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02-10-2008, 04:04 AM
Sat 9th

warm ups:
band pull aparts superset with face pulls- 3 sets of 20 band pullaparts, 3 sets of 10 face pulls
band pull aparts super set with elbows our band row- 3 sets of 20 each

Close grip bench with weight releasers:

220 plus 122 weight releasers x1, then 220x2
308 plus 122 weight releasers x1, then 308x2
352 plus 122 weight releasers x1, then 352x2
375 plus 122 weight releasers x1, the 375x2
397 plus 122 weight releasers x1, then 397x2

straight weight bench:
med grip 352x6
close grip 375x6
close grip 397x3

csr: 3 sets of 10
kb row: 3 sets of 10
lat pull down: 3 sets of 10

sled: 1 run rear delt, 1 run face pull

The weight releaser sets were pretty taxing- we forgot to factor in the weight of the weight releasers while we were training, so I was think the triple I did with the 397 was not so great- then we added up the numbers and the first rep had a 518 eccentric- and we did the eccentric slow and controlled- so a triple after that ain't so bad.
Couldn't get vids of much coz everyone was spotting- but I did get vids of the straight weight sets:




02-11-2008, 03:37 PM
deload SQ/DL

warm ups:
duck unders superset with step overs- 4 sets of 10 each
standing abs- 3 sets of 60

2 bar good mornings- 300x5, 385x5, 474x5
kb front squat- 3 sets of 8
snatch grip deads- 3 sets of 8
reverse hypers- 3 sets of 10
glute ham raise- 3 sets of 15

02-13-2008, 07:58 PM
Wed DE bench

warm ups-
face pulls superset with band pull parts- 4 sets of 20 each

ezybar close grip- 220x5, 308x5x3

fatbar widegrip incline- 220x5, 308x5

seated rows- 3 sets of 10
6 grip pds- 1 set of 8 each
kb lat raise superset with band pull aparts- 3 sets of 10 lat raise, 3 sets of 20 band pull aparts

just me a big Dave tonight- ezybar close grips felt nasty, thats why I only did one top set with the incline- 6 grip pulldowns were nasty too- "oh the pump, its hurty".
My car died last week and I have been car-less all week- have been lucky that Al, Upsidedown and big Dave have all driven me to and from the gym- still have done too much walking for my liking. Have lost 2kilo this week. Possibly also due to a dramatic drop in drive-through dinners.

02-17-2008, 04:32 AM
(so-called) deload bench

floorpress with chains- 132 plus 97 chain x5, 220 plus 97 chain x5, 308 plus 97 chain x3,
308 plus 123 chain x3, 308 plus 176 chain x2, 308 plus 212 chain x1

dbell inclines- 85s x10, 95s x10, 110s x10

csr- 2 sets of 10, 1 set of 15

kb rear delt raise- 3 sets of 10

02-18-2008, 04:39 AM
ME Squat
Warm ups- duck unders and step overs- 3 sets of 20 each

Standing abs- 2 sets of 60

Box squat with chain- suit bottoms and belt

496 plus 38 chain x3

496 plus 77 chain x3

496 plus 115 chain x3

496 plus 154 chain x1

496 plus 194 chain x1

496 plus 231 chain x1

stiff legged deads

220 x10, 308- 3 sets of 5

glute ham raise

3 sets of 15

02-25-2008, 04:42 AM
ME bench
warm ups-
band pull a parts superset with facepulls- 4 sets of 20 each
rotators- 3 sets of 15

med grip bench
100kgx5, 140kgx3, 160kgx3, 180kgx3, 190kgx3, 200kgx1,

close grip

2 board close grip
200x3, 220x1

40kgx12, 60kgx12, 80kgx12, 100kgx8x3

rear delt raise
3 sets of 10

ME squat

Box squat with chain- suit bottoms (straps down):

145kgx3, 185kgx3, 225kgx3 245kgx3
245kg plus 17kg chain x3,
245kg plus 34kg chain x3
245kg plus 51kg chain x1
245kg plus 68kg chain x1
245kg plus 86kg chain x1

stiff legged deads- 3 sets of 10

glute ham raise- 3 sets of 15

reverse hypers- 3 sets of 10