View Full Version : CKD Questions

03-07-2002, 05:13 PM
While on CKD,

1. What is the purpose of the full body workout before carb ups
and is it limited to one set per body part?
2. Do you need a pre w/o meal like protein powder?
3. Do you use protein and fats only for post w/o?
4. Let's say protein and fats only for post w/o, do I need to increase my creatine dosage since there are no carbs?

Thanks for any info.

irish mike
03-07-2002, 05:47 PM
the workout pre carb up is to deplete the majority of glycogen from your muscles.eat a piece of fruit high in fructose an hour before that workout.its the fastest way to kick yourself out of ketosis and puts your body in a sugar burning mode for maximum glycogen depletion.as far as creatine goes save it for your carb up and take some insulin potentators like ALA and chromium.pre carb up i do one set per body part 15 reps 1 min rest between sets