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03-13-2002, 10:38 AM
What's your daily/weekly w/o routine like?

I copied this from another bb site. Tell me what you think of it. Looks like a killer w/o especially when you feel sluggish.

"So, what type of workout and cardio do you have to do while on CKD. Here is a sample workout routine based on a 6/1 CKD. (6day Ketosis/1day carb-up)"
1- 30 min cardio morning(empty stomach)/workout: Chest, Upper-Back, shoulders, arms, traps, abs
2- 30 min cardio morning/ workout: Legs, (includes, calfs, hams,quads), lower-back
3- 45 min cardio morning OR 1 hour cardio during the day
5- 30-45 min cardio AM no workout
6- 30 min cardio AM/ full body workout = circuit training 3-5 times (very light 20-25reps)
7- before carb-up…early in AM do a full body circuit workout 3-5 times (very light 20-25reps), then IMMEDIATELY begin CARB-UP.
-(DAY 1-6) For each bodypart do 1-2 exercises with 12-10-18-6 -dropset-12 reps---
ex: bench-press 12/10/8/6 drop set 12 reps
-You can increase the number of exercises for legs 1-3 with 12-10-8-6-12 reps---

irish mike
03-13-2002, 10:56 AM
the reason cardio is effective for health club types is that after prolonged excercise sugar stores are depleted and the body turns to an alternate fuel source(fat)with a ckd youre already in a fat burning mode.id do cardio maybe twice a week for the health benefits but any more in my opinion is detremental

03-13-2002, 11:24 AM
So what is your routine look like for the week? Here's mine but I"m still adjusting it a bit. This is the best I can do since my schedule is really hectic with work and school. I wonder if I should do a PM full body w/o on Sunday since I have rest on Mon. to bring me to ketosis faster.

Tue chest/tris/shoul
Thu back/bis/legs
Fri cardio
Sat Full body w/o carb up
Sun carb up until afternoon

03-13-2002, 12:28 PM
I'm doing a CKD. I agree with irish mike, there's not a big reason to do a lot of cardio while on it. I can tell you what's worked best for me is doing compound movements while on CKD, such as deadlifts, squats, and bench press.

Most people will front load their workouts right after their carb days in order to deplete their carbs that much quicker. So let's say your carb days are Saturday & Sunday. Here's what a lot of people do:

Mon: Legs/Back/tris
Tue: Chest/Shoulders/bis
Wed: Off /Cardio if you want
Thur: Off /Cardio if you want
Friday: Full body workout
Sat: Carb up /off
Sun: Carb up /off

As you see Mon & Tue is meant to deplete your carbs, and on Friday a full body workout is meant to prime your body for carb absorption. You should be in ketosis easily after Mon. & Tues heavy workouts. Remember, compound movements are best.

so the only problem I see with your schedule is that you need to at least have a workout on Monday, and preferably move that second one up to Tuesday, or very latest Wednesday. The sooner you get into ketosis the better.

I'm not an expert either, so maybe someone else can give you additional info. There's several people on here that could be considered experts on the subject.

03-13-2002, 12:40 PM
Originally posted by egobeater

Mon: Legs/Back/tris
Tue: Chest/Shoulders/bis
Wed: Off /Cardio if you want
Thur: Off /Cardio if you want
Friday: Full body workout
Sat: Carb up /off
Sun: Carb up /off

This is basically the routine from Duchaine's BodyOpus. I actually think cardio is *more* beneficial while doing a CKD than on a regular diet, since you're body is using ketones as fuel rather than glucose. But ketogenic diets are overrated IMO, anyways. But for some they are still the best option.