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10-19-2007, 04:22 PM
I should probally out this in the intro section but this area is my biggest problem so here it goes.

Okay i've had a different account on this site before and now i'm starting new and really need help. I've learned alot from this site about various things and though I am no experet I have the basic understanding of what I need to do to get in shape. As my backround story currently I just turned 17 weigh around 285 lbs. (fat mosty) and am slightly over 6 foot 3. I've always been a big kid my whole life and I'm definitely fat but i've never been like a round ball or anything i've always played sports etc. been quite sucsessful but just not in shape. I started lifting last year and lifted consistently for a few months and got nice improvements. Soon however I quit because the gym was really expensive and The friend I lifted with was really inconsistent about going which made me not want to go. As soon as soccer is over i'm going to get a gym membership at a much nicer and more affordable place and start lifting again.

Problem area: I really think my main problem is diet/motivation. For a while I was really doing good with it cutting out crap soda cutting calories etc. But it seems like I fall off so easy. For example i'll go good for a week and my mom will bring home takeout and I fall off. Or I cut soda and in 3 days I have one soda and the floodgates open and I just don't care. I really really need suggestions to keep me motivated for the whole time constant reminders I really don't know?

I played soccer this year and actually start for my school. I feel I can run alot better than before but I haven't lost much weight. I think this is because of my diet preventing it.

Goals: I really really need to get in shape for myself and stay commited but my diet is so hard to keep on track and I really have never been in shape and hope its achievable. I want to definitely get stronger and lift but the thing I really need more than anything is to lose weight.

Now please give me all the advice you have but I really understand the like beginenr basics absolute beginner so please spare your time and mine and thank you for your time.

10-19-2007, 04:37 PM
i'm no expert but as i understand it sugar has alot to do with, affecting moods and therefore motivation. when consumed your body turns it into glucose which is absorbed into the blood stream, your pancreas then produces insullin to deal with it. lower insulin levels help with fat-loss, increased energy and general well being. if you maintain your insullin levels so they don't go up and down all the time you can control your moods allowing you to stay in control. from my experience my previously fluctuating insullin levels caused my moodswings which i was unaware of. since changing my eating habits i do feel more in control of myself and more able to focus on my goals and stay determined.

10-19-2007, 05:41 PM
Work yourself into a perfect diet one week at a time. Try this for example:
week 1 - make a list of all healthy foods that you enjoy eating. If you like broccolli, put it on the list. If you like milk, put it on there as well. Chicken...put it on.

week 2 - cut down on sugars and fast foods. Don't completely eliminate them, but just cut down. Start to eat MORE healthy stuff, and less unhealthy stuff. For instance instead of having a big mac or whatever your mom gets for you, get a Grilled chiken sandwich, no mayo, no cheese.

week 3 - Continue to eat more healthy foods such as fish, chicken, veggies, nuts, milk, brown rice, etc... Start pushing yourself a little bit harder to resist the urge to eat crappy foods, and replace them with healthy foods (this starts to get easier once you start lifting too, because you start to see a change in your body).

week 4 - Start taking ON protien (or any other protien supplement, ON is just a very tasty brand). Maybe have that for breakfast everyday mixed with milk. Eat a banana along with it, and maybe some eggs.

week 5 - If you have been progressing in the last month by lifting and eating better, you should start to see some changes in your body, so you should be a little bit more motivated at this point. Construct a diet plan consisting of 6 meals (or 3 meals, with 3 healthy snacks in between such as a protien shake and a banana). Use a program like Fitday.com to track your macronutrient ratios (carbs/protien/fats) and calories. You could count calories, but it's really not necessary at this point. If you eat 6 small, healthy meals a day and workout your bodyfat will drop significantly. A perfect meal consists of a lean meat (chicken or tuna), a starchy carb (brown rice or sweet potato), and a fibrous carb (veggie). It's not necessary to eat 6 "perfect" meals a day at this point, but eventually you will get optimal results if you do.

And so on and so forth....

Hope that helps. It's just an idea of how to go about it, but basically just eat A LOT of healthy foods and cut out the bad foods. To sucessfully lose body fat it takes a whole lot of eating. Eat every 3 hours and never let yourself go hungry, but remember to eat the right stuff.