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03-16-2002, 06:12 PM
Losing focus again and need a journal

(which I have been putting off until I can get my calorie counting sorted.) I'll start without for the time being.

Bulking: (trying to) 2 months
Goal: add 25 lbs by August 2002

Routine: WBB2 (three weeks in)
Body type: Ectomorph, light frame.
Training Exp: 11 years

Weight : 165 lbs
Height : 5"10
Age: 25 yrs
BF: 10-12%

* will get body measurements later, maybe even photos

Current condition:
As unfit as I have ever been but OK for strength.
Normally go for fitness but since I am getting old so I will bulk relentlessly.
I like to be cut and you could call me a hardgainer by choice because I am over active, cant stop, but will try to bulk and keep some fitness too.
Looking for a practical body that works, an athletic body.

Rest day

Sleep: woke up 3 times in middle of night, 9 am start (10 hours)

9:00 am 1x coffee

9:30 am 1 cup oats and 50 g dried fruit

20min rough water (ocean) swim

1 cup brown rice, 1/2 cup brocoli, 150 g grilled pork

20 min bike ride to my friends house.
I am off to watch the football, will put the rest in later...


back again and in the meantime I did this...

1:30 pm Meat pie with sauce

3:30 pm Hot dog with sauce

4:00pm 500 ml Coca Cola

alright feeling good...

5:00 pm - and its to the pub...

- 6 Pints of Guinness

- Bowl of potato wedges

- Eggplant and advocado salad

- Plate of french bread an parmesan cheese

20 minute bike ride home

Estimated overall intake of water: 12 glasses

It's 9:00pm and I might be off to sleep ...

* surfing tomorow 5:00 am laaaaatttteeee


03-16-2002, 06:46 PM
This wouldn't be a journal without :spam:

I wish you well on staying focused. :)