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09-08-2007, 04:25 PM
Where to start..

To put it bluntly: I hate writing long , descriptive paragraphs about myself. I'd rather list things yet it doesn't do me enough justice for some reason. This'll be my second attempt at an online workout journal. My first attempt failed @ BB.com due to...well...lack of motivation pertaining to hardly any replies.

Let's cut to the chase though!

My name's Brett. I'm 17 years of age...I've been lifting since July-August 2006. From then till now Ive only been using compound exercises due to not having a gym membership. (will change soon.) Currently I only have access to an olympic weight set, another barbell, and dumb bells.

My first 6 months were rather productive, as I went from a measly 125-130lbs'er to 150lbs @ 12% ish. Then; due to personal reasons regarding a stupid ass girl , I went into series of cuts where I lost lots of mass stupidly.

From June-till now Ive been bulking. Went from 148-160 @13.5%

Diet consists of rouglhy 4000 calories, yet I'll be lowering them a tad due to my body fat % peaking a tad much , resulting in the calling of horrid love handles. *shudders*

I supplement with just whey protein, muscle juice, and the occasional 5g of Creatine Mono here and there.

My main goal's are to achieve a physique weighing in @ 180lbs, with no more than 14% body fat by January 2008. I would also like to join the 1000 club by this time as well. From there on out I will assess my current achievment and decide whether or not I want to follow it with a cut.

Current height/weight : 5'5'' 160lbs. @ 13.5%


Current lifts :

Flat bench - 170x9 , maxed 1 month ago @ 205x1 w/no spotter.
Deadlift - 300x8 , 250x15.
Squat - 250x8

Started squatting perhaps 3 months ago if that. I didn't have a squat rack where I lived then , so currently Im ghetto rigging it with my TV and dresser lmao. Deadlift has stalled over the months due to not having anymore weight to pull...via I NEEDA JOIN A GYM.

My current training split is rather iffy. It ranges from time to time, and any routine anybody would like to recommend would be great. (i was debating to incorporate powerlifting methods into my routine...) It usually goes like this :

Day 1: Chest/Tris
Day 2: Back/Bis
Day 3: Off
Day 4: Legs
Day 5: Chest/Shoulders/maybe tris
Day 6: Forearms, Abs, yadi yada
Day 7: off

So that's that...Today is leg day so it'll consist of Heavy squats, Hack squats, and DB lunges.

09-08-2007, 04:27 PM
Here are pics of me from about a week ago. Tri was taken last night.

Front relaxed= Me during a workout with a pump, yet Im relaxed...
Tricep=...Side tri. Yeah.