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chris mason
02-15-2008, 08:09 AM
I was on the phone last night with a fellow looking to lose about 60 lbs of body fat in order to get into the police academy.

To make a long story short he is on a very limited budget and asked if he should just get Nitrean (this was after we discussed diet and training for some time).

His question, and the posts I see all around the net made me realize that people somehow think protein is more of an ergogen than it really is. Protein is definitely a staple supplement that should be used by just about anyone who exercises with intensity, but the use of protein by itself is not the optimal way to supplment for your goal. Protein supports what you do in the gym by providing your body the building blocks it needs for repair and potential lean muscle tissue growth. It is important, but it can be derived from the diet. Protein supplementation is something that should be viewed as an adjunct to a sound diet.

Taking a protein supplement will not make you lose body fat. In fact, protein has calories. A protein supplement CAN be used as part of a fat loss diet simply because it is the lowest caloric source of protein that you can consume (a protein only product). In that way, it is a very smart inclusion so that you can be assured you are taking in sufficient protein while on a hypo-caloric diet.

Does this all make sense so far?

Ok, now, he was on a limited budget. I told him that if he wants to lose fat and is on a limited budget he should get either Thermocin or Nitor.


Both products will have a DIRECT effect on enhancing the amount of fat his body "burns" on a daily basis. In addition, both products will provide increased energy at at time when you will feel low in energy. Finally, both products (and this is VERY important) will help to curb your appetite. These effects are a DIRECT benefit to your fat loss goal. They should rank first in importance when it comes to considering a supplement for fat loss.

So, ranked in order of importance for fat loss:

1) Thermocin or Nitor or another brand's thermogenic
2) Ergogens such as Creatine 500, Creatine Caps, RESULTS, and ETS
3) Protein supplements such as Nitrean or Opticen (Opticen strictly for PWO purposes in the case of fat loss)
4) Health products like AtLarge's Fish Oil and Multi-Plus

How about for increased size and strength? The same idea holds true. Ranked in order of importance:

1) Ergogens like RESULTS, ETS, Creatine 500, or Creatine Caps
2) Protein products like MAXIMUS (first in importance if increased size is your goal), Opticen, and Nitrean
3) Health products such as AtLarge's Fish Oil and Multi-Plus

Protein supplementation when trying to gain size and strength can be VERY important because so many individuals have trouble consuming sufficient total calories and protein to fuel said growth.

When considering spending your money on supplements you should do so based upon your goals and the order of importance listed above. Each product has a benefit, and if you want to optimize results and have the money you should consider them all, but if your budget is limited consider the lists above.

I truly hope everyone on this site reads and understands what I am saying in this thread. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Chris Mason