View Full Version : Help Me Iron Out Losing This Last 10lbs...

Irish Pilot
03-07-2008, 04:50 PM

5'8 Male
185 lbs
17% bf (bodpod calc.)
Mesomorph body style

I work out daily and have for several months now. Im currently cutting and trying to trim down an additional 10lbs before I begin bulking again. For the life of me I cant seem to shake the 185lb mark.

My typical routine is a modified WBB 4 day split:

The 4 day Split
DAY 1 (Monday): Lower body/static ab work/obliques
DAY 2 (Tuesday): Upper body and trunk flexion (movements initiated from the rib cage)
DAY 4 (Thursday): Lower body, static ab work/obliques
DAY 5 (Friday): Upper body and trunk flexion

Ive also added in some HIIT cardio immediately following my lifting sessions to help. My weekends consist solely of HIIT cardio. No days off.

Ive gotten pretty good control of my diet and have been eating around the ~1800-2100 cal mark. Ive been thinking of trying the Velocity diet to knock off a few pounds. Ive also been using ALNs Nitor as an assist device. Ive been on this diet for several weeks now and have had no weight change. My wife seems to think Im very slowly adding muscle and losing fat (claims she can tell visually lol) Ive tried to flex my cals to see if that makes a difference...it hasnt.

Any suggestions in regards to losing this last 10lbs in a quick but healthy manner?

03-07-2008, 05:27 PM
Carb Cycle, drop your calories another 200, and add SS cardio on weekdays first thing in the morning. I personally would take a day off from training and cardio. IMO, throw away the scale, go by the mirror, and use a tape measure.