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Da Wasian
01-13-2008, 09:53 PM
Well I guess this isnt gunna be a journal till' monday.. Cause thats when Ima start workoing out or w/e.. but I dont really know where to start..

Well I have been fat for most of muh life and always wanted to change that.. Its here as of late that I decided to try.. Muh mom got me a weight bench for christmas (http://di1.shopping.com/images/di/64/33/70/30415363755434717a55306856464467694741-100x100-0-0.jpg)
I dont have but 80 pounds of weights.. Which Im guessing isnt very good..

Im 6'0 299.5 pounds
As far as muh size goes I dont look like I weigh nowhere near 300 pounds.. DOnt know if that means anything or not.. Below is a pic of me for you to see muh size.

On anouther note.. I went out today and bought 2 can of whey powder.. 1 can is huge.. and the other is a med size can... How am Isuppose to use this? As in how much and how often?

Can someone help me out with a routine that involves what I have..?

Im wanitng to bulk, and loose weight.... I know a keeping a good diet helps a lot.. but I dont buy the food here.. Muh mom does.. so I dont have to much say in what is bouight... I am tryin to eat smaller portions.. and more healthy foods. My biggest problem is eating late at night.. Before sleeping.. What a fat ass, eh? lol. But yeah.. Oh and I smoke.. Yeah.. Thats wraps it up..
Serious replys only please..

Da Wasian
01-14-2008, 11:27 AM
Eh... Could I get some help please?