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11-04-2007, 11:17 AM
Hey everyone! :hello: New to the forum - well, sort of... I've used the forum before but a lot has changed since then so I'm under a new name and I'm starting over in a sense. I just ran my first (of hopefully many) marathon a couple weeks ago and am taking some time off the running for a while to work on being more toned and stronger. I've been through several injuries in the past two years, including one that resulted in a surgery and 6 weeks on crutches. I've realized that the only way to help prevent these injuries is to become stronger and develop better muscle control. All of this will make me faster in my races...hence "faster, better, stronger".

Sundays will be rest days that I will use to make sure I'm hydrated enough, getting enough protein and rest...rest is a big one. Getting me to relax is tough so I'll use Sundays to re-coop.

Mondays will be back and bi. I love the combination and those are typically my favorite workouts so what better way to start the week? I'll also do about 30 minutes of cardio to warm-up and prep for the lifting workout.

Tuesdays will be chest and tri. Probably my least favorite just because those are my weakest muscle groups. Bear with me as those weights will be lower and probably struggle the most. Granted - most all of the weights I post here will be much lower than any of yours. Again, 30 minutes of cardio to warm up.

Wednesdays will be legs and abs. My abs used to be amazing and I want that back!!! I'll be doing some "weightless" ab exercises during the week to help that tone but I'll do some intense ab workouts these days. As usual, cardio will kick it all off.

Thursdays will be back and bi again. Being the second of these days in the week, I'll do more refining work - more reps, lower weight and on the smaller muscle groups. This will be new to me so any recommendations are welcome. Repeat cardio plan here.

Fridays will be a chest and tri repeat under the same premise as Thursday. More refining. Cardio.

Saturdays are legs and abs again...follow the pattern and include the cardio.

Like I mentioned, my weights will be lower than most of yours and although I'm not building to be big, I found the support here before to be wonderful and I got some great information. Any support is appreciated but I'll be posting information here regularly. If I miss posting one day I will post the numbers later. Getting on track quickly will be key so that I have a routine down before I start making more business trips again. I always stay at a hotel with a gym so if I make a habit of this before my next trip, I know I'll be more likely to hit to gym at the hotel. Leg workouts might be tough here and light at first because I fractured my foot in the marathon and its not totally healed yet. I'll still work my legs as well as I can though.

Feel free to ask any questions and push me. Be tough...I can handle it. Its go time.

11-06-2007, 07:20 PM
I didn't update yesterday but I did lift...

Monday - back and bi

Deads: bar + 30 lbs. 2*10
bar + 40 lbs. 1*10
bar + 50 lbs. 1*8

Reverse grip pull downs: 20 lbs 3*10

Bent-over rows: 25 lbs. 3*10

Wide grip pull downs: 50 lbs. 3*10

Db and hammer curls: 10 lbs. 2*10 of each form

Tuesday - chest and tri

Barbell bench: bar + 5 lbs. 1*10
bar + 10 lbs. 1*10
bar + 15 lbs. 1*10

Flies: 10 lbs. 3*10

Incline db press: 20 lbs. 3*10

Kickbacks: 10 lbs. 3*10

Pressdowns: 20 lbs (had to help it a little) 2*10

Modified dips (cable): 20 lbs. 1*10
30 lbs. 1*8 (help on left arm)

Db bench: 20lbs 3*10

Overall felt pretty good. I'm tired today (Tuesday) as I didn't sleep well last night but I'm heading to bed early to make up for it. Good night...

11-08-2007, 07:58 PM
Wednesday - legs and shoulders
No squat cage so db squats: 25 lbs. 3*10
Leg curls: 80 lbs. 3*10
Leg extensions: 40 lbs. 3*10
Upright rows: 40 lbs. 1*10
50 lbs. 2*10
Front and rear raises: 5 lbs. 1*10
10 lbs. 1*10

Thursday 40 minutes cardio; my legs were pretty sore but I needed to do something. Back to weights tomorrow and I'll be hitting my abs. Feelin' good - my friend has definitely noticed my increased energy if nothing else... that's a good sign, right? :clap:

11-13-2007, 06:49 PM
The fractured foot started hurting again so I backed off...but I was back at it on

Monday - back and bi
Deads - bar +20 3*10
Reverse grip pulldowns - 50 lbs. 3*10
Bent over rows - 25 lbs 3*10
wide grip pulldowns - 50 lbs. 3*10
db curls and hammers - 15 lbs 2*10

Tuesday - chest and tri
Bench - bar +10 3*10
Flies - 10 lbs. 3*10
Incline dbs - 15 lbs. 1*10; 20 lbs. 2*10
Kick-backs - 10 lbs. 2*10; 15 lbs. 1*10
Skull crushers - 20 lbs. 1*10; 25 lbs. 2*10
Db bench - 20 lbs. 3*10
Press downs - 2 hands; 30 lbs. 3*10

The fracture hurts again so tomorrow will be only chest and abs. I feel like I'm wussing out but I don't want to break the bone clean through so I'm going to take it easy...