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Chris Rodgers
06-12-2002, 01:30 PM
Thank you sir. :)

3 more days!!

I'm drinkin so much damn water and it's like 900 degrees here so I'm sweating like a mofo. My scale has me 5-6 lbs underweight. So, even if it's off by 5 lbs, I'm in the clear right now.

06-12-2002, 09:25 PM
Good Luck guys!! Bring home some big PR's! :thumbup:

06-13-2002, 04:35 AM
2 days, 1 hour, 25 minutes til i weigh in :)

Mystic Eric
06-13-2002, 04:44 AM
My meet is this Sunday.

Let's all bring in #1 trophies back home boys.

06-13-2002, 06:50 AM
I'll be 175-180 at weigh in.

I was 185 on tuesday. LOL

180 yesterday, water is now 1/4 of what it was...I'm chancing nothing...just started the dandelion...

I'm planning on 4 mcdonalds trips before the meet :D

06-13-2002, 12:36 PM
dandelion hasnt been doing much for me lately.. i havent noticed myself pissing more or anything... maybe i'll notice it more today cause i cut my water intake so im not drinking constantly.

Chris Rodgers
06-14-2002, 02:15 PM
Ok, I'm outta here.

I weigh-in at 8 in the morning. I'm light right now so no worries. Hopefully the adrenaline will make up for the lack of calories.


chris mason
06-14-2002, 06:00 PM
Good luck! Give us the to-the-minute update!

Chris Rodgers
06-15-2002, 10:18 PM
Well, I messed up my preparations for this meet. Both dietwise and training. I ended up weighing in lighter than I have been in a few years. It was pretty stupid on my part, but a mistake I won't make again. When I did my first meet, which was unsanctioned, a few months ago I had energy for the squats and bench and was dead by the time we pulled. THis time I was smart enough to take in some food and gatorade during the meet to give me energy for the deads, but I was so depleted coming in I felt weak on squats and bench. Go figure. Here's how things went:

weigh-in- 141.2 LMAO!! I am tiny. I am just going to eat until I can't eat anymore and then eat again. No more dieting for a meet until it means something.

Squats- during my last warmup, I threw the straps up. I came down ith only 275 on the bar and just fell forward. That damn suit. So, I bang up my knee and it's bleeding too and meanwhile I have about 2 minutes to get ready for my opener. So, I go over and wrap my bloodied knee as well as the good one and smoke 315 deep. Followed that with 330...which was supposed to be my opener. Than I had nothing left for 350...miss. That was well below my gym PR, but I was on the board and happy.

Bench-opened 230. Still feelin weak. Good pause, came up strong but the bar lowered an inch before I powered it to lockout. No good. Repeated the lift and it was good. Then couldn't lockout 245.

So after squat and bench I was 3 for 6 and had only gotten my planed openers. Again, dissapointed because both were well below PR's, but happy to be on the board.

Subtotal- 560 ewwww

Deads- My lift. I was getting a second wind(or should I say first) when the bar hit the floor. I wanted this. This is my lift. I fooked up the other lifts, so I was going to go out strong.
Opened 430-smoked
second 450- no problem
third 465- over the knees, but no lockout.

So, both good attempts were 3xbw and the second matched my PR and at a lighter bodyweight. After the long day this felt good. I know I have that 465 in me fresh and will prove it at a dead only in 4 weeks.

So I totaled 1,010 in the 148's. I was the only 148er in my class, so I got first, lol. I definitely learned from this meet. It wll make me stronger. Even though you don't have your bet day, it can open your eyes and teach you what you have to do better for next time. It was a fun day. Props to Deciever too.

06-16-2002, 05:23 AM
Good job latty.

You live and learn

Was Deciever wearing his belt around his armpits like in the last set of pics?

chris mason
06-16-2002, 10:01 AM
What about Beercan? Good job Latty. One note, as a natural trainee I think you should consider some bulking now. There comes a point where it is very difficult to add strength without getting bigger. Don't worry about weight class, as you gain size you will gain strength and if you end up in a higher weight class I am willing to bet you will nearly as strong in a relative sense.

06-16-2002, 10:06 AM
FAngel, yes i was wearing my belt moderately high again, because i have a small torso, so if i wear it too low, it pinches my hips and i cant break parallel on the squat, or get low enough to grab on the dead.

06-16-2002, 10:08 AM
the belt was probably around the top part of my lower back and around thhe bottom two ribs.

and after seeing latman and beer can again i noticed too things. Latty has big lats, beercan has giant quads, and i am tiny.

06-16-2002, 11:49 AM
I as well was the only one in my class, so I got first...I had a hell of a time beating myself and the judges tho.

It took me 3 attempts to squat 350, something I can normally rep out with raw...so that'll tell ya something about usapl judges.

Took me 2 to bench 275, the second attempt took me about a minute to finish.

I chanced nothing with deads, and wanted a trophy, LOL, so I opened with 405. I was shot, but decided to try 500 next anyway. It never left the floor.

PS< I weighed in at 176...I was so dehydrated it took 2 gallons of water before I could finally piss...

06-16-2002, 04:14 PM
great job guys, i know what you mean about the judgin can, its the same way up here cause were a IPF affialiate too.

Chris Rodgers
06-16-2002, 06:11 PM
Originally posted by chris mason
What about Beercan? Good job Latty. One note, as a natural trainee I think you should consider some bulking now. There comes a point where it is very difficult to add strength without getting bigger. Don't worry about weight class, as you gain size you will gain strength and if you end up in a higher weight class I am willing to bet you will nearly as strong in a relative sense.

I 100% agree with you and that is exactly my plan. I know I still could be stronger at this bodyweight, but I am too small and the lack of calories is holding me back. From now until about mid-October I am just going to bulk. I will not worry about the scale one bit. At that time I will see where my weight is and decide if I will maintain or keep gaining up until my December meet. Time for Latty to grow.

Westside Split will resume on Thursday with a speed bench session. Westsssiiiiiiiidddeee!!!!!! :D

chris mason
06-16-2002, 06:46 PM
Good job all of you. Beercan, don't worry, competing is very different than lifting in the comforts of your normal gym, no? Live and learn. When I finally do a meet, I am sure I will have some technical difficulties as well.

06-18-2002, 07:03 AM
That's for sure! No one seems to understand that in a meet you are usually not lifting in ideal conditions.

06-18-2002, 07:09 AM
Congratulations on your hard work, effort, and accomplishments!

Your enthusiasm is catchy ;)

Chris Rodgers
06-18-2002, 08:10 PM
I have been given a promotion at work, so will now have a different schedule. Beercan and I for now will train togeter on Saturday and Sunday. The other two days we ill have to make due by ourselves. We set the days up so that the most important days to have a partner/spotter would be Saturday and Sunday. So, Westside will look like this:

Thurs- DE bench
Sat- DE squat
Sun- ME bench
Tue-ME squat

I will resume on Thursday with DE bench.

06-18-2002, 08:31 PM
congrats on the promotion.. what did you get promoted too?

Chris Rodgers
06-18-2002, 08:37 PM
I basically just took a step up. I'll be like a supervisor now, but the cool thing is I'll only have 2 people under me. That is way less than my old position. I get a decent raise and have weekends off. So, I'm happy.

Chris Rodgers
06-20-2002, 10:03 PM
DE bench
1.Speed bench- 95+minis dbl- 2x3, 85+minis dbl- 5x3, 115+MDx1, 135+MDx1
2.Tate press- 25'sx8, 35's 2x8
3.Pressdowns- 2x10
4.Close grip seated rows- 160 lbs 2x10
5.Seated db cleans- 2x12

First session back. It went real well, especially cosidering I worked 24 hours in the past two days and trained at 8:00 at night. I had been training in the A.M., but with the change of hours at work, will be training later on.

Speed bench was a little slow on the first two sets, so I cut the weight by 10 lbs and speed was good.

DE squat on Saturday.

Chris Rodgers
06-22-2002, 09:10 AM
DE squat/dl
1.Box squats- 165 lbs 5x2, 185x2, 225x1
2.Speed deads(extra-wide sumo)- 255 lbs 5x1, conventional- 275 lbs 2x1
3.Reverse hypers- 3 sets
4.Standing abs- 3 sets
5.Side bends- 3 sets

Good day. Decided to go without the bands on squats just to work back into it a little easy. Speed felt real good.

Wide sumo deads were done by putting a 25 on the bar first before the 45's. Got my feet out slightly wider and I had my toes to the plates(actually put it down on my toe a few times). Speed was good on all the pulls. The heavy stuff makes those feel like nothing.

Did some assistance and that was that. Felt tired when I woke up and was thinking uh-oh. Once we started up I got into it and felt real good.

ME bench tomorrow. I will PR on floor presses!

06-22-2002, 04:24 PM
how are you settin up the reverse hyper?

Chris Rodgers
06-23-2002, 08:39 AM
The way that B Fold does. He copied off me. :D

I use the bands as resistance with a 2x10" or 2x12" across my rack.

06-23-2002, 10:43 AM
so when are you copying his 427 bench and his 607 deadlift?

Chris Rodgers
06-23-2002, 10:45 AM
ME bench
1.Floor press- 185x2, 205x,225xmissx2 :mad:
2.Close grip bench- 175 lbs 2x5
3.Pressdowns- 2x10
4.DB shrugs- 110'sx9, 110'sx8
5.Face pulls- 3x12

For the life of me I can't get that damn 225 more than haf-way up on floor presses! That number had been eluding me for quite some time. If I were to bend my legs and use some leg drive, I'd smoke it, bt with straight legs I hit a wall half-way up. Oh well. Next week we switch exercises and when we get back to floors I'll own a new PR.

I tried something new with close grips. I brought the bar down about 2-3" off the chest, paused and te drove back up. Felt real good on the triceps. This is how I'll do them from now on, unless I want to max them in which case I would touch the chest.

Everything else went fine. Gonna do some heavy shrug for a while since I have neglected them. Maybe thy will help out my bench. We shall see.

My weight is around 145.

I will do a max box squat off a 10.5" box on Tuesday.

Chris Rodgers
06-25-2002, 08:10 PM
ME squat/dl
1.Reverse band deads- 405x1, 515xmiss, 500xmissx2 :mad:
2.Deadlift lockouts-405x1, 465x1, 495x1, 515x1, 545xmiss
3.Deadlift lockouts w/green bands doubled- 335x3, 365x1, 385x1
4.Reverse hypers- 6 sets
5.Weighted situps- 5 sets

I decided against the box squats because my hips weren't eelig up to it. So I did some deads. :D

My sticking point on deads is the lockout. I stall a few inches over the knees when I miss. I swear I can get any weight off the floor, but I can't lock it out. On the reverse bands I got stuck just over the knee with 515 and about 2" higher with 500 twice. So I decided to do some rack lockouts to work my sticking point. I set the pins so the bar was touching the top of my kneecap. This is a few inches below my sticking point which is a few inches before my lockout. So the ROM was probably only like 6-7" or so, but the point was to work the lockout. 515 was smooth. 545 only budged about 2".

Then I doubled up the green bands around 2 dumbells on each side. They add a ton of tension!! Those felt awesome.

Then I just punished myself by going back and forth between reverse hypers and weighted situps.

06-26-2002, 11:24 AM
latman, one thing with the dead lockouts is to make sure you are still in the same 'grove" you would normally be in if you were doing a regular dead. In rack lockouts i've lockout 405, but as you saw in competitiong, i can barely lockout 360 .

06-26-2002, 11:28 AM
Originally posted by LATMAN

I tried something new with close grips. I brought the bar down about 2-3" off the chest, paused and te drove back up. Felt real good on the triceps.
My weight is around 145.

2 things. You should in most cases be stopping 2 or 3 inches off the chest, or to where your arms are parallel to the ground. Reason for this is that going lower than that , you put alot of rotation on the shoulder, which isnt good. Also, now that your stopping 2 to 3 inches off the chest, why not turn it into a JM press. They are supposedly a lot better for your triceps. Just lower the bar to you upper chest/neck region, and stop 4-6 " above your upper chest/neck, and then push back up. It should look like a press mixed with an extension.

Just my opinion

And another thing. You only 10 lbs heavier than me :) I need to start gettin stronger

Chris Rodgers
06-26-2002, 02:59 PM
I tried the JM's. I don't like bringing the bar down that high. It rips my shoulders up. I like to bring it low.

06-26-2002, 04:31 PM
Originally posted by LATMAN
My sticking point on deads is the lockout. I stall a few inches over the knees when I miss. I swear I can get any weight off the floor, but I can't lock it out.

Now you have my problem, if you figure out how to fix it let me know cause ive been trying for months:help:

Chris Rodgers
06-27-2002, 07:41 PM
DE bench
1.Speed bench- 85+minis dbl- 3x3, 90+MD- 5x3, 115+MDx1, 135+MDx1
2.Flat DB press- 90'sx4, 80'sx6,5
3.DB clean and press- 50's 4x2
4.Wide grip cable row- 150 lbs 2x10, underhand- 150x10
5.Face pulls- 3 sets
6.Static holds(overhand)- up to 2 sets at 315

Good session. Speed was very good on all bench sets. I will use 90+mini doubled for all 8 triples next week and then I go to chains for 3 weeks.

For the clean and press I would clean it from the floor and press overhead and then do the second rep from the standing position. I rested about 30 second between each of those sets.

My double-overhand grip strength is pathetic. tuttut

Weight is up about 2 lbs or so.

DE squat/dl on Saturday.

06-28-2002, 03:03 AM
odd i cant even imagine that. for me the lift just gets easier as i go up

06-28-2002, 03:35 AM
*Hums the theme to the blue oyster bar ..... then leaves*

Chris Rodgers
06-29-2002, 11:23 AM
Haha. Police Academy was on TV the other day and I saw that part. Ace!

DE squat/dl day
1.Box squats-175 lbs 6x2, 205x1, 235x1
2.Speed deads(sumo)- 225x2, 315x1*, conventional- 315x1,1, 365x1, 405x1
3.Reverse hypers- 3 sets
4.Standing abs- 3 sets
5.Side bends- 3 sets up to 110x8

Pretty good session. I was sweating like a mofo from like the first set of box squats. Those went well.

Speed deads- after the 315 with the sumos, there was just way too much bleeding going on and it was getting on the bar. Decided to go to conventional. Speed with 405 was garbage. I'm chalking that up to the heat. It wasn't like I barely got it, but it should have been faster.

Next week I am going to do 1-2 pulls with the straps up and then the following week is the meet. My plan is to hit 460 on the second attempt at the meet. We'll see how they go next week.

Some high-rep reverse hypers followed by some heavy ab work and I was done.

ME bench tomorrow.

Chris Rodgers
06-30-2002, 10:48 AM
ME bench
1.Reverse band bench- 225x2, 255x1, 280x1, 290x1
2.Close grip lockouts(4.5")- 225x3, 315xmiss WTF??
3.Close grip bench- 185x1, 210x1, 175 lbs 2x5
4.Shrugs- 80'sx8, 107.5's 2x12
5.Face pulls- 3 sets

Good session. 280 was a 5 lb PR and 290 was a 15 lb PR!

Then, I couldn't even do a weight I can normally throw around on lockouts.

Then, I hit a 5 lb PR on close-grip bench. WTF is that??

Oh well, 2 PR's=ace!!

The last 2 sets of shrugs were done with the Farmers implements. Those rock!! I'm gonna keep up with these shrugs, my traps are blowin up. Goldberg is gonna start to call me "mini-me" ;)

ME squat/dl on Tuesday. I'm gonna lay off any variation of deads. I think I will do BO suspended goodmornings followed by Zerchers.

06-30-2002, 11:03 AM
shrugs with farmers bars does indeed sound good

Chris Rodgers
07-02-2002, 06:53 PM

ME squat/dl
1.Sumo deads- 385x1, 425x1, 455x1(straps up)
2.Zerchers- 275 lbs 2x3
3.Static holds(mixed)- 495x1, 515x1, 535x1, 545x1, 565x1
4.Reverse hypers- 2 sets
5.Stability ball situps w/bands- 1 MINIx1 set, 2 MINISx 2 sets

Good session. I know I said I wasn't going to deadlift, but c'mon, it's what I do. :D

That is the most weight I have ever deadlifted with either style. Not too bad considering I haven't gone heavier than 315 on sumos since the meet in March. My first ever 3xbw sumo. I think I am going to pull sumo in my upcoming meet and see how it goes.

Zerchers- these felt hard. I haven't done them in a few months and it showed. I wil keep them in for a while and work up in weight slowly. I'll probably stick with 275 until I do 2 sets of 6 comfortably. I probably would have failed at 4-5 reps on those sets.

Static holds- that is the most weight I have ever lifted! I held 495 for over 10 seconds. The remaining sets were between 2-5 seconds. I just really wanted to see how much my grip could lift on those. Most I had ever done before was 515. I'll get 6 plates soon.

I'm also very happy with the way these workouts are going. I was afraid that after working all day in the heat my workouts would suffer(I had been training in the A.M.), but everything is fine. I'm staying well hydrated and eating all day.

My probable attempts for th meet are:

opener- 425
second- 460
third- 470-475

We'll see how things go. 11 more days!!

07-02-2002, 07:23 PM
how did 455 go up?? I think if 460 goes up easy .. go for 5 plates!

Chris Rodgers
07-02-2002, 07:31 PM
I think I can lockout a sumo easier once I am over the knees, but I can get the bar above my knees way easier conventional.

It went up smooth with no hitching, but I couldn't have done much more today.

07-05-2002, 12:19 PM
I'm the same way with conventional and sumo. I've also got a dead only meet on July 14. Last night I got a triple with 480. My attempts willbe 480, 510, and 520.

Chris Rodgers
07-05-2002, 03:39 PM
c.u. fan- nice lifts. Good luck at your meet. Will you be pulling sumo or conventional there?

Chris Rodgers
07-05-2002, 03:45 PM
DE bench
1.Speed bench- 90+minis dbl- 8x3, 115+MDx1, 140+MDx1
2.Flat DB press on stability ball- 60'sx8, 70'sx8
3.Tate press(Incline w/mini band)- 15'sx10, 20'sx10
4.Wide grip chins- bwx8, +45x5,(underhand)-bwx8
5.Band curls- 2 sets :angel:

Good session. Over in 30 minutes.

DB presses on a stability ball are hard as hell!!!

Tried Tate presses with a mini band behind my back while holding an end in each and. They didn't feel hard, just awkward.

Had to get the bicep pump going with the band curls. I think that will aid my deadlift...errrm, yea that's it. :D

DE squat manana.

07-06-2002, 04:44 AM
I'll be pulling conventional. I just feel a lot more power off the floor. Once I get a weight moving with sumo, I can usually lock it out pretty easy. Problem is getting it moving. By the way, this is rody from another forum.

Chris Rodgers
07-06-2002, 09:10 AM
I had a feeling it was you. I feel exactly the same way as you. I feel so powerful at the start conventional. Like I could get any weight off the floor. I do feel though, that I will get more help from a good deadlift suit if I use my sumo stance than I would if I pull conventional. Just because I don't use my legs as much in a conventional, it's more back. I feel the way I get down to the bar sumo, the suit gives me a little boost. We'll see when I get a good suit.

07-06-2002, 09:12 AM
2.Flat DB press on stability ball- 60'sx8, 70'sx8

What do you think about these LATMAN? I have heard some good things but never actually tried them out myself. Would you recommend them or nah? :D:D

Chris Rodgers
07-06-2002, 09:18 AM
I think if your goal was to really focus on using the least amount of muscles as possible, then no. These are very, very hard. You feel your whole body tightening up and pretty much everything is either a stabilizer or a prime mover. I like them and they fit in very well with my type of program. I think anyone could benefit from them, even if you just did them every once in a while for something different. You could see how much of a difference in strength you have as opposed to doing them on a bench. Give em a shot, but you might want to have a spotter around if you go heavy. Tht ball can have a mind of it's own.

the doc
07-06-2002, 09:25 AM
latty what is DE and ME?

07-06-2002, 09:53 AM
You have a Champion, right? It's a good suit, I have one. A couple of months ago, I got a Max DL. It's so tight I had to call back and make sure I got the right size. After they gave me some tips, I was able to get it on. I thought the Champion was tight! Nope. I am kind of getting use to it, but it's still a pain in the a**! To me, it helps off the bottom a good bit, but after the knees it's pretty much all you. I think I'm finally learning how to use this suit. It would probably be good for you since you lift sumo. I would think a sumo lifter would get more benefit from it.

Chris Rodgers
07-06-2002, 12:38 PM
Doc- DE=dynamic effort(my speed day)
ME=Maximum effort(my heavy day)
Of course, things get messed up a lot a e tend to go heavy on the speed day often...like today for instance. ;)

C.U. fan- That's what I was thinking. I don't think it would help my conventional much. As long as I focus on pulling back while wearing the suit I should be fine. Mine is actually quite loose and it still pulls me forward a bit.

Chris Rodgers
07-06-2002, 12:59 PM
DE squat/dl
1.Box squats- 175 lb 5x2, 205x1, 245x1
2.Sumo deads- 385x1, 425x1, 460xmiss
3.Standing abs- 4 sets

Ok. I was going to go up to my opener of 425 on deads, but just had to see what 460 would feel like so I could make sure I could get it off the ground sumo. If not I was gonna pull conventional at the meet. It came ff the groud up to just over the knee and pulled me forward. I am just going to have beercan sream at me during the lift to pull back the whole time. That along with being fresh and the added adrenaline and I'll smoke 460 on my second attempt. I was not dissapointed with this at all.

After my workout, I put both my sister(who is home for the weekend) and my girlfriend through a workout. My girlfriend did legs and my sister chest and triceps. They both did great. My sister hit 4 more reps on dumbell presses than she had hit in her previous chest workout. My girfriend started with sumo deads. She worked up to a set of 4 at 115 and I noticed her feet were pointed forward too much and it was causing her knees to come in. I had her point them out and she hit 115 for 5. Thn I talked her into trying 135 for a single. Came off the ground a little slow, but then exploded up. She looked like she could have done a triple. I was very proud of mah baby. She'll be up to 4 plates in a few months. :p

Near the end of their session, I just started messing around with something Adam and I were talking about the other day. They are basically just squat lockouts. You set the pins real high so you only have to move the bar a few inches(especially when it starts bending :D ). You get yourself all set to squat under it and just stand up and hold for a few seconds. It is safer than walkouts and I know it will make my regular suat weights feel like nothing. So, here's what I did:


That was nuts! That shiat is so heavy, I have no idea how people squat that. The 765 barely felt like it moved, but my legs were locked out, lol. I had my sister take pics of the last 2 sets, so hopefully they will come out ok and I'll post em. She said the last one came off the pins, so we will see. I don't think I could have fit anymore on the bar. 765 was:

5 45's per side=495
1 35 ""= 565
2 25's ""= 665
2 10's ""= 705
2 5's ""= 725
1 20 lb chain "" 765

I have issues. Masochistic mofo!

07-06-2002, 08:46 PM
squat lockouts are sweet:D I'm going to have to do some rigging up to beat 765 now:) i can only fit 700 on the bar. Might have to use alot of duct tape

Chris Rodgers
07-07-2002, 12:57 PM
ME bench
1. 3-board press- 185x3, 210x1, 235x1, 240xmiss
2.Floor press w/chains- 135x4, 175x2, 190xmiss
3.Pressdowns- 3 sets
4.Face pulls- 3 sets

Hit a 5 lb PR on 3-boards. Tried for a PR on floor presses as well, but just didn't have it in me. My left wrist is bothering me a little from those heavy squat lockouts. I think it was from the bar rolling on my back a little with the 765 on it.

6 days from my meet!!

Tuesday is supposed to be ME squat/dl, but I will just do some light work on reverse hypers, band goodmornings and ab work.

07-07-2002, 04:00 PM
nice job on the lockouts. I wanna see those pics. I bet your sister was thinking "what the hell is chris doing now?"

Chris Rodgers
07-09-2002, 04:16 PM
I'll have the pics in my possession this weekend.

Today I just did some speed deads. I did them sumo with suit bottoms on and loose belt:

315 lbs 4x1

Speed was not what it should be on the first two and I realized I was't really into it. I raised the music a bit and got p!ssed at myself and the last 2 flew up like 135. I can't wait to pull this weekend. Back to pulling sumo is ace!! The ROM feels like half of a conventional.

Tonight I'll do some bodyweight reverse hypers and light abdominal work. Thursday I'll do my speed bench and maybe 2 extra exercises. Nothing too taxing.

I ordered my Titan deadlift suit. I'll have it no later than the 22nd of this month, so I'll have plenty of time in it before the Nationals. Hopefully it fits.

Saturday is the meet. 4 days. :D

07-09-2002, 07:49 PM
Bastich. Now I'm gonna have to walkout 765 just to keep pace. Good luck at the meet, man. Damn shame I couldn't be there, but I guarantee by the end of this year I'll have been in a meet with you. Kick some bootay.

Chris Rodgers
07-11-2002, 04:24 PM
Werd B ;)

DE bench
1.Bench press- 205x1, 215x1, 115 lbs 5x3, 135 lbs 2x3
2.Flat DB press on stability ball- 60'sx5, 80'sx5
3.Pressdowns- 4x12

Quick session. Heavy singles on bench were not good. Very slow. Speed sets after were very fast though.

Db presses felt good. That is almost as much as I can do on a bench, so not too shabby.

2 days til my meet!!


07-11-2002, 04:34 PM
Good luck LatMan, hope you not only kick ass but that a surge of power rocks your body driving you to not only deadlift 735 lbs but to then snatch it and do an overhead press and a few reverse curls for good measure.

Kick some ass :D

07-12-2002, 08:18 AM
Good luck tommorro latty, pull HUGE!!!!!!

Chris Rodgers
07-13-2002, 04:55 PM
Deadlift meet- Brewster, NY

135x2(sumo) x1(conv.)(suit bottoms on)
225x2(sumo) x1(conv.)
315x2(sumo) x1(conv.)
385x1(sumo) x1(conv.)(belt and straps up)

Opener- 425(sumo)- good even though I don't feel I locked it out fully.
Second- 460(conv)- good!! Aceness!! PR!
Third- 470(conv.)- over the knees and died out. I'll have this and more in the next few months.

So that was it. I was the only one again in my weight class and age, so I got first. I did outpull the other person who weighed the same and a few guys who weighed more, so that's cool. The main thing was that I went there to hit a PR an I did. Looks like I'll have to fix my issue of coming forward in the sumo, otherwise I'm sticking to conventional.

There were a good amoun of 600+ deads there as well as 500+ bench attempts. Good stuff.

Beercan hit a PR too. He can tell ya about it if he is still allowed to post here.

Maki Riddington
07-13-2002, 05:24 PM

Mystic Eric
07-13-2002, 05:28 PM
Originally posted by LATMAN

Beercan hit a PR too. He can tell ya about it if he is still allowed to post here.

Dammit, where has he been? That guy is funny as hell.

Congrats Chris.

07-13-2002, 09:12 PM
congrats, keep up the good work dude

07-13-2002, 09:16 PM
good work.

07-13-2002, 09:53 PM
460 lbs. conventional deadlift Latty? Awesome man keep up the hard work. Dont you only weigh like 150 lbs. or some sh*t like that? Youre practically at a triple BW dead arent you?

07-13-2002, 11:54 PM
He already has more then a triple bw dead...well, has in the past. What was it...450 at 141?

chris mason
07-14-2002, 08:34 AM
Great job Latty, congratulations!

Chris Rodgers
07-14-2002, 10:22 AM
Thanks everyone.

This is actually the 5th time I have pulled a 3xbw dead and the third time in a meet. My best by % was the 450@141, but I like this one better because it is more weight. This one was 460@147. I guess there are some benefits to being a skinny bastard. :p

07-14-2002, 10:24 AM
Originally posted by LATMAN
I guess there are some benefits to being a skinny bastard. :p

Maybe skinny, but strong as f*ck. :thumbup::thumbup:

Grip way stronger than mine, along with your deadlift.

07-14-2002, 11:23 AM
Good job, you bag of bones :)

Chris Rodgers
07-14-2002, 12:36 PM
Thanks homo. ;)

ME bench day
1.Bench press- 135x20, 185x3
2.Reverse grip bench- 1354, 155x3, 185x1, 205xmiss
3.Close grip lockouts w/bands(7.5")-135+purpes choked 2x5

That's it. We decided just to rep out with 135 on th bar and see what happens. I haven't done reps in so long it hurt like a biatch, lol. I probably would have failed on rep 21. My arms felt like they were going to fall off after that.185x3 was hard. Then we just messed around with revese grips since we never really tried them. The 185 was easy. 205 just was too much to lock out. I'm sure I could hit it fresh. I bet my strength is very close between overhand and reverse grip. It's just awkward racking and unracking.

Chris Rodgers
07-14-2002, 12:48 PM
I have 11 weeks to prepare for the Deadlift Nationals. I plan on pulling 475+ there. The record for my age and weight class is only 451.75. I also plan to break that on my opener. So, I have a new plan for my squat/deadlift training. The bench will continue with the Westside.

Tuesday= Deadlift day
Saturday= Squat day

Between now and then I will max a total of 4 times on lower body lifts. I will max my sumo once, conventional once, and box squat twice. I will shoot for a PR each time and just make small steps on the way up to a big pull at the meet. I feel this will allow for recovery, but keep me pushing. All other deadlift training will be speed deads and variations to work my weak points. Goodmornings will be used on deadlift day as well as rows and shrugs. Regular squatting as well as variations will be included, but only the box will be a for a max. Bands will be used maybe chains. I have the whole plan written out, but it is too damn long to type, so you can follow along as I go if you like.

07-14-2002, 01:13 PM
Good plan.

11 weeks is more than adequate prep time.

And why aren't you CGBPing 440lbs yet?

I'm bitterly disappointed, Chris. ;)

Chris Rodgers
07-16-2002, 05:27 PM
Deadlift day
1.Sumo deads- 275 lbs 10x1
2.SLDL- 275x5, 295x5, 315x5
3.DB rows- 100 lbs 2x5
4.Shrugs(farmers)- 127.5's 2x15
5.Pull thrus- 3x15
6.Reverse hypers- 3 sets
7.Weighted situps- 3 sets

Excellent session! My first of 10 deadlift sessions before the meet. Speed and form were great on sumos. Sldl was excellent and I was still sore from the meet coming into the session. Heaviest I've gone on the farmers shrugs and got 2 sets of 15.

Speed bench on Thursday. :strong:

07-17-2002, 10:32 AM
Good job at the meet. At mine, I ended up with 520. I got 480, drove my head back too far and knees unlocked at the top, so 510 was no good, then got 520. I was going to go for 530, but the call on 510 got in my head, so I went for 520. I'll go for a triple bodyweight of 540 in December. One question though. How much do you feel your Champion and knee wraps add to your squat? I've only squatted in mone once, so I've never really tried to max in it. I finally ordered some Inzer knee wraps.

Chris Rodgers
07-17-2002, 03:19 PM
I think it may be because mine is loose, but I feel I get more out of the knee wraps then the suit. Before I do another full meet I am getting a new squat suit. Great job at your meet man. The 520 was a PR right?

07-17-2002, 04:11 PM
Nice pull C.U.fan I have the champion suit too and i got probly 30lbs at most from it when it was new, now like latties mine is very very loose. I have the titan nxg (dual quad) and its awesome! easy to get into and pretty comfortable and the support is phenomenal.

07-17-2002, 04:18 PM
Yes it was a 20 lb.P.R. I think my mind is holding back my squat,though. I want to enter a full meet, so I've got to break this mental barrier.

Chris Rodgers
07-18-2002, 05:50 PM
DE bench
1.Bench press- 205x1, 220x1, 125 lb 5x3, 145 lbs 3x3
2.Flat DB press on stability ball- 60'sx14
3.Tate press- 30'sx10, 35'sx10
4.Face pulls- 3x15
5.Stability ball situps w/bands- 3 sets

Good session. 220 was sloooow. Speed good on all the triples.

Squat day on Saturday.

Chris Rodgers
07-21-2002, 11:55 AM
Squat day
1.Box squats(11.5")- 225x1, 245x1, 275x1
2.Front squats- 135 lbs 2x5
3.Leg curls w/bands- 3 sets
4.Side bends- 85x8, 110 lbs 2x8
5.Reverse hypers- 3 sets
6.Standing abs- 3 sets

Pretty good session. My hips were shot when I was doing the box squats. I really wanted to put the suit bottoms on for more support, but didn't. Those were belt only. If I didn't have a strong back, I wouldn't come near that weight. The 275 was a goodmorning off the box. :mad:

Front squats are awkward on my shoulders. I tried a few different grips, but nothing feels right. We'll have to see about those. Hit the legs real well though.

Chris Rodgers
07-21-2002, 04:23 PM
I was supposed to do ME bench today. The combination of heavy drinking and not much eating last night didn't have me in great condition to train. Messed around with some inclines, didn't feel strong. Then just did some close grip reverse band presses. That was it.

Deadlifts on Tuesday. I'll be up for them.

07-21-2002, 11:30 PM
I am wondering man whats your opinion of Westside now that youve tried it?

Is it good for hypertrophy / strength gains? More strength than size? Or more size than strength? What do you think about it?

Chris Rodgers
07-23-2002, 06:30 PM
Deadlift day
1.Sumo deads- 300 lbs 7x1, 365 lbs 2x1
2.SLDL- 295x5, 315x5, 345x5, 365x2
3.DB rows- 80 lbs 2x10
4.Shrugs(farmers)- 157.5's 2x7
5.Pull thrus- 3 sets
6.Reverse hypers- 3 sets
7.Standing abs- 4 sets

Good session. I tried on my deadlift suit and wore the bottoms for the speed sets and the put the straps up for the two heavier singles. The thing is so freakin tight it was damn near impossble to get down to the bar with the straps up. It was hard to take in a lot of air and quite uncomfortable. I don't know how people use these tight-ass suits. I'll have to see what I'm going to do with this thing.

SLDL-I did these a bit different. Instead of taking it off the rack and steppin back, I did them off the rack with the pins set low on the shin. It's a bit tough to stiff-leg the first one up, but I think I like it this way better. Closer to a real deadlift. Next week I'll work up to 385 for a double.

Shrugs were heavy as fook, but I got a good ROM.

Chris Rodgers
07-23-2002, 06:54 PM
Forgot to mention that now my girlfriend has been back to hitting the weights for 4 weeks and pulled an easy 155 sumo the other day. She looks good for 175-185 already. ACE!! :hump:

07-23-2002, 06:59 PM
Originally posted by LATMAN
She looks good for 175-185 already. ACE!! :hump:

That's her pull not her bodyweight right? :D j/k

Good pulling foo! I always thought SLDL would be so much less than regular deads but you are pulling some serious poundage on them. Good job, especially for a skinny lil' fooker! ;) :thumbup:

Chris Rodgers
07-25-2002, 06:28 PM
I think my sldl is very close to my conventional dead because I use the same stance in both and I use mostly back in conventionals since it is my strong point. My legs usually straighten early in the lift anyway.

DE bench day
1.Bench press- 205 lbs 2x1, 125 lbs 6x3, 145 lbs 2x3
2.Flat DB press on stability ball- 75'sx3, 90'sx2, 50'sx14
3.Incline close grips- 115x8, 135x8
4.Face pulls- 3 sets
5.Stability ball situps w/bands- 3 sets

Good session. Good speed, good strength.

I do not really like the close grip inclines, so I won't use them anymore.

90's were too heavy for presses on the ball. Just wanted to see if I could do them since that is the most I have ever used even on a bench. I guess my stabilizers aren't hurting my bench.

Squatting on Saturday.

Chris Rodgers
07-27-2002, 09:56 AM
Squat day
1.Squats- 205x5, 225x5, 255x2, 285x2
2.Box squat /chains- 135 lbs 2x2, 185 lbs 2x2, 135 lbs 1x3
3.Leg curls w/bands- 2 minisx10, purple x8, purple+mini x6
4.Reverse hypers- 3 sets

Decent session. I suck at squats. 5's were done with belt and wraps. Doubles I added suit bottoms. I absolutely can't stand going higher than 2 reps...even with like a plate on the bar. I'm glad I train for powerlifting and not bodybuilding.

Box squats with chains are sweet!! Definitely going to keep using these for the next few weeks. The chains weigh 55 lbs total at the top when they come off the ground.

ME bench tomorrow.

Chris Rodgers
07-27-2002, 11:35 AM
Just to add, today was the 5th leg workout for my girlfriend since she started back up lifting. The last 4 weeks she started with sumos and then went to squats. Starting this week she is doing 4 weeks of squats followed by sumos. She hit 3 PR's on squats(al three work sets) finishing with a double with 135.

She then went to deads. Even after being fatigued from the squats, she wanted to do a few heavy singles to see how they felt after squats(my kind of girl :p ). She did a single with 135 easily and then I asked her if she wanted to go for another PR. She said yes. I loaded up 160 on the bar(5 lb PR). She went down to grab it and it didn't budge. By the time she stoodup she already was saying she wanted to try it again. I knew she didn't get herself properly set for that one(lack of concentration). So, she waited 2 minutes, I gave her a few pointers just as reinforcement of proper form. She set herself right this time and smoked it. She is ace!! This was double overhand grip, no chalk, no belt. If she is pulling strong after squats, I can't wait to see what she pulls in 4 weeks when we get her back pulling first. 200 will fall...oh yes, it will. Watch out Reinier. ;)

Chris Rodgers
07-28-2002, 09:12 AM
ME bench
1. 5-board press(wide)- 225x3, 255x1, 275x1, 290x1, 300xmiss
2. Reverse band 2 board(close)- 225x5, 255x5
3.Seated pin press(nose level, medium grip))- 115x3,135 lbs 2x2

Great session. I have decided that since I have skinny, monkey arms I have to work on arching more to shorten my bench stroke. Well, it works. I cut off a few inches and hit a huge PR on 5 boards. Most I ever have done before today was 245. Ace!!

Reverse band close grip 2-boards were ace too. I was feeling strong on presses today.

Messed around with some seated pin presses because I never tried them before. They aren't that bad.

Deadlifts on Tuesday!! :D

07-28-2002, 12:09 PM
heh, yesterday you told me you could only 5 board 255..... liar

Chris Rodgers
07-30-2002, 07:33 PM
Deadlift day
1.Sumo deads- 365 lbs 2x1, 405x1, 435 lbs 2x1, 405x2.5
2.Rack pulls(9")- 405x1, 455x1, 475x1, 495xmiss
3.Close grip cable rows- 150x5, 170x5, 200x3

Good session. I am maxing sumos next week, so I decided to do some heavy singles this week. I used the suit bottoms. That is actually the heaviest sumo I have done without the straps up. After that I just wanted to see if I could rep 405. At least I know grip isn't the problem, it's just falling forward. I bet I could get 4-5 reps conventional if that's what I was going for, but I'm not.

It's odd that I have deadlifted 460 for a full ROM off the floor, yet I struggle to do 15 lbs more out of the rack with the plates 9" off the ground(bar just below the knee). Some people can pull 100+ lbs more than they can dead this way. I guess it just shows that my speed/power off the floor is key to my deadlift. I have to hit my lockouts hard!!

DE bench on Thursday and It's back to bands for speed bench.

07-31-2002, 07:20 AM
Woo! WBB is now officially hardcore. We have multiple chicks that deadlift for singles! :D

Do you think it would be beneficial for me to try sumos? Will this actually aid my conventional? I don't really care which way I do it...I'm just wondering if you know which you can lift more at you bother with the other way? Or do they compliment each other? I may see how I like sumos and try em light and see what the form feels like. Just curious on your opinion of doing one or the other, or both.

Chris Rodgers
07-31-2002, 06:39 PM
I think it is good to train both stles because they target a lot of the same muscles, but also different ones. I read in an artcle by Louie Simmons that Chuck V. switches back and forth between wide stances and very narrow stances on both deads and goodmornings so he hits all the muscles and doesn't leave anything out to possibly become weak. Makes sense to me.

On a side note, at the first meet I did I was only using sumo at the time. The mat I was lifting on was slipery and I kept slipping. If I had built up my conventional at that time, it could have helped me pull heavier. At my last meet I opened sumo and didn't feel comfortable locking out so I switched to conventional for the second and third attempts.

And yes, my girlfriend is hardcore, I just have to get her pulling 2 plates like B's chick. Gimme 2 months. :D

07-31-2002, 06:46 PM
Originally posted by LATMAN

And yes, my girlfriend is hardcore, I just have to get her pulling 2 plates like B's chick. Gimme 2 months. :D

Get her on the board. We'll let them compete. And we'll stay the hell out of their way. lol.

Chris Rodgers
08-01-2002, 05:50 PM
DE bench
1.Bench press-85+minis doubled 8x3, 115+MDx1, 135+MDx1, 155+MDx1
2.Close grip floor press w/chains- 135 lbs 3x6
3.Inc. DB press- 60's 2x6
4.Face pulls- 3 sets
5.One-arm deads(each hand)-185x1, 205x1, 225x1

Great session!!

Chains add 40 lbs at the top of the floor press. Speed was great all day.

Squats on Saturday.

Chris Rodgers
08-03-2002, 11:35 AM
Squat day
1.Squats(bottoms, belt, wraps)- 255x3, 285x3, 305x3, 325x2
2.Box squats w/chains- 135 2x2, 155 2x2
3.Pull thrus- 3 sets
4.Reverse hypers- 3 sets
5.Standing abs- 3 sets

Great session. Never went over 300 for more than a single without the straps up. Triple with 305 wasn't bad, 325 double was tougher. Next week I'll go 335 for 2 and then maybe a heavy single or two.

ME bench tomorrow. More PR's on the way!!

08-03-2002, 11:46 AM
Wow, impressive work Chris

What you using on pull throughs these days?

Chris Rodgers
08-04-2002, 01:31 PM
ME bench
1. 4-board press- 225x2, 255x1, 275xmiss, 270x1, 275xmiss
2. Reverse band 2 board(wide)- 275x1, 295x1, 305x1,(close)- 255x5
3.Seated Pin Press- 115x3, 135x3, 145x2
4.Band pressdowns- light band- 2x20

Another great session. PR's all over the place. Best 4 board coming in was 245. 270 was cake, 275 got stuck twice. I then hit PR's on the reverse band 2 board and the pin presses. Ace!

My girlfriend hit a bunch of PR's too. On squats she repped out a weight she had only done 4 reps with last week and got 7 reps. Then hit singles with 145 and 155, both PR's. Then she deadlifted a PR 170 lbs and followed that with a triple at 135 for another PR. She is ace too! :D

Tomorrow I rest and then we max the ole sumo on Tuesday!!!

08-06-2002, 01:14 PM
Good luck on your max attempt:)

Chris Rodgers
08-06-2002, 07:10 PM
Deadlift day
1.Sumo deads-bar, 135, 225, 315, 385
Opener- 430- good
Second- 460- good 5 lb PR(second 3xbw sumo for me)
Third- 470- miss
2.Conventionals- 135, 225, 315, 405x1, 425x1, 405x2

5 lb Sumo PR. My deads are now "dead" even. ;)

I was shot by the time I got to the last set of conentionals. Pulled it twice then it didn't budge the last time.

Pulled sumos in my Inzer Champion with straps up and belt. Pulled the conventionals with straps down and belt.

This is my last max deadlift day until the Nationals.

08-06-2002, 07:14 PM
Nice PR, man. Would you really say your deads are even, or would you figure fresh you had more conventional in you?

Chris Rodgers
08-06-2002, 07:16 PM
I think they are about as close as you can get. I hit the 460 conventional on my second attempt at the meet. I could maybe get 465 fresh now, no idea. All I know is my best successful attempts are 460 both ways.

08-07-2002, 06:43 AM
Awesome job latty.

Chris Rodgers
08-08-2002, 06:41 PM
Tanks :)

DE bench
1.Bench press-85+minis doubled 8x3, 115+MDx1, 145+MDx1, 160+MDx1
2.Close grip floor press w/chains- 135x6, 145x6,5,(wide,no chains)- 185x1, 205x1
3.Inc. DB press- 65'sx8, 70'sx6
4.Wide grip chins- bwx7, +25x3, +45x3
5.Hammer curls- 20's 2x8(3 second pause at top)

Good session. Speed was good except on the last single.

Went heavier than last week on floor press and incline dumbell.

+45 for 3 was pretty easy. Will probably do a triple with +55 next week.

Squats on Saturday. More PR's will be droppin!! :D

Chris Rodgers
08-10-2002, 01:46 PM
Squat day
1.Squats(bottoms, belt, wraps)- 275x2, 305x2, (Straps up)335x1, 345x1
2.Squat lockouts(9th hole down)- 405x1,1, (10th hole)- 405x1, (11th hole)-405xmiss
3.Side bends- 85x5, 110x5, 130x5(4 with left hand)

I did not feel as strong today as I did last week. 335 and 345 are both PR's for squatting outside of the rack which sounds strange, but does make a difference.

Squat lockouts- I have decided that I am going to work on these, with 405. I am just going to keep dropping a hole(3") until the point where I am going down deep enough and doing a full squat. The 11th hole down had me slightly above parallel(picture 4 on that thing Monstar posted). I do them by walking the weight out and then squatting down and doing a touch and go off the pins. Once I can do 405 on the 11th hole, the next step will be full ROM as the 12th hole would put me a good 2" or so below parallel. Next week though I will use knee wraps for these and go for that 405 on the 11th hole. I think these would be a good compliment to box squats on weeks I do not do regular squats.

ME bench tomorrow. I'll PR the 3 board press.

Chris Rodgers
08-10-2002, 01:56 PM
Also, today was leg day for my girlfriend. Just when I think she can't get anymore ace, she goes and does something even more ace. Today she started with squats. Worked up to a PR triple with 145. Nice. Then it was time to dead. :D

She starts her warmups and her hips are really aching to the point of discomfort and messing up her form. So, I have her do some light pull thrus and give her a pair of spandex to give some support. Still no good. I suggest conventionals since they don't bother the hips like the wide stance. She says fine. Does her normal warmups and everything is cake. Works her way up, telling me to add weight and not even tell her what it is. She pulls 145, 160, then I throw 175 on for a 5 lb dead PR. She smokes it. That is the first set that grip started to become an issue. AT the top it started to roll down to her fingertips. She went for 185, but it was too much today. This was her first time ever doing conventionals and she hit 175. ACE!! That was no belt, no chalk, overhand grip, yada yada yada.

After that I had her work on some static holds with a mixed grip since she never tried that grip before. Just had her go up to 190 and hold it for like 10 seconds.

Starting next week she is back to deads first, squats second. So over the following 4 workouts I plan on having her up near a 190-200. :)

08-10-2002, 01:57 PM
Originally posted by LATMAN

Starting next week she is back to deads first, squats second. So over the following 4 workouts I plan on having her up near a 190-200. :)

Ace. :D

I'm telling ya, man. Get her on the board, she and my girlfriend can fight. lol.

Chris Rodgers
08-11-2002, 01:02 PM
ME bench
1. 3-board press- 225x1, 245x1, 255x1, 260xmiss
2.Shirted 3-board- 225x2, 260x1
3.Shirted 2-board- 260x1
4.Shirted 1-board- 260xmiss, 260x1
5.Close grip lockouts- 225x3, 275x3, 315x2
6.Close grip lockouts w/bands- 185+minis dbledx3, 225+MDx3, 245+MDx1

Good session. PR 3-board coming in was 235. Beat that by 20 lbs, then threw the shirt on for some experimenting. 260 was cake on the 3-board, so did the 2-board. Went up fine. Decided to try the 1-board and missed. Took a rest, went back up and nailed it with a good fight. Not too bad considering all the sets leading up to that. I think if I started the day with the shirt on, I could have done 260-265 full ROM.

Then we nailed the lockouts with both raw weight and then added the mini bands doubled.

Chris Rodgers
08-14-2002, 04:13 PM
Deadlift day
1.Conv. deads- 315 lbs 6x1, 365 lbs 1x1
2.Power cleans- 135x1, 155x1, 185xmiss
3.Conv. deads**- 215 lbs 2x1, 255 lbs 2x1, 275 lbs 2x1
4.One arm cable rows- 90x6, 100x4
5.Reverse hypers- 2 sets

Good session. This is the first of my last 6 deadlift session before the meet. I will add 20 lbs per week and lower volume accordingly. I will always end with 1 heavier single.

Messed around with power cleans after that thread got me thinking. I could swing 185 up to my shoulders no problem but I couldn't flip my wrists back. I think my technique sucks. I don't think I'll mess around wih these anymore before the meet.

After that we did deads again. This time the largest plate on the bar was a 35, so the bar started lower to the ground. I then stood on a 45 lb plate, plus I was pulling in my Chucks and I usually pull conventional in DL slippers. The ROM on these was a good 3-4" or so longer than my usual comp. conventionals. Felt pretty good. I bet I could go over 400 on these.

Finished with some rows and rev. hypers and that's all folks.

DE bench manana.

Chris Rodgers
08-15-2002, 06:39 PM
DE bench
1.Bench press- 95 lbs+chains 8x3, 115+CHx1, 135+CHx1, 155+CHx1
2.Close-grip 2-board press- 95+minis dbledx5, 115+MDx5, 135+MD 2x3
3.Inc. DB press- 70'sx8, 75'sx4
4.Wide grip chins- bwx5, +5x3, +55x3, +65x.5
5.Curl grip chins- +65x.5, bwx16

Good session. This is the first time we tried chains for speed bench. Felt a little weird. They add 55 lbs at the top. Last single was too slow and out of groove.

Close grip 2-boards with the bands doubled really nailed the triceps. Felt good to still get 70's for 8 on inclines after the first two exercises.

Chins felt good too. I think +55 is a PR. Can't remember. +65 wouldn't go up either way. I got within a few inches of the bar with both tries. Closer with the curl grip(surprisingly).

Squats on Saturday. Not sure what we're going with here. Most likely box squats.

08-15-2002, 06:48 PM
Originally posted by LATMAN
. So, I have her do some light pull thrus and give her a pair of spandex to give some support.

latty, was that YOUR spandex you were giving her.. i sure hope not

08-16-2002, 05:24 PM
did the closegrips 2 boards with bands feeel easier then closegrips with bands? I gotta give those a try soon, sound fun

Chris Rodgers
08-17-2002, 11:14 AM
Yea, they're ace. Go do them right now. :)

Squat day
1.Box squats- 135+light bands choked- 7x2, 155+LB 1x2, 155+LB+mini band 2x2
2.Squat lockouts(11th hole down)- 315x1, (wraps) 365x1, 385x1, 405x1
3.Standing abs- 4 sets

Good session. Speed on box squats was good and I added a mini band for the last two sets instead of adding more bar weight. Felt good.

I blew up 405 on squat lockouts. Last week I tried it without knee wraps and couldn't budge it. This week it was cake. Next week I drop another pin and that will put me down to legal depth. We'll see how it goes. I cll themlockouts, but you could really call them partials or deep Monstar squats. ;) I unrack the weight and do a walkout, then I squat down, tap the pins and explode up.

Tomorrow is ME bench. Still undecided between 2-boards or maybe just some rep work on the bench. We'll see.

Chris Rodgers
08-18-2002, 06:17 PM
ME bench
1. 2-board press- 205x1, 235x1, 240x1
2.Shirted 2-board press- 245x1, 265x1
3.Shirted 1-board press- 265x1
4.Shirted bench press- 260xmiss
5.Seated pin press- 95x3, 115x1, 135x1

Not too bad. 4 PR's today. My PR 2-board coming in was 225. 240 wasn't too hard, but I decided to throw the shirt on after that. I got th 260 up more than half-way, but just had nothing left. That was with a down command from arms locked and press command after a good pause though I feel I can do that weight fresh easy. was not dissapointed by this.

Next week I do rep work to give myself some rest. Then I'll come back and do a cycle of floor press, 1-board, reverse bands and then I'll test the new shirt that should be here by then.

Chris Rodgers
08-20-2002, 08:44 PM
Deadlift day
1.Conventional deads- 335 lbs 6x1, 385x1
2.Suspended BO GM's(39")- 185x3, 205x3, 225 lbs 2x3
3.Deadlift lockouts(just above kneecap)- 425x1, 475x1, 495x1, 505x1

Suspended GM's were nice and hard. Hadn't done them in a while.

Wanted to feel the heavy weight so I went with lockouts. 495 and 505 were actucally pretty easy. I just didn't want to overdo it today.

DE bench on Thursday.

Chris Rodgers
08-22-2002, 07:11 PM
DE bench
1.Bench press- 120 lbs 6x3, 150x1, 180x1, 190x1, 205x1
2.Wide-grip floor press- 185x1, 205x1, 215x1, 150x16
3.Reverse grip bench- 135x5, 155x5, 175x3
4.Reverse grip 3-board press- 185x3
5.Face pulls- 3 sets
6.Standing abs w/bands- 3 sets

Good session. Just kind of went by feel. Trained alone, but my gf came over when I got to the last set of floor presses so when I failed on rep 17,she helped me. Figured I'd go with bodyweight for reps on those. I am doing bodyweight for reps on bench on ME day this week to get a little rest, so I wanted to compare.

Messed around with reverse-grips after that. They felt pretty good.

Squats on Saturday. My lower back is shot right now and it doesn't all feel like good pain either. Feels like a combo o soreness and something a bit deeper. I'm gonna feel it out for the next two days and see if it feels better. If not I'll skip Saturday's workout and go from there.

Chris Rodgers
08-24-2002, 01:22 PM
Squat day
1.Squats(bottoms, belt, wraps)- 275x1, 305x1, 335x1,
(straps up)- 365xmiss, 345x1(high), 365x1(high), 375x1!
2.Box squats- 135 lbs 2x2, 155 lbs 2x2, 185x2
3.Standing abs w/bands- 3 sets

My back had been hurting since Tuesday, so I wasn't sure what was gonna happen. Felt better yesterday and today had no pain. So we squatted. After the 305 set, I put on my new suit bottoms. It is the same suit that I already had, but one size smaller. 335 was cake. Once I put the straps up it felt a bit awkward. First try at 365 I felt like I was fighting the suit instead of just squatting the weight. Went back down to 345 and just went down to where it was comfy and back up(not all the way down). Went back up to 365 and my buddy called me up to early before I was low enough. Added 10 lbs for a PR and this time Beercan called me up from the side view. He waited til I hit depth and then called me up and I got it with good bit of struggle. Not too bad considering I was in a good bit of pain the last few days.

Tomorrow is ME bench, but instead of maxing a lift I am going to bench my bodyweight for max reps to give everything a little rest.

BTW, my gf pulled 180 conventionally today with a bit to spare. She's gettin up here. :D

08-24-2002, 08:33 PM
Nice squatting! 400 aint too far away

Chris Rodgers
08-25-2002, 11:05 AM
ME bench
1.Bench press- 175x1,200x1, 150x15
2.Close grip 2-board press- 175x6
3.Reverse grip 3-board press- 175x5, 185x5, 205x3, 215x1, 225x1, 240x1
4.Rear delts w/bands- 3 sets
5.Standing abs- 3 sets

Good session. I was going to go fairly light today, hence the bodyweight for reps bench. I get so winded on the high reps. If I tried for 16, I most likely would have hit failure.

Went to do close grip 2-boards and I was just gonna do like 3 sets of 6, but then I wanted to mess with reverse grip so I stopped. Even after all the other sets, I still am just about as strong on reverse grip as I am on regular grip. On the set with 185, I did 2 reps and noticed that the board was way too high almost touching my chin. As I held the bar at lockout I had to yell at my gf to lower the boards closer to my abs and still had enough juice to push up 3 more reps. So then I had to keep trying heavier of course. ;) 255 is my best ever 3-board press and I got up to a decently tough 240 today after all those sets. So I guess my reverse-grip is not a weakness.

Deadlifts on Tuesday. Going with reverse bands.

Chris Rodgers
08-28-2002, 05:40 PM
Deadlift day
1.Reverse band deads(sumo)- 405x1, 455x1, 495x1, 505xmiss
2.Deadlift lockouts(just above kneecap)- 495x1, 515x1, 545x1, 565xmiss, 565x1
3.Standing abs- 2x25

First time I ever tried the reverse bands with a sumo stance(moderate sumo, inside the rack). 495 was my best ever on these with conventional. I matched it, but couldn't beat it.

Hit a PR on the dead lockouts. I missed 565 the first try, but felt I could do it. Rested a bit and came back and smoked it. I think I can go 585 soon on these.

08-29-2002, 04:34 PM
:mad: you just beat my new PR today on rack lockouts! 535 felt like my spine was goin' shoot out my back

BTW nice PR :D

Chris Rodgers
08-29-2002, 07:39 PM
DE bench
1.Bench press- 95+chains 7x3, 115+CHx3, 135+CHx1, 155+CHx1
2.Reverse grip bench- 175x3, 190x3
3.Reverse grip 3-board press- 205x2, 205x3, 225x2
4.Wide grip chins- bwx5, +25x3, +45x3, +65x.9
5.Curl grip chins- +65x.92, +35x5
6.Standing abs- 2 sets

Good session. Speed was great on chains.

Reverse grips felt strong. I think they are very close to my normal bench. First set of 205 on board press, the bar slipped in my hand after 2 reps. I couldn't recover for the third rep. So I did the set again and smoked 3 reps easy.

Missed the +65 on chins again, but was real close.

Squats on Saturday.

Chris Rodgers
08-31-2002, 11:33 AM
Squat day
1.Squats(bottoms, belt, wraps)- 275x2, 305x1, 335x1, 355x1, 375x1, (Straps up)- 385xmiss
2.Sumo deads- 225 lbs 2x1, 275 lbs 2x1

I was shot at this point. I woke up late today, wasn't feeling 100%. I still managed to hit my best ever straps up squat with the straps down. So if I ever get comfortable squatting with them up, I'll be in business.

Next few weeks wil be box squats. Gotta lay off the heavy squats for a bit. tuttut

Chris Rodgers
09-01-2002, 12:15 PM
ME bench
1. 5-board press- 225x3, 275x1, 300xmiss, 295x1, 300x1
2.Reverse grip bench- 185x1, 205x1, 225xmiss, 205x1
3.Louie Lockouts- 315x3, 365x3, 405x2
4.Reverse grip bench- 190x4
5.Face pulls- 4 sets

Good session. I hit a total of 5 PR's today. I can't complain with that.

First try at 300 on 5-boards I went flat footed with no arch. Didn't budge off the boards. Cae back down to 295 and arched. Smoked it. Went up to 300 and hit that too. There's my double bodyweight bench.....if they allow me to use a 5-board. ;)

Reverse grips- I've been going crazy on these lately. 205 went up like cake, so I said what the hell. Give 225 a shot. Now here is where the near-death experience occured. The hardest part of reverse grips is unracking it. When I arch and use a reverse grip, I have almost zero power/control of the bar when it is on the rack. I have to rely on the lift-off guy(beercan) to basically lift it out for me and allow me to roll my wrists under it to gain power. Let's just say the bar came out and before I got my wrists under it it flew down. And I mean I had no hands on the bar and either did Beercan. That was 225 flying towards my body so quickly that nobody could react. Luckily the pins in the rack were set at just a hair high enough where the bar could not hit me when it fell. This was not planned either. When I do full ROM presses I just lower the pins so they are out of the way. They were set where I could touch the bar down to my abdominals with an arch and they wouldn't get in the way. I guess when the bar slipped I flattened out and the bar didn't catch me. Pretty freaky though. So, I came back and tried it again. Got it up about half-way and couldn't finish. Oh well. After lockouts I came back down to 190 and got 4 reps for a PR.

Louie Lockouts- If anyone has ever seen the old Westside bench videos, there is a part when they are doing bench lockouts. Most of the guys have a ROM of about 4-6". Louie Simmons, having shorter arms only moves it about 2-3". We did these with a wide grip from th normal pin we do close grip, therefore the ROM was only about 2-3". Hence the name. :D

Another ME day and more PR's fell. This is what this day is all about.

Tuesday we will completely take off from any form of deads. We will do suspended arched back GM's and follow them with a tonnage of pull thrus, reverse hypers and ab work.

Johnny Vegas
09-01-2002, 12:43 PM
5 boards? Is your weak point right now locking out?

Chris Rodgers
09-01-2002, 12:53 PM
I'm training to increase my comp bench. My lockout is getting much stronger from the board presses and my speed has been good on DE day. If my raw bench goes up that i just a bonus, I'm trying to make my shirtd bench go up. Raw benching does nothing for you if it isn't a raw meet. A recent article by George Halbert said that when they were training for a meet back in '95 or something he worked up to a 600 raw bench in training and Kenny Patterson hit a 590 the same day. At the meet, KP hit a monsterous WR bench of 711 and Halbert only hit 650. From that day on he decided to focus his efforts more towards increasing his shirt bench, rather than raw bench.

My Fury should be here this week and if it fits I am starting with it next week on the 4-board. If that is fine I will go as low as the three board and then save it for the following week to try and see what touches a 2 board and maybe 1 board. I have been talking to a lot of guys that are using various board presses for a high % of ME days. It just makes a lot of sense for a lifter competing with a shirt.

Chris Rodgers
09-01-2002, 01:07 PM
BTW, my gf came into today with best pulls of 175 sumo and 180 conventional. She did sumos after not having done them in weeks. Pulled 190 and 200!! She rocks. That is all. :D

09-01-2002, 11:58 PM
Hey Latty what do you think about me incorporating some speed work into my bench, chins, and squats? I am trying to get my strength up on them a lot and it seems that speed work is the way to go. What do you think Latty?

Chris Rodgers
09-02-2002, 04:07 PM
I think that you should stick with a routine for more than a week. ;) If you truly want to focus on strength, than we can help you with a routine featuring speed work, but if you start talking about HST or bicep curls, forgettaboutit. :D

On a side note, my sister came home for the weekend. She can't bench with the barbell a her gym because the setup has the bar set too high(she is short) and she doesn't have a reliable spotter to help her. So she hadn't benched in a long time. I had shown her sumo deads real quick the last time she was home. She had been doing them, but was going slow for reps(bodybuilder type). The highest she had gone before today was 105 for a few reps.

Today she smoked 90 lb on bench, even after having done a push workout on Friday. Then she sumos 190 and a near miss at 200!!!

She'll have that 200 next time. Must be the amazing coaching of the deadlift guru. I will have 2 girls with 200+ lb deads under my tutilage(sp?). I also recently gave a friend some pointers and he went from doing 250 for a few weeks straight all the way up to 350 and then 385 the following week. He's looking for 405 this week.


09-02-2002, 06:12 PM
Good job on the 460! :thumbup:

09-03-2002, 06:23 AM
I love coaching your sister too bro ....... in the ways of the Yates lurve !!!! ;)

09-03-2002, 09:08 AM
nice squatin latty!!
what happends when you put your straps up? round ya forward?

09-03-2002, 11:26 PM
*tries to steal rock*

Chris Rodgers
09-04-2002, 03:02 PM
Deadlift day
1.Suspended Arched back GM's- 405x1, 425x1, 455xmiss, 445x1, 455x1
2.Deadlifts off chains(2")(sumo)- 405x1, 455x1(conv)- 455xmiss
3.Pull thrus- 5 sets, up to 180x12

Good session. 50 lb PR on Arched backs. That was the first time I ever tried the deadlift heavy off the chains with the plates 2" off the floor. 455 after arched backs isn't too bad.

09-04-2002, 03:08 PM
Good work. I presume the deads in chains were done in the rack

Lol@ Kim, your always trying to steal Latty's rocks;)

09-04-2002, 10:18 PM
1.Suspended Arched back GM's- 405x1, 425x1, 455xmiss, 445x1, 455x1

I am confused Latty, whatsup with this exercise? What is the form like and everything like that, and what does suspended mean?

Saturday Fever
09-04-2002, 10:25 PM
It's a westside thing, where the bar hangs from the top of the power rack via chains. I wish I had the ability to do these.

Chris Rodgers
09-05-2002, 03:10 PM
Yea, the bar is resting on chains that are suspended from the top of the power rack. It leaves the bar ~44" off the ground. I then get under it and with a wide stance and legs slightly bent I goodmorning it up.

Chris Rodgers
09-05-2002, 06:27 PM
DE bench
1.Bench press- 95+chains 7x3, 115+CHx3, 145+CHx1, 165+CHx1
2.Reverse grip bench- 175x8, 185x5
3.Reverse band bench- 225x3, 255x3, 275x2.5, 285x1
4.Wide grip chins- BWx6,6, curl grip- BWx6,6

Good session. Speed was good and hit a few PR's.

Box squats on Saturday.

Chris Rodgers
09-08-2002, 11:06 AM
I skipped my box squat session yesterday. This is the firs workout I have skipped in a while and I think it was a good idea. I wokeup feeling a little sick and run down. I rested all day and woke up today feeling much better. Today's session went real well.

ME bench
1.Shirted 3-board press(Inzer)- 250x1, 270x1, 285x1, 295x1
2.Shirted 2-board press(Inzer)- 275x1
3.Shirted 1-board press(Inzer)- 275xmiss
4.Shirted bench press(paused)- 245x1, 260xmiss
5.Bench press- 190x6, 200x3
6.Rear delts w/minis- 4 sets

Good session. This coming week I will receive my new bench shirt from Titan. I wanted to do some heavy board presses with my old shirt because I am starting with board presses when I get my new shirt. This way I can compare. 295 on the three board was about as high as I could go. I mabhad about 300 in me today, not much more. 275 was cake off the 2-board. I think I culdhave done a good 285 or so.

I tried for a full ROM PR after all that other heavy stuff and it only made it half-way. I think my max in this shirt fresh would be approx 260, maybe 265 on a perfect day. I'll use that to compare and see how much better the Fury is than this shirt.

the doc
09-08-2002, 01:20 PM
latty you are a strong ass biatch!

Chris Rodgers
09-11-2002, 03:01 PM
Deadlift day
1.Suspended Arched back GM's- 315x3, 365x3, 405x3
2.SLDL- 315x6, 365x2, belt- 365x3
3.Deadlift lockouts- 405x1, 495x1, 545xmiss(shot)

Pretty good session. I wanted to work up to a heavy triple this week instead of a single. I was happy with that weight.

SLDL were done suspended from chains so the plates were 4" from the floor. 315 was cake, 365 a struggle with no belt. I'm gonna start working these a lot with no belt to bring up my weaknesses. It is either my low back or abs or both that are weak and need work. I have been too dependent on the belt so I have to slowly start to use it less.

I was just spent for the lockouts. I had hit 565 a few weeks back. Didn't have it for them this time.

DE bench Thursday.

Chris Rodgers
09-14-2002, 10:40 AM
DE bench
1.Bench press- 185x6, 205x3, 215x1
2.Floor press w/chains(medium grip)- 135+CHx7, 145+CHx5
3.DB press on stability ball- 50'sx12, 60'sx10
4.Chins(wide)- BWx12, (curl grip)- BWx6(2 second pause at contraction)

Decent session. I was training with a friend of mine who is coming off a long layoff from the gym. I also felt a little under the weather and wasn't up for full-boat speed training.

Chris Rodgers
09-14-2002, 10:46 AM
Squat day
1.Squats-(bottoms, belt, wraps)- 275x5, 295x5, 315x3
2.Bottom position Zerchers- 185x5, 185x1,1,1
3.Decline situps w/ 5 second pause- 2 sets w/25 lbs

Better than I expected. I have a friggin cold and I am all congested and feel a bit weak. I skipped squats last week though, so I wasn't going to this week. I have never tried to go that heavy for sets of 5 and 3 reps@ 315 I have never done either. So those were 3 good sets for me while feeling sick. Not too bad.

I am going to go heavy on the bottom position zerchers on Tuesday, so I wanted to see what they felt like since I have never done them. They are definitely harder than starting in the top position. Should be interesting to see how much I do.

2 weeks from today is the Deadlift Nationals. Boo-yah!! :p

Also, UPS sucks and I think they forgot my package at one of their facilities in route to my house. I was supposed to already have my new bench shirt. Hopefully it will be here for next fookin Thursday to try out.

Saturday Fever
09-14-2002, 12:54 PM
Do you only use minibands currently? I am going to buy some bands to add to my squats and bench, but I don't know what someone with small lifts like me should use, and you're the only other guy I know that uses them. What do you think?

09-14-2002, 05:11 PM
Bottom up zerchers are ace!

Did you call titan to see if they sent the shirt yet? They can be really lazy at times

Chris Rodgers
09-18-2002, 03:04 PM
I use mini bands, light bands and average bands. I also use chains.

Bottom-up zerchers are very hard and quite ace!

Titan sent it a day late, but UPS left it i one of thei facilities so it got delayed. I have received it though and used it.

Chris Rodgers
09-18-2002, 03:11 PM
ME bench
Synergy gym in Queens
1. 4-board press- 225x3, 255x1, 275x1, 285x1
2.Hammer strength decline press-230x5, 270x3, 290x3
3.HS low row- 230x6, 180 lbs 2x8
4.Pressdowns- 3 sets

I went to NYC on Saturday night and stayed at my sister's in Queens. We went to her gym on Sunday morning. I got some funny looks on the board presses. :p

My nest-board coming in was 270. I was more than happy with a 15 lb PR, especially being in a foreign environment and only having my girlfried to lift me off with 275 and 285 on the bar.

Messed around with soe Hammer Strength since I don't have any in my basement. Expected better strength on those, but who gives a fock. I don't compete on machines anyway.

Chris Rodgers
09-18-2002, 03:18 PM
The day after my max effort bench session, I received my Fury(bench shirt). Of course I had to try it on. ;)

Fury test
1.Shirted 4-board press- 275x1--> awkward
2.Shirted 3-board press- 275x1 -->flew up like air
3.Shirted 2-board press- 275x1 -->little awkward
4.Shirted 1-board press- 275x1, 275x1 --> both sets not too bad and both PR's
5.Shirted bench- 260x no touch -->flew up like cake, 275xno touch, 285xtouch ---> only pressed it about 3 inches.

This shirt is crazy. I definitely need some work in it to get used to it. Considering I was very tired and shot from the day before I was very pleaed with the outcome. I also wanted it to take about 275 to touch the chest with this shirt. I'm really gonna work hard towards hitting 285 in ths puppy for my December meet. That would be ace.

Chris Rodgers
09-18-2002, 03:23 PM
Deadlift day
1.Bottom-up Zerchers- 275x1, 300x1, 315x1
2.Suspended BO GM's w/bands- 135+light bandsx8, 145+LBx8
3.Pull thrus- 5 sets up to 180 lbs

First try at bottom position Zerchers heavy. They are very hard. In the bottom position, if I extended my arms down they would touch the floor. So it is similar to deadlifting up on a high block. My heaviest weight on regular zerchers is like 335x2 I think. 315 was near maximal, but I think I may have been able to go a bit heavier.

Speed bench Thurs.

09-18-2002, 04:28 PM
Damn boi, that bench is cruisin'.

Chris Rodgers
09-19-2002, 07:31 PM
It is now:


DE bench
1.Bench press- 95 lbs+chains 6x3, 115+CHx3, 135+CHx1
2. 3-board press-255x1, 275x1, 285x1
3. 2-board press- 285x1,1
4. 1-board press- 285x1
5.Bench press- 285xmiss
6. 1-board press(arch)- 285x1
7.Bench press(arch)- 285x1!!!! 30 lb PR!!!

Aceness!!! I need to let my elbows and triceps rest for a while now. That is my third maximum pressing session in 5 days. Ouchie!

Deadlifts on Saturday!

09-19-2002, 07:36 PM
Great....and that's the one lift I still had you on.

LOL.....j/k. Great work!

09-19-2002, 09:04 PM
Damn Latty, 285 x 1. Insane man I dont even think that I can get 285 x 1 right now and I am friggin' 50 lbs. heavier than you. Jeez. Good work.

Saturday Fever
09-19-2002, 10:29 PM

***edit: I'm throwing up my W's and cripwalking as we speak.

Chris Rodgers
09-23-2002, 03:22 PM

1.Sumo deadlifts- 315x1, 385x1, 425x1,1
2.Conventional deads- 315x1

My back felt like crap so I didn't go over 315 conventional. I think this week off from lifting before the meet is at a perfect time because I've been beating myself up lately. The 2 singles at 425 were too slow. They weren't very hard, but they were't as fast as I need to be.

If my back feels good at the meet I will most likely just pull conventional. We shall see.

Chris Rodgers
09-23-2002, 03:25 PM
ME bench
1.Floor press- 185x9, 205x3, 215x1, 225x1
2.Band work for triceps and rear delts

This was supposed to be a light session to let my elbows rest. 185 felt so good I decided to keep going. 225 is a PR that has eluded me for quite some time. I was pleased to get it.

No trainig for the rest of the week and then I leave Friday to go to Denver for the Deadlift Nationals on Saturday. Werd!

Saturday Fever
09-23-2002, 03:37 PM
Good luck at the meet, I can't imagine you doing anything but great.

09-25-2002, 05:00 PM
I go for a few days and your bench goes up 30lbs...hmmmm:D
Great lifting and good luck at your meet!!!

Chris Rodgers
09-26-2002, 06:23 PM
Thanks guys. Gonna pack my stuff and shave my head and then it's off to bed. Early plane ride in the morning and then I lift on Saturday.

Results on Sunday. :D

09-26-2002, 06:46 PM
hehe... how much does your hair weigh? ;)

Also, once again I wish you the best of luck! :strong:

Chris Rodgers
09-29-2002, 07:15 PM
I suck.

Weighed in at 145 at the Deadlift Nationals. Legs and hips were a bit sore, so I went conventional. Shiat was in kilos. Looked like this:

opener: 192.5 kilos(424.25 lbs)- 2 whites(other judge must smoke crack) good
second: 207.5 kilos(457.25 lbs)- locked it out after what felt like 45 minutes. Got 3 f'n reds!!!! No good.
Third: 207.5 kilos(457.25 lbs)- got it up to my knees and I was spent. no good

The 207.5 kilos would have broke the National record. It was there for the taking, but you have to be flawless to ss it by a National judge and it wasn't flawless.

So that's it. I got first place and my first National title because nobody else ever seems to lift in my weight class that is between the ages of 20-23. didn't lft my bst and I am dissapointed, bt this is a big learning experience for me just like every other meet. It is good to have your ego stepped on a little. I will help me in the future.

Later that night after some good drinking I did bowl a PR 144!! That was sweet!

09-29-2002, 07:26 PM
you dont suck latty :)
you are AWESOME!

09-29-2002, 07:51 PM
Nice job latty...how'd my boy 'can do?

Sayiajin Prince
09-29-2002, 11:49 PM
who da hell can match that, judges are smoking the crack pipe
u rock man!
im only at 3 plates

09-30-2002, 06:59 AM
you kick asz man! nice work, i see the record in your near future....so what is in store next for you latty?

09-30-2002, 01:17 PM
Nice job latty! I didn't hit near where i wanted this meet either in my dead so we'll both have to make up for it in our next meet!:)

chris mason
09-30-2002, 01:48 PM
2 questions.

1) Why did you get red lights? In other words, when you deadlift you are just pulling the weight into an upright position, other than hitching, why would they red light you (assuming you got upright)? I am interested because I plan to do a meet one day soon.

2) How did Beercan do?

Chris Rodgers
10-01-2002, 03:16 PM
Thanks guys.

My next meet will be the USAPL NY state bench/dead champs in December. 10 weeks out.

Chris- I have watched the video a ton of times. It was definitely not my smoothest pull, but I did not hitch. They may have felt I rested it on my legs, but I can't tell from the video. The call was basically something along those lines though because I clearly locked it out. Also, it would have passed at most meets, but at a National meet they are very strict. I don't want them to give m a lift unless it is 100% that it was a good lift. So I can't blame them if it didn't look smooth in their eyes. I still can't find an infraction on the video though.

Beercan pulled well, but got called for some technicalites as well. He smoked 465 and then followed wth two very good pulls@490 and both were red lighted. He absolutely smoked the first one with great speed and the second was convincing as well. You just hve to get it prfect to get it passed those judges. I'm just happy we didn't have to satisfy these judges on squats. Those people were getting robbed!!

10-01-2002, 05:50 PM
Did pete lift?

Chris Rodgers
10-02-2002, 03:04 PM

We are going to keep the same bench setup with speed day on Thursday and ME on Sunday. Squatting will be on Tuesday and deadlift assistance on Saturday.

Chris Rodgers
10-02-2002, 03:10 PM
Squat day
1.Squats- 225 lbs 2x8
2.Box squats- 135+chains 4x2, 175+chains 1x1
3.One-leg leg ext.- 50 lbs 3x10
4.Seated calf raises w/dumbells- 40'sx15, 60'sx15, 80'sx12
5.Standing abs w/bands- 2 sets

Good session. This is the first sesion of a 13 week squat cycle that should have me getting up in the 400's at the end. Next week we do 8's again, then we move into a few weeks of 5's, 3's, 2's and then singles the last few weeks.

I went to Kung-Fu after this session and my legs cramped up so bad they locked up on me. That was some shiat!!

Chris Rodgers
10-03-2002, 07:24 PM
DE bench
1.Speed bench- 90+minis dbl 7x3, 100+MD 1x3, 135+MD 1x1, 155+MD 1x1
2.Reverse grip 3-board press- 185x8, 205x5
3.Tate press(floor)- 30's 3x10
4.Wide grip pulldowns- 100-120 lbs 3x10
5.Rear delts w/minis- 3 sets

Great speed today. Had 2 strong sets on the reverse grips too.

Deadlift/low back/hammy work on Saturday.

chris mason
10-03-2002, 07:37 PM
Oh well, at least you guys compete. Kinda of ridiculous that they are calling it like that. I mean, to me, on deadlift you either lift it or not.

Chris Rodgers
10-05-2002, 09:38 AM
1.Close stance straight back GM's- 185 lbs 2x8
2.Deadlifts- 315x1,1,1, 315x13

I came in today feeling like crap. I have a cold and feel a bit weak. I just did the two execises for today.

Did the goodmornings different than usual. I usually go low and round my back. This time I went only as low as I could go before rounding. This in not very far. I hink this has something to do with my flexibilty/buid an not low back strength. Even if I have no weight/no bar, I can only bend over very slightly with stiff legs before my back rounds. In order to go lower without rounding I have to squat down more which defeats the purpose of the exercise.

Messed around with some deads both conventional and sumo. I was actually fooling around with this style for a few reps where you stand back from the bar about 2 feet or so and reach down and roll it back to you and lift at the same time. It is weird as hell to get the form down. I fortget the name of it right now.

I then proceeded to pull 315 for 13 reps sumo with a touch on the floor for evey rep. I thnk if I traind for reps and wasn't having difficulty breathing from the cold, I could pull it for 20+ reps. I was gonna quit early on in the set, but Powerman did 13 and he is a weak biatch, so I had to match him. ;)

Going to Atlantic City tonight and hopefully will come home with some money. ME bench tomorrow!!

Chris Rodgers
10-09-2002, 03:13 PM
Got home from Atlantic City @8:00 Sunday morning. Had vey little food and as dehydrated. All this on topof a cold and my workout wasn't too great on Sunday.

1.Shirted 3-board press- 275x1, 295xmiss(groove), 295x1
2.Shirted 1-board press- 275xmiss(groove)
3.Close grip 5-board press- 205x7, 225x3

Felt like garbage and called it quits. I was having trouble keeping the heavy weights in groove with the shirt and it wasn't worth pushing any further. This week I am drinking water like a fish and eating adequate calories to avoid this problem this time around.

Chris Rodgers
10-09-2002, 03:18 PM
Squat day
1.Squat- 240 lbs 2x8
2.Seated calf raises w/dumbells- 80's 2x15

I think I pulled my groin because it is tight as anything and wouldn't loosen up with stretching. Squats felt strong anyway. After the squats I skipped the assistance work with the exception of calves because I didn't want to make it worse. I took it light at Kung-Fu as well.

I'll have to rest it and see how it feels for Saturday. I may not do any deads if it is still too tight.

Saturday Fever
10-09-2002, 04:49 PM
Give me your opinion on something, if you don't mind. I've just started doing Good AMs and I keep my back straight and bend over such that my upper body is parallel to the floor. Is this how far they should be, or is it too low, or not low enough? I've only done sets of these at 135 at this point, I somewhat fear going heavy because I can't imagine the burn it'll put on my hams.

Chris Rodgers
10-10-2002, 03:10 PM
There are man variations. Basically though, you wll either do them with a rounded back, straight or even a strong arch. If I go down to parallel, they are definitely bent-over rounded back GM's. This is because of my flexibilty(or lack thereof). If I want to keep my back straight or do arched backs I only go down as low as I can while keeping my back straight or arched. I would experiment with the different styles and see what you like. The Westside guys do many variations. I think it is smart to use them all at some point.

10-10-2002, 07:00 PM
Strength is really looking good Latty---when is the next time that youre competing? I am curious to see what kind of numbers youre going to come up with. ;);)

Chris Rodgers
10-11-2002, 09:46 PM
December 7th- Bench/dead meet

DE bench
1.Speed bench- 90+minis dbl 7x3, 105+MD 1x3, 145+MD 1x1, 165+MD 1x1
2.V-grip pulldowns- 100 lbs 2x10, 110 lbs 2x10
3.B-Monster lockouts- 85+lights doubledx2, 95+lights doubledxmiss, 85+LDx3
4.Seated db cleans- 15's 2x10

Good session. The lockouts were hard as hell. We doubled the purple/light bands which adds a ton of tension. Then we lowered the pins one lower than we normally do lockouts from. This adds 3" to the ROM. Tough as hell!!

GM's/deadlift on Saturday.

Chris Rodgers
10-12-2002, 04:10 PM
1.Sumo deads- 315x1,1, 405x1, 430xmiss(wtf), 315x16
2.Rack pulls(just above knee)- 405x1, 475x1, 515x1
3.Abs on stability ball- 2 sets

My sumo form on the heavier sets needs work. My legs are locking too quick and I am in a bad position to finish the lift. Just need some more work with some semi-heavy reps with perfect technique. Did 315 for reps at the end again. These hurt like hell. Up 3 reps from last week. I may stick these out til I yank 20.

ME bench manana. Doing some reverse band work.

10-12-2002, 05:05 PM

Chris Rodgers
10-13-2002, 12:44 PM

ME bench
1.Reverse band bench- 225x3, 275x1, 295x1, 305xmiss, 300x1
2.Reverse band 3-board press- 305x1, 320xmiss, 320x1
3.Reverse band 5-board press- 330x1, 345x1, 365xmiss, 360xmiss
4.Wide grip chins- bwx12
5.Alt. db curls- 3 sets

Big PR day!! 6 of those successful lifts were PR's!! Both Beercan and my friend Joey who is another lifting partnerf ours both had similar days. It was a good day at the Mad House GymTM

Changed my mind after one set of chins and did some meathead curls. Even threw a wife-beater on to get the real affect.

Squats on Tuesday.

10-13-2002, 02:52 PM
Ace benching! What band are you guys using?green?

Chris Rodgers
10-13-2002, 04:06 PM
Yup. Thanks :D

10-13-2002, 04:10 PM
Latty is teh cool

Chris Rodgers
10-15-2002, 06:01 PM
Squat day
1.Squat- 255 lbs 2x5
2.High box squat(~15")- 135+light bands choked+chainsx2, 185+LBC+CH 3x2
3.Zerchers- 275x1,315x1
4.Zerchers off floor- 135x1, 185x1, 225x1
5.Seated calf raises w/dumbells- 80'sx15, 90'sx15

Great session today. Squats were cake. Then I experimented.

High box squats were set so that when I was on the box I was in the position I am in at the bottom of a sumo deadlift. I want to experiment with these to help strengthen my sumo. I am doing them with a lot added at lockout with the bands and chains. These were tough.

Zerchers- hadn't done these normal style in a while. Gotta beat Adam to 405 though. ;) Hitting 315 after the other heavy stuff felt pretty good. Then I got crazy.

Zerchers off floor- these are hard as hell!!!!!!! It is very tough to get down low enough to get under the bar. Once you're down there, it is tough to get tight and pull. Getting 225 shocked me. I thought 135 was gonna be pinned. Not bad for a first try at them.

Speed bench on Thursday.

Chris Rodgers
10-21-2002, 10:30 PM
Last few workouts were so-so. I'll go from memory real quick because I am too lazy to get my book. :p

10/17 DE bench
Speed bench- 95+chains 5x3, 115+CHx3, 135+CHx1
Shirted 3-board- 275x1
Shirted 2-board- 275x1
Shirted bench- 275xmiss, 275x1, 275xmiss

I think that was it. I was trying to get comfy with the shirt. Didn't go too well. I still have some time though, so I'll be fine.

10/19 Deadlift+assistance
Revese band sumo- 455x1, 495x1, 500xmiss
Arched back GM's- 225x4

My back was feeling like crap here so I stopped.

10/20 ME bench

Decline press- 205x1, 225x1, 235x1
Flat DB press- 100'sxmiss
1-board press- 205x1, 225x1
Flat bench press- 225x1
V-grip pulldowns-120x6, 140x6, 150x6, 160x6

Decent session here. I hadn't done declines in as long as I remembred. That is defnitely a PR.

That was also my first ever official raw 225 bench. Not too bad after I was shot from the other stuff.

Squats tomorrow. These should get me back on track.

Chris Rodgers
10-23-2002, 03:20 PM
Squat day
1.Squat- 270 lbs 2x5
2.High box squat(~15")- 185+light bands choked+chainsx2, 205+LBC+CH 2x2

That's it. These sets were all very good. I followed up this workout with 2 hours of Kung-Fu, so that is why I skipped some of the extra stuff like pull thrus and abs. Good training day.

I'm really not sure how much the bands add at the top of the squat, but the bar weight+chains was 260 so the bands brought it well over 300.

Chris Rodgers
10-24-2002, 06:09 PM
DE bench
1.Speed bench-95+chains 7x3, 115+CHx3, 135+CHx1
2.Close grip 2-board press- 135+chains 3x6
3.Front/rear delt raise supersets- 3 sets
4.V-grip pulldowns- 100 lbs 3x12
5.Lat rows w/light bands- 5 sets

Good session. All done in about 40 minutes. I think I am going to try and hit the triceps harder by doing more close-grip work.

Saturday Fever
10-25-2002, 10:16 AM
Do you compete in bench as well, or just deads? I don't know much about meets, but you seem to push enough to do well.

Chris Rodgers
10-25-2002, 07:21 PM
December 7th I am doing a push/pull and in March I will do a full meet.

Saturday Fever
10-25-2002, 11:55 PM
What registers as "elite" in your weight class? I saw mine was 1731 pounds and decided I would never BE "elite." :)

Chris Rodgers
10-26-2002, 08:35 AM
Haha, never say never.

I think the 148's is 1394 and the 165's is 1527. So depending on which one I end up, that is what I must shoot for.

Side note- I woke up this morning to the sound of the Fedex guy knocking on my door with my new Power bar. Ace!!! This biatch won't go bending on me like the other bar.

Chris Rodgers
10-26-2002, 04:11 PM
1.Conventional deads off of 3" blocks- 405x1,435x1
2.Suspended GM's(39")- 185x2, 205x1
3.Zerchers off floor- 185x1, 235x1, 255x1

My dead is dying. :( I have been having good sessions as far as benching goes and squatting, but my deadlift work has been crappy lately. I have just not felt strong pulling in a while. I don't have that same intensity as usual. I'm in a funk. 435 was way harder than it should have been. These are performed with the plates resting on 3" blocks so the ROM is shorter. Next week I rest deads. The week after we are doing a practice push/pull and then I will not pull again until the meet on 12/7.

The bright spot of the session was zerchering 255 off the floor!! Second time trying these. It was hard, but I had a little more left in me. Can't wait til 315 falls on these. :D

ME bench tomorrow

10-26-2002, 04:14 PM
Email me at theman43@hotmail.com. I've got something that will get your deadlift going.

10-26-2002, 06:51 PM
Nice work on the zerchers!
we must be half brothers or something, everytime one of our lifts go up the other persons does weird:confused:

Chris Rodgers
10-27-2002, 02:39 PM

ME bench
1.Shirted bench press(Inzer)- 225x1(2-board), 240 lbs 2x1
2.Close grip 3-boards- 135+chainsx3, 155+CHx3, 175+CHx3, 185+CHx1, 195+CHxmiss
3.Seated pin press- 115x2, 135x1, 150x1, 155xmiss
4.Lats w/light bands- 5 sets

I used my old shirt today. It is loose as hell. Not too much pop on 240. I did 2 paused singles with it, but both reps were slower than I'd like them to be.

PR's on close grip 3-boards w/chains and on seated pin presses.

Squat on Tuesday.

Chris Rodgers
10-30-2002, 07:32 PM
Squat day
1.Squats- 285 lbs 2x5
2.High box squat(~15")- 185+medium bandsx2, 205+MBx2, 225+MBx2, 225+MB+mini bandsx2, 225+MB+light bandsx1!!

Those two exercises damn near killed me. I have no clue what kind of tension was coming from the bands on the last few sets, but it was a lot! After this workout I went to Kung-Fu and proceeded to get my ass kicked some more until my quads locked up on me..again. No more Kung-Fu right after squat training. tuttut

Today, I went to Gold's Gym and helped Beercan bench and my friend Pete squat. Beercan hit Pr's on board presses and Pete hit 675 for 2 singles on the squat. He then went on to go for a PR with 725, but missed. After that he did some squat lockouts and got up to friggin 1,015!!!!! I thought the bar was gonna snap. It looked like it was made of jello. Shiat was turning heads!

Speed bench tomorrow.

Chris Rodgers
11-03-2002, 08:29 PM
DE bench
1.Speed bench- 115 lbs 8x3, 185x1, 205x1, 225x1
2. 4-board press- 255x1, 270xmiss, 265x1, 280xmiss, 225x3(close)
3.Close grip bench- 185x5
4.Front/rear delt raise supersets- 3 sets
5.Lats w/light bands- 5 sets

225 went up better this time than last time and it was with a medium grip. Felt weak on 4-boards.

Chris Rodgers
11-03-2002, 08:38 PM
1.Seated GM's w/cambered bar- 185x3, 205x3, 225x2, 245x1
2.Zerchers off floor- 185x1, 225x1, 265x1
3.Back ext- BWx1set, BW+25x1 set
4.Decline situps- BWx1set, BW+25x1 set

I was away this weekend visiting some of my girlfriend's friends in Philly. I trained at her friend's gym and it was weird. Of cours I choose two of the weirdest exercises anyone has ever seen and people were staring at me like crazy. :p I never used a cambered bar or did seated GM's, so those were different for me. Being small I was able to get very deep with them and they felt great. Some guy who was benching 105 with his feet on the bench and then moved over to inclines where he topped of at 95 was trying to give me advice. He thought I was going to hurt my spine. I wanted to hurt his spine, lol. After I briefly told him I was using them to stregthen my lower back, he watched one more set and then left the room.

265 is the most I have gotten off the floor with zerchers too. 275 will go next time. I left some in the tank here.

All in all a good sessionn a place I thought was going to be a terrible workout.

the doc
11-03-2002, 08:45 PM
how are you doing zerchers off the floor, are you nuts man :D

Chris Rodgers
11-03-2002, 08:53 PM
Haha, I probably look nuts. This is the third or fourth time I have done them. I started doing them after I read that Louie Simmons got 320 off the floor @181 lbs waaaay back in the day. My goal is to beat that. They really hit the hips, back and abs hard!!!

Chris Rodgers
11-06-2002, 04:36 PM
On Monday I messed around and worked up to 225x1 and 185x7 on declines. About an hour later my buddy Pete came over and we did some deads off chains with the plates 2" off the ground. I worked up to a 405 both conventional and sumo with no belt.

Squat day
1.Squats- 300 lbs 2x3
2.Standing abs- 3 sets

That's it. We are having the first ever Madhouse Gym Push/Pull this Saturday. I am resting until then. Should be a good show with 7 or so lifters. If anyone is out on the Island and wants to test out there bench and deadlift this Saturday let me know.

11-08-2002, 04:31 PM
hah, im testing tomorrow too! g/l

and latty, me and u wont be i nthe same weight class much longer.. if i dont grow by march , im dieting down to 132 again .. cause im only 142 now :( and im holding a lot of water.. and some fat

Chris Rodgers
11-08-2002, 06:08 PM
Good luck to you too fatboy. :p

Maybe I'll diet down to 132 also. LOL

Just under 17 hours til the Madhouse Gym Push/Pull!!!

11-09-2002, 12:16 PM

chris mason
11-09-2002, 01:49 PM
Hey Chris, can you post a picture, or link, of zerchers? I might give them a try.

As a note of interest (maybe), I am going to hit the deads again. My goal is another 100 lbs, we shall see.

chris mason
11-09-2002, 07:33 PM
Ok, give me a number for a good off-the-floor Zercher. FAngel gave me a link, so I see how to do them. Tell me what a really good pull would be. I want to see how I am at them.

Chris Rodgers
11-10-2002, 10:29 PM
Well, right after the push/pull I callenged anyone who wanted in to a zercher off the floor contest. So after 4 heavy deadlift attempts as part of a 4 hour meet of benches and the deads I got 290 off the floor on Zerchers and my buddy Pete who is ~225 got 335 off the floor.

Chris Rodgers
11-10-2002, 10:39 PM
Madhouse Gym Push/Pull


Those are weight classes. Actual bodyweights were at or lower than those numbers.

Alison- 60-70-80-90(miss)
Joey- 165-180-190-200
Chris- 225-270-280(miss)-280(miss)
Jeremy- 225-275(miss)-285(miss)
Scot- 245-275-285-290(miss)
Pete- 425-445-455(miss)-455(miss)

Alison- 160-185-200(miss)-200(miss)
Joey- 335-365(miss)-365(miss)-365(miss)
Chris- 415-445-465(miss)-465(miss)
Jeremy- 455-515(miss)-515(miss)-515(miss)
Scot- 335-395-430-450
Pete- 520-560-585(miss)-585(miss)

That's it. The Pete and I did Zerchers off the floor.

That was a PR for me on paused benches. The deadlift was 3xbw(445@147), but not my best perfromance.

Great job by all the lifters. I was very proud of everyone. :D

11-10-2002, 10:43 PM
Good job goes out to everyone at MadHouse gym!
P.S. Latties a fatty:)

Chris Rodgers
11-12-2002, 07:28 PM
Squat day
1.Squat- 315x3, 335x2, 350x2
2.Walkouts- 405 x1(hold for about 10 seconds)
3.Pull thrus- 5 sets

Good session. I was rather strong considering I was shot from this weekend's events.I was due to do 2 triples with 315, but I have changed my mind. I am cutting the squat cycle short and going right back to Westside after my meet on 12/7. That means I will squat next week heavy and then max the following week.

I'm 99% positive that 350x2 is a PR for me. I think the most I have ever done for a double is 335. Next week I'll do like 360-365 for a double or two.

Speed bench Thursday.

the doc
11-12-2002, 07:44 PM
dude that was an awesome session at the madhouse

lots of misses though, everyone eyes were bigger then their muscle! :p

Chris Rodgers
11-14-2002, 06:31 PM
DE bench
1.Speed bench- 90+minis doubled 7x3, 110+MDx3, 135+MDx1, 155+MDx1
2. 3-board press w/bands- 135+MDx6, 155+MDx3,3, 165+MDx1, 175+MDx1
3.DB clean and press- 50's 4x3
4.V-grip lat pulldowns- 140x6, 160x6, 180x6
5.DB row- 75x6, 85x6, 100x6

Good session. Everything got hit hard. Really hard on the lats today.

For the clean and press I would clean it from the floor and then do three presses.

Gonna do some goodmornings and stuff on Saturday.

Chris Rodgers
11-16-2002, 11:32 AM
1.Suspended GM's(close/44")- 185x3, 205x3, 225x3
2.Rack pulls(9")- 405x1, 455x1
3.Deadlift lockouts- 495x1, 545x1, 585x1, 605x1
4.Reverse hypers- 1xBW, 1xBW+mini, 1xBW

A little sore coming in. Went beltless on GM's and felt good. Tried to do 405 overhand on rack pulls, but couldn't. Mixed grip went to a fairly easy 455. The difference in my deadlift from starting on a block all the way through the bar 9" off the floor is minimal. I can pull about the same weight either way. Weird.

Deadlift lockouts had me moving the bent bar only a few inches. Just really wanted to see what I could lockout and hold. More of a neural thing than anything. That is the most weight I have ever held though so that is cool.

ME bench tomorrow.

11-17-2002, 02:13 AM
2.Rack pulls(9")- 405x1, 455x1

Good strength here on rack pulls? I am wondering man do you attribute a good deal of your upper back's overall thickness to rack pulls? Just wondering.

Chris Rodgers
11-17-2002, 09:27 AM
I really think it comes from a lot of heavy lifting. All deadlifts, rows, even stuff like squats and GM's from holding onto the weight. I rarely do any shrugs, but I'd definitely say my back is one of my strongest parts. I just suck at rack pulls lately for whatever reason.

Time + Patience
11-17-2002, 10:01 AM
Damn Latty, you do have some awesome Deadlift and back strength, I always thought you weighed 170 or something.

Your Dead is killer!!

I haven't read up on your whole journal, so I may have missed it, but do u have any current goals?

Chris Rodgers
11-18-2002, 04:26 PM
Thanks man. I am currently getting ready for a meet on December 7th where I will bench and deadlift. I'm just looking to do mbest there. My meet bests on those lifts are 240 and 460. I'll shoot to break those and total at least 720 between the two lifts. After that I have a lot of work to do on all my lifts before I compete again.

Chris Rodgers
11-18-2002, 08:06 PM
ME bench
1.Reverse band bench- 275x1, 305xmiss, 265x4
2.Floor press- 185x3, 205x1

I tapped out here because my shoulders were sore and my right one was bothering me a bit. Just need a little rest and I'll be fine for Thursday's speed work.

Chris Rodgers
11-18-2002, 08:11 PM
Squat day
1.Squats- 315x1, 365x2, 385xmiss, 385x1, 400xmiss

Well, long story short I have to drive my girlfriend to Staten Island tomorrow to pick up her car that broke down over the weekend. That meant no squat workout tomorrow. Went in today all sore and at about 85% tops. Hit 2 PR's. Ace!!

The first set with 385 I tried with th straps up on my squat suit. Felt awkward and missed it bad. Second attempt I went straps down and smoked it. On the 400 I fell abot an inch forward at the bottom and it threw me off. I wanted to save it for next week after that. Next Tuesday I will go in just to get a 1RM. 4 plates will go!

Went to the gym with Pete after that and he squatted 7 plates for 3 singles. The whole place was clapping after the first attempt. It rocked. He will kick ass at his meet on 12/7.

Chris Rodgers
11-22-2002, 05:41 PM
DE bench
1.Speed bench- 80+minis doubled 3x3, 80+MD+chains 3x3, 80+MDx3, 95+MDx3, 135+MDx1, 155+MDx1
2.Close grip lockouts(4")- 185+MDx5, 225+MDx3, 245+MDx1, 275x4(no bands), 315xmiss
3.Lats w/bands- 3 sets

Lost energy quickly. I think I may skip ME bench this week to get some extra rest before the meet. I am feeling a little weak on bench days lately. I'll probably just go light.

Chris Rodgers
11-23-2002, 11:13 AM
1.Sumo deadlifts- 405x1,430x1, 450x1, 405x4, 425x1

We went to the local Gold's today to train. We like to do this from time to time. Lift in a different environment. Helps to get ready for a meet. Everyone pulled real well.

This is the most I have pulled sumo without the aid of a suit. I just used a belt and chalk. I weighed ~146-147. The most I have ever pulled for reps was 405x2, so 405x4 was a PR as well. I have 2 weeks until my meet. I'm not sure if I will pull next week. If I do I won't go over 4 plates.

Chris Rodgers
11-25-2002, 05:08 PM

easy bench day
1.Decline bench- 185x8
2.Close grip bench- 135x12

That's it. Just went nice and light then helped the other guys. Gonna shirt up after speed work this week and take a weight.

Squats Tuesday!!

11-26-2002, 09:15 AM
Greetings from an ex-pat in Japan. I've only just started and have been trying to put together a program from the various (and sometimes conflicting) articles at the Elite website. I notice from your journal that many of your workouts have considerably less volume than most of the recommended routines at Elite. Is this because you don't list all your assistance excs. or are you just choosing to do a little less volume?

11-26-2002, 09:41 AM
Originally posted by LATMAN
1.Sumo deadlifts- 405x1,430x1, 450x1, 405x4, 425x1

Good job with the volume and strength on these you skinny biatch! :thumbup:

11-26-2002, 12:34 PM
you went to the gym to do 2 sets that were not to failure and mess around?

Saturday Fever
11-26-2002, 12:40 PM
Originally posted by magoo
Greetings from an ex-pat in Japan. I've only just started and have been trying to put together a program from the various (and sometimes conflicting) articles at the Elite website. I notice from your journal that many of your workouts have considerably less volume than most of the recommended routines at Elite. Is this because you don't list all your assistance excs. or are you just choosing to do a little less volume?

If you take a closer look, he uses variations of his main lifts as the assistance work in many cases. I felt the same way you do initially.

11-26-2002, 01:27 PM
Originally posted by Reinier
you went to the gym to do 2 sets that were not to failure and mess around?

His gym is in his basement.

Chris Rodgers
11-26-2002, 04:03 PM
Thanks EP.

My gym is in my basement. My lower body workouts have not been following a Westside type split for quite some time, so I have been throwing in stuff like box squats, GM's and pull thrus as assistance here and there.

For bench the last few months I have been experimenting with lots of heavy pressing. I have a meet in 11 days, so I'll see if it pays off. My lockout is much stronger than it was a few months ago on board presses and stuff so we'll see.

Also, I work a physical job 40-50 hours a week and try to train Kung-Fu whenever I physically can and I am natty, so I try not to go overboard on volume.

Chris Rodgers
11-26-2002, 07:39 PM
1.Squats-315x1, 365x1, 390xmiss, 390x1, 405xmiss, 315x5
2.Pull thrus- 5 sets

Hit a PR, but missed the big one. The first 390 killed me because I started to come forward out of the hole. Luckily Pete saw this and helped me up before I really strained myself. Came back and took it again, this time staying straighter and smoked it. Moved the 405 like 2" out of the hole and died. I will go over 400 for sure at the next meet that I squat in which is in March.

DE bench on Turkey day.

For the record, my best powerlifts are currently at:

squat- 390
bench- 270
deadlift- 460

weight- 148

For the meet in March I want 1,200+. I will be heavier then which will help. I will also have a better squat suit which should help too. I'm looking to go ~400-~300-~500. Lot of work to do between now and then though.

the doc
11-26-2002, 07:43 PM
latty this big guy i was talking to today about dumped a load in his pants when i told him a buck-fifty pound young fella like yourself could pull 450+

way to go man!

Chris Rodgers
11-26-2002, 07:45 PM
Hehe, thanks man. If I ever figure out this digital camera stuff I can put up video of it so there will be no doubts. If I figure it out I'll put footage of this coming meet online so you guys can see.

11-26-2002, 08:38 PM
Originally posted by LATMAN
Hehe, thanks man. If I ever figure out this digital camera stuff I can put up video of it so there will be no doubts. If I figure it out I'll put footage of this coming meet online so you guys can see.

Pfft! We all know you use painted styrofoam weights. ;)

12-03-2002, 06:44 PM
Not sure if i'll be on here in the next few days so good luck at your meet! May the lifts be light and lights be white!

Chris Rodgers
12-03-2002, 08:44 PM
Thanks man.

We lifted on Saturday. Didn't feel great. Worked up to a shirted 270 off a 1-board. Then worked up to a single with 405 on deads. Rest this week, meet Saturday. Weight is right on target.

Chris Rodgers
12-07-2002, 08:21 PM

USAPL NY State Bench/Dead Champs

Bench Press
1st: 225-good
2nd: 245-miss
3rd: 265-miss(made the lift...explanation below)

1st: 415-good
2nd: 440-good
3rd: 465-miss

Total- 3/6 for 665(should have been 705)
Weight- 146

On the bench, after my first attempt the judge told me I couldn't stay on the balls of my feet. He said the foot had to be flat the whole time. This was news to me, so I basically had to change my bench form. Totally missed my 2nd attempt half-way up. I am chalking up and walking toward the bench for my third attempt and he tells me I can't take my head off the bench when bringing the bar down. WTF!! I do this everyime and have done it in USAPL meets and asked judges and they said ok. Get your act together folks!! So I do the lift and as usual my head comes up. I make the ift, but 2 judges give me reds because my head came up. GRRRRRR!! :mad:

On the deads, the 440 was smoked, but the 465 only went half way. The 440 was good enough to win me best lifter in the light weight deadlifts. This actually won me a gift certificate for a $55 deadlift suit from Rickey Dale Crain. That was a nice surprise. Not too bad for an off day.

Chris Rodgers
12-07-2002, 08:27 PM
Oh and the bench and deadlift were both state records for the USAPL Junior bench and dead. So those are my first official records. :D

12-07-2002, 08:42 PM
Sweet job. You are the poster boy for skinny whores who think they can't be strong! Way to show em! :D :p

Chris Rodgers
12-07-2002, 08:44 PM
Thanks. That means a lot to me coming from a twinkie-eating whore. ;)

12-07-2002, 08:44 PM
Oh and maybe cheap ass cloughface could sponsor you once he gets his supp line up and running. Then you could wear a cheesy shirt him and his tosser friends design at your meets and he could give ya supps or something! Just a thought. Dan, make it so!

Chris Rodgers
12-07-2002, 10:38 PM
New schedule starting 12/10:


Tue- ME squat/dl
Thu- DE bench
Sat- DE squat/dl
Sun- ME bench

I will be working a lot on weaknesses and not doing as much of the stiff that I am already 'good' at. Less heavy pulling and more goodmornings, abs, shoulders, lats, box squats, stuff like that.

Gonna kick it off with max effort seated cambered bar GM's on Tuesday.

12-08-2002, 05:16 AM
Well done Chris. Superb work at the meet

Originally posted by ElPietro
Oh and maybe cheap ass cloughface could sponsor you once he gets his supp line up and running. Then you could wear a cheesy shirt him and his tosser friends design at your meets and he could give ya supps or something! Just a thought. Dan, make it so!


12-09-2002, 04:12 PM
Ace lifting Latty, Even on a off day you can still hit a triple bw dead!

Paul Stagg
12-10-2002, 04:44 PM
Originally posted by LATMAN

On the bench, after my first attempt the judge told me I couldn't stay on the balls of my feet. He said the foot had to be flat the whole time. This was news to me, so I basically had to change my bench form. Totally missed my 2nd attempt half-way up. I am chalking up and walking toward the bench for my third attempt and he tells me I can't take my head off the bench when bringing the bar down. WTF!! I do this everyime and have done it in USAPL meets and asked judges and they said ok. Get your act together folks!! So I do the lift and as usual my head comes up. I make the ift, but 2 judges give me reds because my head came up. GRRRRRR!! :mad:

Great lifting!

The meet I was in this weekend was also USAPL. Sounds like they've recently changed some things, and haven't communicated well. According to the rules I got, it is NOW ok to lift your head, but didn't used to be (the USAPL rulebook says you can't lift your head). Feet have to be 'mostly' flat on the floor, the main thing is they can't move much.

chris mason
12-10-2002, 05:29 PM
Good job!

I think they should post a set of rules on the net before your meet, thus allowing you to properly prepare.