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01-22-2008, 06:39 PM
Someone had said that I need to post my journal off of fitday . I have been keeping track of what I eat , and my trainer wants me on a 2300 calorie diet starting off . He said if I go over , it's ok , just don't go under . I started at 148.8 and that was the beginning of January . As of yesterday I weighed myself at 152.8 . I am trying to gain weight in a healthy way , trying not to get a gut as I do so . I just got introduced to leg exercises . I am going to the gym pretty much everyday .
I am trying to follow the trainer to the tee as far as what to eat , what to lift , and how often . Any comments are greatly appreciated and I hope I posted this in the right part of the forum . Below is the link to that fitday.com thing . All that is there is my calorie part . I haven't entered anything else yet as I am keeping track of that on paper at the gym .