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02-25-2008, 01:26 AM

I'm 23 year old and hopefully this journal will draw the help from this community and keep me focused on my path of lifting.

My initial journey:

I never was an athletic person. I grew up with passion for sports but over time the lack of strength and speed hurt my overall competitiveness. By the time college rolled around I lost my heart and stopped exercising completely. I was always skinny and nobody would ever say I was fat. Yet I had no real muscle on me and I had a good amount of body fat, especially around the belly.

In a chance encounter during the summer of 2006, I ran into my childhood friend's little brother. He was 18 at the time and I had not seen him in a few years. He was always a scrawny kid but had started to work out in the time I had not seen him. He wasn't completely ripped but his whole bulking shape just shocked me. If he could do something to alter his look then so can I. Why not? So when the new school year I promised myself to commit time to the gym. I would take the plunge, enter my college's gym for the first time and begin my journey.

When I first started I was pathetically weak.

5'8" 141 lbs


Bench: 1x 6 rep at 45 lbs [YES I couldn't even complete a full set using a bar]
Curls: 2x9 15 lbs
Shoulder press: 2x10 25 lbs

I just remember feeling embarrassed over my stats but nobody seemed to care. Everybody has to start somewhere right? I didn't get a friend to help me, since I was again embarrassed, so I expanded my exercises based upon what I observed. I didn't know anything about diet and I did the same exercises everyday 4-5 times a week.

Today (2/25/08):
158 lbs. I goto the gym 5-6 times a week. I focus on an muscle group per day and do about 8-10 exercises 8-12 reps each. This takes me roughly 1.5-2+ hours a day.

Bench: 3x10 135, max 1x2 185
Concentration Curls: 3x6 (each arm) 35 lbs
Shoulder press 3x10 50 lbs

Deadlift: No idea what max is, I been reppin at 7-8 at 105 lbs. I used to go 155 lbs but apparently my form was all off (back wasn't straight) so I have been building back up from the ground up.

I just started on whey and creatine last week (2/20/08) so hopefully that will really help my gains.

I think I have done a decent amount of bulking the past 6+ months. I gained about 15 lbs since I changed my diet [eating more, smaller meals, and more protein] My goals for the end of the year:

Bench: max over 225 lbs and repx10 at 185
Lose BF and get a 6 pack. I have no idea what my current BF % is but i'll guestimate it to be in the 18-22% range.

Anyway tomorrow I'll post my experience with Chest at the gym!

02-26-2008, 12:07 AM
Breakfast : around 10 am
whey/soy shake 26 Grams of protein
2 cups of cereal: cheerioes/honey bunch with almonds [finishing off this cereal before I start eating eggs/peanut butter + bread] 6-8G?
fish oil cap

meal 2: 1pm
leftover noodles, little bit of ground beef, 2x drumsticks
approx 40+ G
fish oil cap

meal 3: 3pm
more of the leftover noodles and a drumstick

meal 4: 5:30pm
fat free yogurt cup, handful of almonds, and a builder's protein bar
~30 G

workout at 6:45

postwork: 9:15 pm
Whey/creatine shake 21G

meal 5: 9:30 pm
cup of 2% low fat milk 10G
Mix of various vegatables/ meat balls/ 1/2 cup of rice 15-20G?
fishoil cap

meal 6: 11ish pm

Gym today was ridiculously crowded. I haven't seen the weight area so packed in my entire 5 months of attending this specific gym. Saw my workout buddy who I didn't see for a bit so decided to jump on his routine. He was doing a chest/tricep work out


Incline Barbell Press: 50x12, 55x12, 60x10, 60x10

Decline Barbell Press: 45x12, 47.5x12, 55x11, 70x4

tricep pushdown using triangle grip: 50x12, 60x12, 70x12, 85x12

Dips: x12, x12, using 17.5 weight x12, 17.5x12

Cable upward fly(where you lean downward):45x12 60x12, 80x6 70x4, 70x12

Cable downward pull (no idea what this called, this is where you upward like you are doing a bicep curl without any curl) :30x 12, 35x10, 30x12

skull crushers: 55x12(8 chest presses), 65x12(6), 70x11 (4)

Triceps pull down Ropes: 45x12, 45x12, 35x12, 60x12
No rest and jump into overhead iso: tricep extensions: 10x12, 10x12, 10x12, 10x12

Triceps extensions ropes? (not sure what this is called, where you take a step out and do like a reverse pull down over your head) 50x12, 60x12, 70x12 80x12

Chest fly (machine where you push in at your elbows, and your arm forms an L): 1 set no rest, 70x10, 50x8, 35x6

Chest fly (machine): 100x8, 60x12, 60x12, 60x12, 70x12

tricep kickbacks w/ free weights per arm: 10x12, 10x12, 15x10, 15x10

04-01-2008, 02:26 PM
Minor update: I am too lazy or rather it takes too much time to post out my workout on a daily basis. I'll try and do a recap on weekends.

My workout is changing though

I'm currently doing
Mon: Chest / minor tri
Tue: Bicep / calves / hams
Wed: Back
Thurs: Rest
Fri Shoulder
Sat: glutes / Quads / minor back
Sun: Rest

I know people say you should try to stay consistent and I am consistent as far as the time I spend in the gym but I have been changing my splits. Some weeks it's Shoulder/Bi others it's Back/BI etc. Also I have been reducing volume by lifting heavier weights for like 3-8 rep range for 4-5 sets.

Anyway last night I set more PRs. Since I have gotten on Protein Supplements/Creatine, which has been about a month and a week, my Max bench has been increasing every week. So far my max bench is up 40 lbs! It took me 4 months to move up 20 lbs so for me to move up 40 lbs in a little over a month has me really stoked!

Before my year's goals was to hit 225 by December but now i'll obviously have to revise that to repping 10x at 225. I just bought 3 tubs of Maximus so hopefully that spark up my growth. I think I want to aim for 180+ lb's before I start to cut.