View Full Version : Results of my Oly Comp.

12-07-2007, 01:53 AM
It was only a fairly informal comp but a comp nevertheless.

Weighed in at 97kg (213lbs), which is good as im hoping to work my way down to the 94's so I was happy to see I lost some weight.

Snatch first, did a few warm ups then started on 55kg(121lbs). Not a great deal of weight but I'm still fairly new in the sport. This was a pretty bad lift and my arms were all over the joint at the bottom but I managed to stand up with it. Next I took 58kg(128lbs) which was a much cleaner lift and I felt like I really nailed the second pull (for once :P, I normally don't shrug nearly enough). Last lift was 60kg(135lbs). I kind of wanted to go for more as I've hit 60kg in training, however as I'm a fairly new lifter I decided to just stick with what the coach told me :P. I hammered it, ripped it up and got under it pretty quick. Stood straight up without a wobble. Very happy with my snatches as always, it's my favourite lift and I rarely miss when trying new PB's.

Clean and jerk was unfortunately a sadder story. I'm not entirely sure why but I absolutely suck at catching the clean in the bottom. It absolutely infuriates me and is definitely something I need to work on. In my first comp I just Power Cleaned instead as I simply wanted to get 6/6 attempts. This time I decided to try and do the lifts right and do full cleans. First attempt of 65kg(143lbs) was ok, bit of a dodgy catch but I managed to stand up with it. Jerk was fine though I was a bit psyched out from almost missing the catch. Apparently I pressed out but the coach thought it was minor enough to ignore. He's normally pretty strict so I'm assuming it was really minor. Next attempt was 70kg which I have gotten before but only with a power clean. Unfortunately fooked up the clean (coach says I need to get my elbows around faster under the bar). The weight fell forward and I missed. Same thing unfortunately happened with the 3rd attempt which left me pretty annoyed as I wanted to hit 70kg pretty bad but... I'm sure I'll have another chance.

Oh and all of this was after an 8hr day as a removalist on a pretty hot day lol, so I'm not too annoyed.

12-07-2007, 06:29 AM
Congrats man, Great lifts.

12-07-2007, 10:49 AM
Good job man.