View Full Version : Time to cut...feel free to advise...

10-16-2007, 07:58 AM
Have got to the stage where I need a cut.

This link was posted the other day and this is the one i'm going with.


Looking at the pics, i'm sitting at 200lbs/18% BF and even though he has 30lb on me, i look like the top pic.

going to try this cut as a learning curve/experiment.

I would appreciate your advice if you have anything constructive to add.

with regards to training, it's a 3 day split M/W/F, so i'm going to throw in 2 - 3 days of cardio in there.

the first 2 weeks, i am replicating the "fat-fast" diet he mentions.
Taking in pretty much nothing but fish oil & Nitrean double scoop shakes.
Estimate I need about 5 of these shakes a day ( correct me if i'm wrong please).

The next 4 weeks will be low-carb Mon - Fri, with a carb refeed Sat & Sun.

After that initial 6 weeks, i'll redevelop my diet based on where i am bf wise at the time.

Will update weekly on my progress.....or lack of it!

Wish me luck!