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02-20-2008, 02:10 AM
I'll post up the past three days of eating for you guys. I feel like this is the cleanest I've eaten in a long time but there are definitely things I need to improve. Please rip my diet to shreds and help me piece together something respectable. Anything I put in Bold means I have questions about that substance.

EDIT: I am 6'3 200 pounds, and want to drop down to 190-195 before building up to 220.

Day 1:

1 multivitamin
1 can of tuna
1 scoop of protein powder
1 giant can of salmon
1.5 pieces of whole wheat pita
75mL caesar salad dressing
1 can turkey meat
25mL vegetable oil

2245 calories, 136g fat, 61g carb, 178g protein
19g saturated fat, 7g fiber

Vitamin: A - 92%, B-6 - 191%, B-12 - 310%, C - 73%, D - 200%, E - 90%
calcium 1348mg, cholesterol 370mg, copper 222%, Iron 398%, magnesium 13%, Manganese 43%, Niacin 155%, Pantothenic acid 200%, phosphorus 18%, potassium 1548mg, riboflavin 131%, sodium 4280mg, thiamin 125%, zinc 136%

Day 2

1 multivitamin
150mL caesar salad dressing
1.5 whole wheat pitas
1 can of chicken
1 can of ham
1 can of turkey
4 scoops of protein powder

2410 calories, 151g fat, 73g carb, 190g protein
20g saturated fat, 10g fiber

Vitamins: A - 86%, B-6 - 265%, B-12 - 370%, C - 80%, D - 200%, E - 90%
Calcium 1098mg, Cholesterol 454mg, copper 222%. Iron 347%. Magnesium 13%, managanese 43%. Niacin 215%, Pantothenic acid 200%, Phosphorus 18%, potassium 340gm, riboflavin 131%, Sodium 4640mg, thiamin 147%, zinc 136%

Day 3:

1 multivitamin
1.5 pieces of whole wheat pita
150mL of caesar salad dressing
2 cans of turkey meat
3 scoops of protein powder
3 pieces of pork

2370 calories, 149g fat, 69g carb, 192g protein
21g saturated fat, 9g fiber

Vitamins look pretty much the same as other two days so won't bother typing them out.

So please rip my diet to shreds and help me improve it.

also some questions:

1) A third of my calories are coming from caesar salad dressing, what are your thoughts?
2) Is 20g of saturated fat a day good or bad for me?
3) How much fiber should I be eating?
4) My vitamin b-6/b-12 intake is 2-3 times RDA, any negative consequences?
5) My vitamin D intake is double RDA, any negative consequences?
6) How much calcium should I be taking in per day?
7) How much cholesterol should I be taking in per day?
8) My Iron intake is 3.5xRDA, is this bad for me?
9) What are good sources of magnesium and phosphorus? Are these important to my weightlifting goals?
10) I'm eating almost 5g of sodium a day, is this bad?

Thank you for making me healthy wbb!

02-22-2008, 07:30 PM
No takers?

02-22-2008, 08:18 PM
dude the key to cutting is cardio..30 to 40 minutes everyday along with 200 grams of protein(lean)per day. your carbs should be whole grain and taken in morning or before workout...and , lay off the dressing..r u kidding me! oh ya, just go to gnc and get a good multi vitamin.