View Full Version : Slow and steady - getting there

10-13-2007, 03:55 AM
Just something to help me track my progress.

I'm interested in powerlifting, but I've only been hitting the gym seriously for the one month. All the people are bodybuilders in my small local but one guy is a powerlifter so he's keen to help me.

I'm looking at my work outs as total body routines right now. One day I'll squat, then DL, then bench - while throwing in all kinds of other things to make me stronger. My numbers are low in the big three so I'm spending time on assitance work (abs, back etc).

Fri 12/10/07

BW dips

8 - 8 - 6

Calf Press (On leg press)

(176) 2 x 8
(220) 2 x 8

Standing One Leg Calf Raise
(on Machine)

(100) 6 x 8


(130) - 5 x 6


(130) - 5 x 8

Barbell roll forward

3 x 8

Barbell plank

3 x 30 sec

Cable crunches

2 x 8

Twisted cable crunches

4 x 8 (2 on each side)

Wide grip pullups

8 - 6 - 4

Finished myself off with a few sets of wide grip pull-ups. Done by the last set of those. Feeling okay and totally ready for my steak, sausages, fried egg, beans and potatos once I got home.