View Full Version : Children's Christmas Classic Bench Meet was a HUGE success!!!

12-02-2007, 02:50 PM
Just letting every one know the meet was a HUGE success. We more than met all of our Charity goals. We rasied well over $1000 and a TON of Toys.

Thanks to everyone involved for helping and for all you who missed a great meet this mark your Calenders for Dec 6th next yr.

The biggest bench in the contest was 630 pounds by Jayson McNett of Toledo Ohio. And best lifter went to Chris Edgar from New Jersey with 585 pounds.

We had 4 guys come in from Milwaukee Wisconsin and 3 guys make the 11 hr drive from the Jersey Shores. We all went out afterwards and the after party was off the hook. Look for Drinking Contest videos of Mike Wolfe doing a "Irish Car Bomb" against a bunch of guys who drink. I smoked 'em!!!!

The Sposnosrs who stepped up helped out HUGE!!! I wanna extend a Big Thank You to At Large Nutrition and Inzer Advance Designs for all that they sent. Also Thank to Seeker Skullptures, Diesel Test, PL USA, House of Pain, and Everyone else who helped out

Anyway the meet was a HUGE success and everyone had a good time!!! Like I said earlier mark your 2008 calenders for Dec 6th. Hope to see you then!!!!


Isaac Wilkins
12-03-2007, 03:43 AM
Congrats, Mike, it was a great thing you did!

Good work on the winning car bomb race, too! That's how you represent the home team!