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03-15-2002, 12:59 PM
hey.. I've been reading the boards for a while, though I haven't ever had any knowledge worth contributing so I haven't made any posts until now. It's a great board though.. hopefully I've picked up some ideas to use in my training and dieting. So thanks. Anyway, this will be my first time doing a real cutting phase soo any help would be appreciated... I've dieted here and there over the years nothing major..


17 Male 6' 210lb @ ~17% bf average metabolism I guess, it's not really all that fast that I can tell.. I usually put on weight fairly easily especially when I'm not too active. Been training about a year, but I've never really stuck with one split in particular, I've gotten a lot of pretty fast muscle growth so far..hopefully sticking with a plan will be even better once I finish cutting. My current goals are to eventually get down below 10%, though at the moment I just want to look good for the beaches this summer...


Mon: Legs Tue: Chest/Tri/Shoulders Wed: Off Thu: I usually do a long calves session, seems to be working for me anyway Fri: Back/Biceps Sat & Sun: Off

I haven't been doing any noteable amount of cardio, perhaps it's my diet.. but when I do cardio I end up feeling dead all the time no matter how much I rest.. sooo I just skip it ;)


1900-2200 Calories a day, usually right around 50/30/20 or so... does that sound good? I generally just try to get about 1-1.5 grams of protein per lb.. keep fat under 50grams.. I'm adding flax to my diet but I haven't been adding much... Using those extra calories for food with good tastes :( And oh yeah.. I drink about 1.5-3 gallons of water a day.. I've always loved water soo it's nothing special for me to be drinking that much.. The only other thing I drink is perhaps fake lemonade.. that crystal light stuff.. sometimes I'll drink it at night when I'm not really hungry but just.. want *something* sweet tasting.. I dunno.. I'm weird I guess.


Multivitamin twice a day
Isopure whey protein shakes
1000iu Vitamin E (natural) twice a day
3-6g Vitamin C (time release) split up over the day.. I feel and see this helping me out
Glutamine 5g in my shakes.. I just have some extra don't plan on buying more
Magnesium 250mg post workout
And in about a week I'll be using ALA, 3g spread over the day

I'm spending a little bit of money, especially on the ala, but luckily I have a girlfriend that hates (*HATES*) me buying stuff for her soo what else am I gonna spend it on.. Might as well use it on something good for me I suppose..

Anyway... I'll post this week's training/diet stuff later, I spent too long on this already.. but yeah, I'll welcome any suggestions/comments/etc good or bad :) Thanks a lot.