb/day)
fat: 75g/675kcal per day (0.5g/lb/day)
high days: 1g/lb (250g/1000kcal)
medium days: (150g/600kcal)
low days: just enough to stave off ketosis (75g/300kcal)

Monday = 750protein + 675fat + 1000carbs - 3100metabolism = -675
Tuesday = 750protein + 675fat + 600carbs - 3100metabolism = -1075
Wednesday = 750protein + 675fat + 300carbs - 3100metabolism = -1375
Thursday = 750protein + 675fat + 1000carbs - 3100metabolism = -675
Friday = 750protein + 675fat + 600carbs - 3100metabolism = -1075
Saturday = 750protein + 270fat + 300carbs - 3100metabolism = -1375
Sunday = 750protein + 675fat + 300carbs - 2500metabolism = -775

Sum = -7025 kcal/week
Projected fat loss (after 12+1 weeks): 24.1lbs

*Note: 600 kcal per workout is not even an educated estimate at this point, and will be refined once I find out what my AMR for jogging is.
**Note: more detailed exercise plan to follow

Gah I'm pooped ^^;;

08-22-2007, 03:03 PM
well according to a couple of peolpe.you need o.5g of fat per LBM

08-22-2007, 03:04 PM
Are the calculations for protein & fat per lb for lean body mass or just mass total?

08-22-2007, 03:29 PM
Lean mass.

Diet link in my sig has a much simpler approach you may find helpful. No need to eat multiple small meals either - eat as many or as few as you wish. It all comes down to the calories and the mix.

Good luck!

08-22-2007, 05:14 PM
Thanks Built.

I adjusted diet to take lean body mass into account. Now it's 0.5g/lb lbm fat, 1.25g/lb lbm protein, and carb intake rounded out at 250g/day, 150g/day, 75g/day

08-22-2007, 05:17 PM
There you go.

Play it by ear - you may find simply "high" and "low" works fine for you.

Good luck!

08-22-2007, 05:36 PM
Any advice on supplementation?

Right now:

-I have a jar of creatine I don't know what to do with (can't get a real indication as to whether or not it would inhibit fat loss).
-I have a few buckets of Surge recovery that I occasionally use for breakfasts as well.
-2 jars of Greens+ (seriously, what's it for?) that a housemate left
-my daily multivitamin
-daily fish oil

I looked at the thermo fat-loss products and to be honest...they scare me. Pumping myself full of stimulants all day seems like a recipe for disaster. Maybe at like last cut when things really slow down...but not for now.

Am I missing anything?

08-22-2007, 05:49 PM
Creatine has no calories and helps your muscles work. 5g daily. You'll hold water, not fat.

Surge - no clue what that is.

Fish oil: I take 10g daily. Read issue 1 of get built to see why.

Multi: good cheap insurance.

Caffeine pre-workout is nice. Coffee, tea or pills. Whatever floats your boat.