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01-19-2008, 01:34 AM
Can someone help me evaluate my meal plan and tell me where I need to add things? Im looking to consume around 3100 cal/day right now as I am trying to bulk. I need help on what to add

Morning (7:30AM)
3 eggs
1 Bagel/2 Pieces of Toast
Bowl Of Oatmeal (1 cup steel oats)
ON 100% Protein Shake
1 cup of Skim Milk
Omega-3 Pill (Should this be in the morning)?

~~~WORKOUT~~~ (10AM-11AM)

ON 100% Shake Immediately Following Workout

Lunch: (11:30ish)
6-8 Oz. Turkey on 2 pieces of Whole Wheat Bread
Big Bowl of Romaine Lettuce with some Olive Oil and Red Vinegar.
Some Nuts?

Snack (2:00 ish) HELP!
I need some help with this meal. Does Yogurt, and some fruit sound good? I was thinking of adding a home made weight gainer shake.


6oz Chicken/Beef,
Cup of Brown Rice,
Big bowl of Romaine Lettuce with Olive Oil and Red vinegar.
Baked Potato?

Snack (8:00) HELP!
Some type of nuts? I need help with this as well.

Before Bed:
Muscle Milk Shake

How does this sound? If you guys could reccomend some more ideas to help reach my calorie goal that would be great! I do not like peanut butter.

01-19-2008, 09:18 PM
where are ur cals with all this? i guess 2700?

how bout cottage cheese mixed with yougurt or applesauce, it really hides the CC flavor and will giove u more protein.

i suggest adding about 40g carbs to ur post workout shake also.

for night snack how bout some kashi cereal. it has some soy pro, lots of fiber, and of course the milk.

how spread out are meals?

01-19-2008, 09:37 PM
The meals are about 2-3 hrs spread apart. Is it ok to eat all of that (breakfast) prior to my workout? Could I add a weightgainer (homemade) as oneof my "snacks"? Im just concerned if I am getting enough healthy fats in?

01-19-2008, 09:51 PM
that is a very big breakfast. i personally couldnt do it. i have drank my breakfast in shake form for the 7 years, and could def not eat that much then go train hard!

u can mix the raw oats in post shake to add carbs. should be plenty of fat for 3100 cals.