View Full Version : I need a 505 benchpress in 3 weeks (Suited)

03-02-2008, 11:03 PM
Got the state meet comming up and im hoping to total atleast 1900, the record for state in bench is 500 in the 275 weightclass i've never maxed in my suit but i've gotten 480 in the gym recently with my suit.

Im weighing 253 and so my first idea was to bulk out like crazy over the next 3 weeks combined with alot of speed work ontop of my heavy days to bump up the number as much as I can. I've done a 505 pound negative unsuited so I know what to expect as far as how it feels but still don't see myself actually pressing it without feeling more comfortable in my equipment.

Hoping to get some advice from the veteren benchers hopefully someone who has actually worked with or more then those numbers who know the ropes. I'm purchasing a custom suit for the state meet and some wrist wraps, so far i've been only using what the school provided

Travis Bell
03-02-2008, 11:30 PM
throw out the negatives, those are great for predisposing you to injury. In 3 weeks, there isn't anything you can do thats going to guarentee you a 505. What are you going to open with? Be careful with the bulking because it can make your shirt too tight and touching can be a pain.

the one part I don't understand about your post is that you said you've never maxed in your shirt, but you recently got 480. Was that a max single or you just took a light single?

What you can do on meet day is take your opener, 485 for the second (get a PR) and then 505 on the third. On the third, pull the shirt down real low and twist the sleeves up a little.

being 3 weeks out, you should have taken your last heavy single already or this week. I'm not sure what you mean by alot of speed work, but once a week is just fine. Any more is overkill. Good luck bro