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01-29-2008, 01:51 PM
What's the difference between a kettlebell and a dumbbell?

I understand the shape is different, but what does that translate into?

What if I grabbed a 35# dumbell and did kettlebell excersizes with it?

I'm still grabbing a horizontal grip...


01-29-2008, 02:42 PM
The shape of the kettlebell and the off-center weight make it "easier" to do certain exercises. That's really all there is to it - some exercises will be markedly different w. a kettlebell vs. using a dumbell.

Swings - harder w. a dumbell because twisting as you swing could bang your legs

Snatches - different. A dumbell snatch is balanced the same way a barbell and so will have a more vertical path. A kettlebell will have more swing in the movement.

Cleans - not so different, but it's easier to "rack" a kettlebell. You can't really "rack" a dumbell.

02-10-2008, 09:18 AM
Saw your video blog, thats a damn heavy kettlebell! Jimi is pretty heavy too.

02-12-2008, 07:46 PM
HOLY COW!!! You guys lift some big ass weights!!! More power to you- I;m 52 & just doing te best I can- very bad genetics!!!

02-15-2008, 07:40 PM
hahaha... i slaughtered the word exercise so badly that a google search for
"kettlebell excersizes" brings up this thread as #1.

this is my legacy.

02-15-2008, 09:00 PM
Look up a man named Pavel...