View Full Version : feeling sick when gaining weight...

03-04-2008, 05:34 AM
I tried to eat so much but i got to a certain weight and i felt sick without even eating, it's like my body is trying to keep my weight down by making me feel sick. But i'm getting past it, been sick twice so far but i eat after. Thing is why i'm confused is i'm not eating alot... so why am i feeling sick?

I'm trying milk as a replacement where food usually was and it's not too bad, still feel sick but it's easier to drink then eat and what is better then milk? :)

So here's my plan which i've done for a week now, i like it. Do you?

Breakfast - Pound cake (400 calories), Protein shake and a cupa tea

Snack - 600ml of 4% fat milk (blue topped for english peps) (325 calories)

Lunch - Chicken, bacon, lettice and mayo sandwich (500 calories)

Snack - 600ml of 4% fat milk (325 calories)

Snack - Dr pepper and a sweet for the sugar high. (400 calories)


Dinner - Chicken, noodles, veg stir fry thing. (1000 calories)

Before bed a protein shake.

Total 2950.