View Full Version : FitDay and Calorie Help

09-04-2007, 07:44 PM
well i took your guys advice and got the FitDay started today. thats an amazing program. i can't believe all the crap i have been eating when you actually keep track of it. im pretty excited now to see the gains i will get without even bulking or cutting, just by cleaning up my diet alot. i ate slightly healthier today and still had alot of fat in my diet.. can't even imagine what it used to look like

What was the ratio of carbs to protein to fat? isnt like 60/30/10 or something?

also, what would happen to the body if one just cleaned up their diet and kept their calories the same.? just get more solid?

well sorry for all the questions and blabbering im just amazed that there is such a program that helps with the calorie intake. im really excited to clean up my diet and watch my body and gains transform :)